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Cool, funny, weird, etc. (non-game-related) YouTube Videos you recommend


That’s a good one … I hope they didn’t hurt an ankle when they fallen off :slight_smile: It’s pretty hard to control such machine



This is a satire, right guys? Guys?


only a revolutionary would infer something like that

to the guillotine!

It’s so obvious from their smirks that these 2 know exactly what they’re doing and how stupid their intended audience is


They already removed the video, lol

Here’s a short version

Whoop, not removed, just youtube not allowing it to be played outside of youtube. But could be removed any time…


Fuck Fox News.

Also, who tf uses a bow-tie like that on television? Aside from being morons they have no taste.

BTW it beats me how the US still holds onto their retarded measurements, with no transition programs and legal measures in sight.

My dad is the most “anti-murica” murican I know, and even he, in all his mighty Yale degree, some times turns to defend feet, inches and Arbitrary Measurement System Nº 23. Shut it, dad.


I am still baffled that the rest of the world still uses metric.


It’s fox news … why do you even ask that question? Of course it’s a joke like their whole media :slight_smile:


The most interesting patreon video I’ve seen so far, Felix is all about the creativity :smile:


LOVED that. His animation style is unusual but man is that vid well presented. He’s super good!


Happy Fodder’s Day.

Here is a video to somehow express my feelings.


If I remember my behavioral biology correctly, frogs scream while held because they think they are being mounted by a male, when they are male. So they scream to let them know, “I’m not female! Get off!”

I am probably wrong. But when I saw this, that knowledge popped into my head.

Apparently, they also scream to get mounted. Or to scare predators. :man_shrugging:


I think my bestie’s dislike of frogs is suddenly more justified. So um, no horror games with frogs in it please.


At first I was like wow this is interesting and then I realized, isn’t this a compilation of people tormenting frogs?

poor pepe


I better report the video for violence!


So happy someone had this uploaded!


Behavior is weird an nuanced. It depends on the species, and the situation.




been a while since i’ve enjoyed or been entertained by something so printer related :smile: