Coupon, Coupons, Come Dump or Claim Some Coupons



66% OFF Miner Meltdown if anyone needs!


Okay well these aren’t coupons but i’m tired of seeing them in my inventory. I have two of these. If someone wants one, i can send the gift via email or through Steam (i will remove you again after sending it [i only keep IRL friends]).

I wish i could just delete these and any coupons i get.


What happens if you just activate them? Curious. I’ve got two too.


I guess I will drop this here


Sigma Theory

@Pylinaer and @Kovec, I also have 2 of these gifts and once you gift it or activate it, it seems to remain, in fact I think that might be the reason I have 2, because I activated it.



Time is Eastern Time, valid for a week.

The game has a concurrent 15% launch discount for a week.

So if you use the coupon, it’s a 35% discount on launch week. :smiley:

Launch price:




Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape

It’s currently at -34% discounted and it’s a tinyBuild game. Looks kinda interesting and kinda battleroayle :smiley:. It looks like the coupon will stack.

The time is EEST - GMT +3


poke me if anyone want’s it


I got the pandemic express coupon too lol



If anyone wants any of these coupons let me know.


Swag and Sorcery releases in approximately 30 minutes. It will have a 25% discount at launch, and tag on the extra 10% and it’ll be 35% off at release. It’s a good game. :+1:

I also have a coupon in case anyone wants it. :smiley:

Pathologic 2 will be available in 2 weeks, not sure why they sent out that coupon so early.


I have a pathologic 2 coupon as well yuppers


More free coupons ! :slight_smile:
65% OFF Galaxy of Pen and Paper
20% OFF Pathologic 2


20% OFF Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator
Valid until 20/05/2019, 07:00:00


50% OFF Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
(Valid until 21/05/2019, 10:00:00)

yet another coupon i’m dumping here haha


Wauw I just got 3 more coupons which makes my inventory full of coupons :stuck_out_tongue: or at least it feels that way:

  • -20% OFF Ritual: Crown of Horns (Valid until 24-5-2019 15:00:00)
  • 75% OFF The Escapists 2 (Valid until 28-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 10% OFF Swag and Sorcery (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 10% OFF Pathologic 2 (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 27% OFF Unheard Coupon for owners of Beholder (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 85% OFF Beholder Coupon for owners of Unheard (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 50% OFF 60 Parsecs! (Valid until 30-5-2019 23:00:00)
  • 15% OFF Iron Marines (Valid until 15-6-2019 02:00:00)

Not sure if for unheard and beholder you need the other game yourself.

BTW Iron Marines and Unheard are amazing games from the list aboven. Just already own them ^^


Valid Until: June, 01 - 3:00:00 (UTC-2)

Valid Until: may,30 - 14:00:00 (UTC-2)

Valid Until: may,30 - 14:00:00 (UTC-2)

discount coupons: 75% sale on Seven: Enhanced Edition and 10% Pathologic 2

another 75% OFF Seven: Enhanced Edition coupon


i have the same coupons