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Coupon, Coupons, Come Dump or Claim Some Coupons



Demo thing (X2 of these)

I think this is a playable game? (you can have for free unless you want to offer something lol, trading cards, games or whatever)

I had more coupons before they expired though lmao XD
I guess these are more just gifts


75% OFF Terrorist Elimination if anyone wants it!


50 % off When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Only 1 day left.


Yep that is the full game.


Advance Wars-y game. I personally would rather have an actual advance wars game.

This expires in about 24 hours from this posting timestamp.

Edit: expired


50% OFF Prison Run and Gun

25% OFF Tannenberg

Up for grabs!


Is the Tannenberg one up for grabs still? My regiment buddies are playing it and I’d love to pick it up for a bit more of a discount so I can join 'em. haha :sweat_smile:


afbeelding 2x
afbeelding 2x

You can use this link to claim it:



Might I request the Tannenberg coupon?


yes sure :slight_smile:



Yay, thanks! :smiley:


Sent a request.


Yep,add me on steam . Though it says that you need to own Verdun for that ,so it’s not clear if you need to own verdun to receive coupon or use it but you can try it out for yourself!


Nah, it works even if you don’t have the game the coupon is based on. I’ve given coupons away before, had no problem. Also just got Tanneberg, so yay! Thanks @yoshirules! :slight_smile: