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Coupon, Coupons, Come Dump or Claim Some Coupons



I have a pathologic 2 coupon as well yuppers


More free coupons ! :slight_smile:
65% OFF Galaxy of Pen and Paper
20% OFF Pathologic 2


20% OFF Diesel Brothers: Truck Building Simulator
Valid until 20/05/2019, 07:00:00


50% OFF Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
(Valid until 21/05/2019, 10:00:00)

yet another coupon i’m dumping here haha


Wauw I just got 3 more coupons which makes my inventory full of coupons :stuck_out_tongue: or at least it feels that way:

  • -20% OFF Ritual: Crown of Horns (Valid until 24-5-2019 15:00:00)
  • 75% OFF The Escapists 2 (Valid until 28-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 10% OFF Swag and Sorcery (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 10% OFF Pathologic 2 (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 27% OFF Unheard Coupon for owners of Beholder (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 85% OFF Beholder Coupon for owners of Unheard (Valid until 30-5-2019 19:00:00)
  • 50% OFF 60 Parsecs! (Valid until 30-5-2019 23:00:00)
  • 15% OFF Iron Marines (Valid until 15-6-2019 02:00:00)

Not sure if for unheard and beholder you need the other game yourself.

BTW Iron Marines and Unheard are amazing games from the list aboven. Just already own them ^^


Valid Until: June, 01 - 3:00:00 (UTC-2)

Valid Until: may,30 - 14:00:00 (UTC-2)

Valid Until: may,30 - 14:00:00 (UTC-2)

discount coupons: 75% sale on Seven: Enhanced Edition and 10% Pathologic 2

another 75% OFF Seven: Enhanced Edition coupon


i have the same coupons


Only got the Pathologic coupon of late. Missed Kholat when it was free a bit ago. Been viewing a lot of Makiplier on Youtube lately, so wish I’d gotten it now. :slight_smile: Off for now, it’s mega hot indoors and out.


33% OFF Startup Company


Game launched today with 20% discount for the first week. If you want the game, hit me up for the coupon, and you get to buy the game for 50% off at launch. :smiley:

store page here:

My Let’s Play series here:

^^ Only two videos so far, more to come, more to come, when I have time to play. :smiley:


^i’ve got the same coupon, doesn’t look like something i’m gonna use, so if someone want this coupon it’s up for grabs :+1:


quick question… did someone ever requested a coupon… i keep seeing people offering but never saw a taker


it doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, someone does take up the offer.

I have been tempted a couple of times myself, but then I end up thinking about my budget and just how many games i have already purchased that week… :blush:


I was going to take a coupon but before I got a response the coupon appeared on my account


75% OFF Winged Sakura: Demon Civil War

If anyone needs.


Really pretty game, someone is sure to enjoy that. Don’t much like the idea of random generated areas/enemies.



Checking it out and it looks like a pretty bad VN, made by bad people trying to silence critique and manipulate steam rankings by posting good reviews about themselves. As alleged and documented by the top recommendation. If you’re going to invest the time a VN demands then you really ought to make sure it’s going to be worth it.

How bad does a porn game have to be to get a mixed result anyway? They always get a ton of dumb positive joke reviews.


Bad enough that people who don’t care about dialogue/plot/character to find something to complain about.