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He’s alluding to the ubiquitous misuse of the 3 worlds concept, though he’s also a bit wrong himself. It’s not about the 2nd world war but the cold one. First world nations are nations allied with or otherwise on the side of the “west” against the 2nd world which is the soviets and eastern block Europe while 3rd world nations are those that were largely uninvolved. Primarily the middle east and African nations who were mainly busy with surviving after having been left to fend for themselves after the end of colonial rule.

The term itself has nothing to do with the economic or developmental nature of a nation.


i thought it could have meant that, yes

not at that time, no, but it does now (and i wonder when it started taking that second meaning actually, because i clearly remember learning that word as used for underdeveloped countries in elementary school 30 years ago :open_mouth:)

hence, one is free to use it with both meanings, either/or, or even that third one i had no idea of :joy:


okay, this one isn’t as much “crazy” as it just is stupid, and once more shows how far we’ve come in attempts of redefining the meaning of words in the name of marketing manipulation

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Bye bye to any interest I may have… lol!


Gawrsh, that’s a slam dunk (I don’t really know much about basketball btw so if there is some history between NBA and Disney (besides ESPN ownership) then I’d like to know).




i hope they catch it soon, cuz that could become very nasty very soon


There’s no way they didn’t do this on purpose just cuz they knew they’d get in the news cuz of the problems this would cause:

nothing like free advertising…


Sigh. That’s a quarter of the price I payed for a PS2 years ago. Yah, that wasn’t gonna end well.


The news isn’t crazy, per se, but the idea sounds like some irl KND stuff.
If you want me to be more serious here, I agree that this should be looked into more, similar to the supposed treatment that is said to reduce covid-19 symptoms if I recall. This could develop into something interesting, or not.


Not totally crazy, but this was interesting to me when I first heard of the possibility years ago.


No matter where you choose to stream, the world is better with your gaming content in it. As the operations side of @WatchMixer is closing, we are inviting the Mixer Community to #FacebookGaming. More details:

— Facebook Gaming (@FacebookGaming) June 22, 2020

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: wait for it… :smirk: wait for it… :rofl:

EDIT: TL;DR… How Mixer shut down…


holy shit, Microsoft had to buy out their contracts cuz they refuse to go to Facebook (and they can’t make them go)


It should tell you something that Microsoft is doing deals with Facebook when companies like Patagonia and The North Face are pulling advertising from the site.


for these streamers, it wouldn’t make any sense to go to Facebook regardless (unless it’s for a renewed multi-million-dollar deal) cuz now they took all the money and they can just go back to Twitch, where they’ll doubtlessly become even more successful than they were before.

Honestly, the fact that they haven’t made any announcement regarding going back to Twitch is, I think, simply because there are probably heavy negotiations going on behind the scenes (probably by Facebook and YouTube, and possibly Twitch themselves might be offering money too, though that would be weird cuz i dont think they need to feel threatened by anyone atm, especially given that even Microsoft completely failed even while throwing huge amounts of money to buy big streamers).


Given how little people talk about Mixer anyways, it’s not a huge surprise that it would flop. Not even like YouTube where at least some people use YT Live, who has even heard or use it here?! Still, Facebook Gaming sounds like an odd idea as a replacement given the website’s content, for lack of a better word.




They aren’t even paid for! What a waste of pizza!


Yeah, I know, but I would feel bad for anyone who’s basically getting the unwanted knock on the door, especially at odd hours of the morning.


At some point I would call and ask to be blacklisted from the delivery for the chains. Because not even getting a free pizza out of the ordeal sucks.