Cook, Serve, Delicious - Giveaway [Ended]

Attention aspiring Chrono chefs: I was cleaning out my pantry and found an extra copy of Cook, Serve, Delicious hiding in the back. I already have the game, so I’ve decided to give it away to one of you fine folks.

In keeping with the theme of the game, I want to hear about your favorite foods (and hopefully see some mouth-watering food pictures :yum:). Post a photo of something you’ve made, eaten, or anything you’ve found that looks delicious. Share a recipe or tell a story about the most amazing meal you’ve ever had. If you’re lazy, just say what your favorite food is :smile:

Feel free to post even if you don’t want to enter for the game.

Whichever entry gets the most likes from the community wins. In the event of a tie, I will use to select a winner. Key will be sent via PM. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 4th.


(not entering)
i’ve always liked food, (i’m pretty sure it shows on my copious corpus), ever since i was little and able to stuff things in my face
when i was about 10-11 we visited this chinese/asian restaurant, because some sort of celebratory festivities, and what i got to witness, and eat, utterly exploded the fragile frame of my little mind :yum:

and while technically it’s not exactly some extraordinaire mouthful of flavours, since it’s still “just” ice cream + fried breading/dough/cake
the experience (especially for a child just grasping the basic fundamentals of hot vs cold/ice vs “fire”) was earth shattering enough, i could go back home to a Harry Potter book, and think;
“i knew it!”

so yea, magic is real, and there is tons of it out there, -all ready to be eaten :blush:


Interesting way to do this. So my favourite food so far has got to be Teriyaki Chicken, though I haven’t eaten it in a long time I found it so delicious.

This is an ok pic, where I used to eat it they served it with extra stuff.


Not gonna enter, but food you say :relieved:
food_pizza lewd


Hmm, yum. My children look so delicious.


I wanna flag this post :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::nauseated_face:



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i mean, it’s basically just a “land clam”.
I never quite understood how some are fine gobbling down raw oysters, (or eat other cooked mussels), but wrinkle their nose at some snails with garlic, parsley or herbs to the hearts delight

one shouldn’t reject food until tried, it’s how we find all sorts of new and amazingly wonderful tasting magic treats :yum:

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Hey, first thanks for the giveaway dude.
I love many different food and I’m french so I’ll choose my favorite french food to share (not snails that’s disgusting) , it’s Tartiflette.
That’s a basic dish actually, just some potatoes with bacon and different cheeses : i91287-tartiflette-au-cheddar


did you know, whenever you cheese and bacon something, angels start to sing

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I probably should’ve pointed this out before, but I don’t actually like cooked snail. XD


more like this then? :grin:

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I think I had the option to eat snails before but wasn’t interested they just looked awful. I have only had cooked oysters and thought they were kind of meh. I didn’t like scallops and brains made me really nauseous an hour after eating it and even if that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t eat it again.

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Nice pictures everyone!

@Gnuffi Fried ice cream has been added to my to-do list.

@Madway Used to love Teriyaki Chicken back when I ate meat.

@Satanwee :+1: for posting what appears to be a homemade dish. Would never eat it, but it looks tasty if snails are your thing.

@Zetura Cheese… bacon… that’s almost cheating. Looks absolutely delicious!

Giveaway ends in 24-hours. Anyone else? If you’ve missed out on Cook, Serve, Delicious in previous giveaways, now is your chance :wink:

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I may or may not of gotten it off Wikipedia. :grin:

Giveaway ended

Two entries with 4 likes - @Madway & @Zetura. Used to decide the winner. 1 to 100, Madway (first entry) = odd numbers, Zetura (second entry) = even numbers.


:tada: Congratulations Zetura! Key will be PM’d to you shortly. Enjoy.

@Satanwee Here is your consolation prize:


i wonder on a scale just how tasty a treat is, if it makes your eyes pop inside your head and back out again
(i guess for humans it would be eyes popping out of head then back in) :smile:

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I’d like to thank my parents and those who supported me, but most of all, I want to thank God for permanently sealing the gates of heaven away from me.


That’s really unexpected the way they eat and thanks mate.

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