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Crusader Kings II - The Olds Gods Expansion for free


They also made CK2 free because their main profit was from the DLC. Most people playing were older players. New players were less likely to buy the base game given the amount of DLC. Doing this was actually really wise of them. Now new players can grab the DLC for half the price without worrying about the base game price. And if the rumor is right about the DLC getting a permanent price cut, it is even better.


CK2 has been given away for free more times than I can count, this year alone, so I doubt they were really selling any copies at all anymore anyway. Using it to create visibility for the sequel was a rather obvious choice.


I clicked on Gnuffi’s link and here’s mine guys…

Free stuff is free :rofl:


I’m not sure you guys fully understand, just clicking the link does nothing. You have to register a new account and subscribe to their mailing list for the referral to matter. Or did you not have a paradox account already, @CRV2017 ?

Also spreading it out so everyone gets 2-3 referrals does nothing for anybody. 4+ does nothing for you either so once you’ve gotten yours maybe remove your link yeah?


I do have a Paradox account because I play Cities Skylines and I wanted the freebies you get from linking the game to Paradox’s site and forums.

RFE - addendum:

I would’ve used fake/alternate email addresses instead IF only Yahoo! didn’t nuke my four alternate email addresses with their unfriendly, nuke your email if you didn’t log in for a year policy. Damn Yahoo! just because people now trust gmail more, they decided to screw their userbase. I had my accounts for over a decade, made most of 'em way back in 2007 and now everything on them are gone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I gave a referral link because of the other freebie you can get for CK2, that Pagan Music pack that requires 4 referrals, or did I misunderstood how it works?


I hear you.

I used to have several yahoo emails too. They were organized for different things. I would especially send things to certain emails to keep them organized and separate from other important things.

It was upsetting that EVERYTHING I had emailed to myself over the years suddenly were deleted. No warning. No email to my alternate email saying, “You might want to log in or else…” Just gone.

Very upsetting. I don’t even know what I lost. But I do know I needed it for something.


For me, my registration confirmation emails to sites and forums I’ve joined throughout the years have all been deleted. Good thing Mozilla Firefox makes it easy to backup your saved logins to sites by simply backing up two files key4.db and logins.json :slightly_smiling_face:


So …Is it a good idea to connect your Steam account to Paradox? :thinking:


Yes because that’s the way you can receive ingame rewards, for games that have them, that recommend you to link your Steam account to a Paradox account. For example with Cities Skylines, linking your Steam account will give you the most OP, in terms of its abilities, ingame Park ploppable aptly named Paradox Plaza. What makes it OP is that if raises Land Value, just like every other park in game, with a far superior radius and strength.

Also syncing your Steam Account to your Paradox Account is also another way to earn exclusive in game freebies. Again with Cities Skylines, if you also happen to own Magicka 2, the basegame only thankfully, you unlock a special Magicka Theme park ploppable. It was the only item of its kind though as the concept of getting freebies by purchasing other products from the same publisher, especially if it wasn’t a game you were particularly interested in, did not sit well with the Cities Skylines community :confused:


Ok. Thanks for the explanation. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: