Crusader Kings III


Okay. I love Crusader Kings II. I’m a huge fan. So when I opened my email this morning and saw the announcement, I gotta admit I fangirl’d pretty hard. :joy: I know they will do it justice and I will be patient if it has issues. I will sit through the patches if need be.

Here’s the thread to discuss it for other CK lovers, should they exist. Also, to post news and stuff. I’ll try to keep the thread updated as soon as stuff is posted. :slight_smile:

There’s a cinematic trailer like sorts on the website, so be sure to check itout.

(current promotions going on, so be sure to sign up for em!)
Release Date: September 1st 2020
Base Price: $49.99
Royal Edition: $79.99

CK3 Screenshots


Gameplay Preview:



Interview expanding on major changes, including Paradox’s attempt to shift away from expansion DLC unlocking countries.


Another update. A growing list of features that will not move from CK2 to CK3. Some of them are pretty drastic in my opinion, like nomads and merchant republics, and theocracies.


I had read that Dynasties will have inheritable traits. So theoretically, dynasties will become stronger the longer they survive. Which takes away from the CK2 randomness aspect of having your bad heir take over with bad traits or having to kill children to get the heir you want. A lot of people find the unpredictability fun.

They also added a feature to start your own religion. They say you change aspects of an existing religion. But in reality it is just creating a new religion using the nameplate of a historic religion…which is not very logical for a game that focused on historic events. There is no need for an antipope because you are the antipope. It seems like it’s becoming a fantasy strategy game? If they are adding in new religions, just throw in magic (which they kind of did with witchcraft), elves, dwarfs, and evil beasts too. I’m not mad about it. I just want them, if they are leaving the realm of reality, to just dive into it.

And the 3D character portraits…I prefer the CK2 portraits since it looked like a historic portrait. It was a theme that looks good for the style in the game. Rather than this 3D image that’s trying to look human.

Next, I don’t know why the game needed to be 4 times the size of CK2. The world was pretty big before. I’m guessing they needed it that size to do whatever fort/environment placements. Then bring it up as though their goal was to make the map bigger. :confused:

We won’t know if it’s good until the game critics get their hands on it. And by game critics I mean a few youtubers whose opinion we trust. But I’m guessing it will be above average at release. I hope they have a lot more planned. And Allow Modding!


I think it is being replaced by the roleplaying factor. If you do not take care of your traits, with the meter, you will go insane. For example, if you breed in a certain trait like Cruel and you are not cruel, you will slowly get stressed out the longer you do not do cruel things. If you never act cruelly, you go insane.

I imagine they’re going to go down a similar route with all traits, to force you to balance out the traits you keep and the traits you want. If not…you raise a very important question indeed. I found the randomness very fun a lot of the times. I loved making my rules insane. :rofl:

That’s true. Changing the Christian faith doesn’t make it the Christian faith, or altering the Islamic faith. It is just a new religion altogether.

I think it is cool they are allowing us to create our own religions, but I think it is strange to allow people to alter the historic religions, especially since they said they are removing the “loony” events. Isn’t altering Christianity to do crazy things it never did in history…loony?

I love the CK2 paintings, but I don’t really minding the new models. I mean I think they look way too Sims like, but the idea of a direct visual of your characters in events is really cool. I wish they would have gone with a more chiseled look, but I think they went this route to save performance and money to focus on going deep rather than wide like they said. The more money they have to invest into the game’s core mechanics and features, the better. Maybe the Sims graphics allows that?

Of course paintings would have allowed it more, but they said CK3 was trying to focus more on you roleplaying through your characters and their dynasties, so it was important for them to make a shift.

I don’t either. As far as I know, all they did was make it so we can zoom in closer at a pretty map? But we’re losing China and whatnot, and potentially never getting them back. If it has to do with the fort placement and potentially leaving unsettled zones for us like in Imperator: Rome, I would have just preferred the same CK2 map size with the same countries unlocked.

lol agreed! I will not trust game “journalists”. Fellow gamers and select youtubers/streamers.

I don’t think we have to worry about them not allowing modding. They have never stopped modding before, even in their latest released game, but oh boy…the backlash if they did. :sweat_smile:


I agree with you.

Of course paintings would have allowed it more, but they said CK3 was trying to focus more on you roleplaying through your characters and their dynasties, so it was important for them to make a shift.

That is a new perspective that I can appreciate. If the models are very involved and important for the roleplaying aspects, then I can accept it as a good idea to do 3D.

I hope you will keep updating us as I am still interested in CK3. Even if it’s missing some aspects I want from CK2, I can still like it as its own game.


They did say that CK2 and CK3 will server as different games entirely, so if you like aspects of CK2 they don’t want you to move off of it to CK3 with the idea it was to replace it, but rather have a different entry to it altogether. Basically offering a different perspective to the series. A more roleplaying one.

I imagine CK2 will live for a much longer time unless CK3 blows people’s minds anyhow, so fans will have 2 options. :slight_smile:

And definitely, I will keep the thread updated. I am very excited for this game.


I just got their mail and I saw this …

Thought, maybe, someone would like this. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yea, it is really pricey though! But boy do I want it. xD

Here’s a dev diary for CK3! It is for dynasties and houses. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Also, I was a bit short, but they had a closed beta sign up sheet. I’m sorry for being short lol but here’s the link. They may reuse the site but I doubt it:


Oh great, a board game that takes 150h to finish. That’s going to be great for the holidays.


Better than EVERYONE on their phones :scream:


Dev Diary II:

The topic is about the map of CK3. They once again take a chance to point out that while Barons exist, you will not be able to play them as well.


Dev Diary III:

This one is about warfare! :slight_smile:


Dev Diary IV:

This one concerns development and buildings! :slight_smile:


Dev Diary V:

Video diary.


New dev diary! This time it is for characters and portraits!


Another dev diary! This will be the last for the year. The next one they said will be Jan 14th.


New diary deals with lifestyles. :slight_smile:


Because you have to know how you will be able to torture people.