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Crusader Kings II - The Olds Gods Expansion for free


Sign up now and receive the Old Gods Expansion for free.


If anyone hasn’t seen it yet …


If you guys wouldn’t mind me asking, could you sign up to get your free DLC using my referral code? I’d greatly appreciate it, as I really want that free Pagan Music DLC as a great lover of the Scandinavian peoples and the Pagan cultures, and CK2 player. :laughing: I would be forever thankful. :blush:


Removed my referral code so people don’t use it by accident. Hope others get the DLC! :slight_smile:


I’m gonna try for ya. ^^

Edit: Did it work?


Ohhhh! Thank you! And yea, it worked, sorta? At least, I’m not sure. It unlocked something called “Crusader Kings II: Pagan Fury - Warrior Queen” but it isn’t the DLC from the page? I’m not sure. haha I think the website has incorrect information. It doesn’t actually give you the DLC Pagan Music pack, just one song that is unlisted. :laughing:


Nevermind, I’m not sure. This is confusing. Maybe the website is just not working due to traffic. :joy:


Ohhh! It is a completely UNLISTED Pagan DLC.


Herm. I dunno, lol. Having trouble understanding the site too. O_o



It worked. I didn’t know there were two Pagan music packs. Warrior Queen is unlisted on the CK2
DLC page on Steam, so I was really confused when I used the code I got from your referral entry. It wasn’t saying it was in my library. So I googled the title of Pagan Fury - Warrior Queen and found that Steam page.

As for how to use the page…basically when you signed up via my referral code, you made a Paradox Interactive account. It is what you use on all of their games now. From Paradox, you can manage all of your games. Basically, the CK3 website is a minor website of Paradox.

Account management:
Their Forum:

That will take you to the games category, where it should have given you a key to The Old Gods, which is honestly a great DLC for CK2.

From that link, you can customize your account like you would any other account or forum account. There’s settings, orders, redeem (for when you have codes), and downloads. And at the top right, you have your name. If you click that, you can go right into Account. :slight_smile:


OK. So should I use your code…or help someone else that needs some pagan music…LOL IOW did you get what you need?


I think I got what they were advertising. I misunderstood it as a completely different Pagan Music pack, the one listed on the Steam page, when it was an unlisted music pack. So I think I got it. Thank you anyhow, please do help someone else get into the wonderful world of CK2! :slight_smile:


@delenn13 Here’s my referral code :smile:

The music sounds great to me too. :heart:


Done :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Now I have to fix my poor confused password managler…It has a coronary when you use one password for 2 different sites…LOL


Ooh nice


Since you’ve gotten your 4 referrals already, would people mind using mine instead for now, please?
referrals filled, thanks @GDBringer and 10minutemail.

if there’s still 12 people here who don’t have paradox accounts yet.


I signed up with your referral code.:+1:


Here’s my referral code. Let’s all help each other out. :slight_smile:


here are mine, haven’t played it in ages, can’t read a dang thing even with the big font mod, which is a bit of a shame, hopefully CK3 will do a little better on the text/font scaling side

(also shamelessly plugging a bloodlines2 paradox referral in a crusader kings thread, because shamelessly hoarding gnome) :blush:


Since we now have more people fishing for referrals than we possibly ever will get new signups I just went ahead and filled my own referrals with temporary emails instead. Next new signup should go to @Danacscott and give her her 4th.


Good idea, @Fraggles. Do it in the order as to who signed up. Just skip me as I don’t care.


Thanks @Fraggles. Yea, I’m still short on referrals and in height, hee hee.


I love devs that put out their old games for free, even if their main intent is to advertise their new game.