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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


Lindsay is awesome, enjoyed plenty of her vids, would recommend to others, especially if into disney :smile:

her dive into The Hobbit is pretty good too



I dont know how popular it was for you guys, but here it was quite something, our parents watched it when young, we watched it as kids, me and my sister loved that show (Dungeons & Dragons, Caverna do Dragão in portuguese). This commercial was a big bamboozle for me, while also being awesome, because I really thought it was a movie trailer at first.


:thinking: imagine if all adds had to be honest, sorta like this




Yes !!! Faith in humanity somewhat restored.


Hysterical Joyful Screaming

The Dark Crystal is my favorite movie of all time, so I’m sooooooo excited for this.


Better brush up on my skexis.




I need this in my life.




Oldie but goodie… He kinda disappeared some time ago :smiley:


Good, this shit is dangerous and stupid. Putting not only his life but that of everyone else at risk.


Of course, but for that I think he managed to kill only himself in the end :smiley:


That’s the last one … I swear… but I deem it too cool not to share :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried to watch @onLooSe but personally, motorcycle noises are grating and I’m not fond of them, as most of the cyclist here are reckless, weaving in and out of traffic and not paying much attention to pedestrian crossing. The only ones that seem okay, are the guys in random cavalcades - that’s when you see Harleys etc. They go pretty slowly and accompanied by police officers.


Clearly at the end of the second clip you can see him looking left and right on the pedestrian crossing! HE CARED :smiley:



That’s a good one … I hope they didn’t hurt an ankle when they fallen off :slight_smile: It’s pretty hard to control such machine