Community Ban at Steam

I am sorry if anyone received any suspicious messages from me over at Steam.

Please let me know if you have actually. I am curious about it myself.

I now have a community ban on my account with my account having been marked suspicious and potentially compromised. So I cannot post any comments/announcements. I am trying my best to have it restored, and hopefully it won’t take too long.

But in any case, if you received anything, please don’t click on links, etc…

Hopefully soon I will have it back up…


oh is terrible i hope remove the ban soon dude :expressionless:


I haven’t gotten anything from you. :thinking: Hope you get it straightened out soon.


Sorry to hear and thanks for the heads up.
Stressful annoying thing to have to deal with, I hope it gets cleared up quickly.

Only weird thing I’ve seen from you is that you played Wattam for the first time, not sure if that was voluntary or not.


This sucks , man .

I hope steam support wont pull steam support on you and resolve your issue siwftly.

Your account seems to be ‘blank’ now . No acitivies ,nothing. Just a nickname,avatar and a blank grey sheet bellow :confused:

If there is anything i can help you with meanwhile feel free to ask.


Three days in a row I receive messages via PM from suspicious non friends 1-5 lvls :angry:
I hope everything will be fine soon :anguished:



@YQMaoski hopefully things get sorted out soon dude; im sure they will, but might take some time with the holydays


maoski just to confirm, you have checked “in steam” that this is real right?
it’s not like a “moderator” message left on your profile comment or a “support” email you got, i hope ?
^because those are previous phishing attempts that have been used

otherwise i hope you get it sorted soon and things get right


I think its real look at his profile :frowning:
Reading at the Steam forums: more people got a community ban for no reasons the last day


hiii Yoshi :wave: :blush:

kk, just making sure it’s not an old ruse being taken advantage of


Hi Gnuffi been a long time
Here are many reasons what could have happened, but I dont what message YQ got


I bought Wattam a few days ago, started playing a couple of nights ago. I couldn’t resist buying it, it’s made by the same mastermind behind Katamari Damacy. So I just had to have it.

This is what I see when I try to access my account:

It’s a big red alert at the top of my Steam page, any page I try to access:


I doubt it’s actually compromised, to be honest, nobody has touched my wallet… lol!

Yeah, I hope so, I was still eyeing a couple of other games from the sale, but if it’s not fixed, then I suppose I get to save a little bit of money. lol!

Those I always ignore and then go to their profile and block.

Yeah, it’s forced to private:


Anyway, fingers crossed, hoping to get it fixed soon! Thanks everyone!


“sigh” Looks like 2020 still has some dirty tricks up its sleeve.
I’ve took a look at @yoshirules link, and it seems someone tried to hack your account for some reason and now you need to tell Steam you own the account.

Have you clicked on something suspicious in or out of Steam? Or accessed any site requiring Steam credentials ? I’m asking this because the same happened to some Youtubers this year, like Zangado, which got hacked after clicking on a PDF from an e-mail which claimed to be from a legit source who’d give him a free Cyberpunk 2077 key for him to review the game after exchanging mails with said source.

Either way I hope you manage to get your account back, and that 2021 be a better year for you.


I’ll have to look into this when I get on Steam, later.
I still have internet catchup to finish.


That’s terrible. I hope you everything works out. :frowning:


Thanks, still waiting… I am guessing I probably have to wait until next week, with the holiday and the weekend here.


Oh no. Hope this gets resolved sooner rather than later for you. Happy New Year I guess :confused:


I just got an email from Valve, my password has been reset, everything is back to normal now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the concern everyone and Happy New Year!


did they say what the cause was? like access in a different (country) location? chargeback? or such

just glad at least you’ve got your acc back and it’s (hopefully) safe and secure now


It was a fairly generic line:

From our investigation, the lock was added since the account has been found posting scam, advertising, or hijacking comments to the Steam Community and been on the personal profile.

I just added my authenticator and my phone number back into the account and changed my password.

*Phew! Now I am going back to bed… :slight_smile: