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Crazy News Stories


The Guardian is doing click bait headlines now?
Thought they at least considered themselves a serious publication.


Why is it click bait? It’s a massive stash of weaponry that could have been used for any number of things.

took roughly 30 law enforcement personnel over 12 hours to remove all the weapons.


“then the mystery deepened” there’s your click bait.


I don’t think they have much of a choice. They’ve been asking for donations just to be able to keep functioning for a few years now.

So either they find a way to generate more traffic or they’re just going to be a non-existent serious publication very soon.


Yeah, but the association with the Getty family does warrant a little bit of a question mark…


Now, for a different brand of crazy (and some food for thought)…


the end times are near


Not gonna work unless they get Comcast to stop screwing cust- on board with it.


millennials, stap, naow… :man_facepalming:


He does realize that even the manufacturer says modifying your car voids any warranties.

I think this is a case of self entitled dumbass, not just millenial. They come in all ages.