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When you first launched ggcoins, there always was something to spend them on.
I haven’t seen a game I’ve liked for the past month or more, so please, put on games more frequently.
There’s no point in getting coins everyday if you’re not gonna put anything to spend them on, at least add choice…


Seriously. I have 10k coins and nothing to spend them on. (I already own I am Bread and whatever the other coin release was was sold out before I woke up today.)

I’m just shooting for a high score with coins at this point.


Yeah lets get mad about not getting free games. Man some people. Just be thankfull that Chrono does this at all


There were great games and I am sure there are more coming, just be patient and be thankful for the offer.


Just think of it as being able to get the games you do like when they show up. The games are from the Developers/Publishers and are given away for free so I can see why they are being spread out.
I think it takes a month to get about 4000 coins so the 2 week window isn’t enough time to get the next games that show up if you spent coins on the last batch. The daily coins is a good way to keep people coming back even if the aren’t active in the community if they want to get more games later.

I haven’t wanted anything since Slayaway Camp. The games are free and something you like will show up eventually.
You could also throw some of the titles you would like to see, on the site or coin shop, into the Suggestion thread or make your own thread about them.


Same here (10,479 as of today) I’ll fight you to the death for that high score.

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We’re working on finding a good rhythm where stuff doesn’t sell out too quickly and we’re always on the lookout for new games. Thanks for everyone’s patience!


Seriously… people will spend days farming imaginary coins in MMORPGs that they will never get anything meaningful out of, but somehow checking a cool deal on Chrono 20 seconds/day for the possibility of eventually getting a game completely for free is a chore. The Internet sometimes is simply an intellectual wasteland.


NOOOOOO! I only have 10,399. :wink:

I wonder if chrono would be willing to do a leader board.

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I bought games from them, and (obviously) the free games offer is a marketing move to bring in people, it’s not just pure generosity. While it is nice, I wouldn’t have bought those games if I didn’t come in every day for the coins, so it feels kinda included.

The point is that I have 8400 coins, soon over 10000 -yet nothing worth spending them on.
It just feels annoying to come every day only to see 3 games (2 of which are sold out immediatly) that are not of any interest. I even asked my friends even they wanted those games and they didn’t even want them. For free.
I just don’t see why they don’t put up games more often and with more quality (seriously, those games look like shovelware).
If you make the argument that they have to buy the keys from devs or ask them permission - I’m sure plenty of devs would be willing to share keys for free, and even if they don’t, buying them is such a good marketing move that it will bring many people to the site, which would make the investment back.
As for the game selection, I mean… the only games that interest me in that list are hammerwatch, dustforce (which I already have), OFDP (which I already have) and brigador.
I will admit that legend of dungeon and SOTS the pit are pretty good too, but are extremely time consuming. Everything else looks absolutely uninsteresting to me.

1 Like has set up a really generous system here, I don’t think there’s any other website that offers something like this so I’d stop moaning and wait for something you enjoy if I were you.


Thanks for ignoring every point I make. I’ll do the same.

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I’ve only grabbed one game with my coins and I’m not complaining because not every single title on offer (for free) doesn’t meet my personal taste. I’m just grateful that I had the chance to get that one game, for the cheap-cheap price of free.
The folks that runs Chrono seems to be a bunch of lovely individuals, passionate and willing to improve. Please, act accordingly.


yeah I am thankful of those games that they are giving us


You miss the point -I just feel like there’s no reason to get any coins if there’s never gonna be an interesting deal. So I’d rather not come by any more if they will keep the current game selection up than continue logging in every day.

I would be grateful to them, had I gotten a single game, but now I’m starting to think it’ll take 3 months for anything interesting (to me) to pop up.
This is just me saying that I’d like to see variety more often in order to keep me, and other people who think this way, logging in every day (and thus checking the daily game and sometimes buying it).

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But you have yourself named 6 titles you DID find interesting, even though you already had a few of them and others sold out on you, you can’t expect to check your steam library and chose based on what you already own or not.

So with that in mind you can’t say that the current selection is bad. Instead it seems to me like the chances are high that a game you will enjoy would show up eventually, so far 40% of picked titles have appealed to you in some fashion.

Also the only reason there was always something to spend your coins on in the beginning was because no one had any coins yet, the moment people started getting up to ~3200 the games also sold out quickly and a few of us stuck with it to 5k and got brigador which also sold out in a day as people finished the first month streak.

But if you don’t feel like clicking a button once a day for the 40% chance of getting a good free game every other week is worth it then no one is forcing you, really…


Okay see ya, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Really though you come off as so entitled.

Here’s some advice for the rest of your journey, when you are the lone wolf on an opinion and everyone else is telling you that you’re wrong/got it backwards/that’s not what happened/whatever, it’s time to try and take an objective look and see if maybe the reason everyone is out to get you is because you are the one that is missing the point.

But I won’t be surprised if you miss this point too, leopard can’t change its stripes after all.


Just because the offers don’t seem interesting to you it does not mean they are not interesting to others, which is evident by the fact that most games have sold out quickly. It seems from what you have said that you feel like this system was made just for you and you only, and because they have offered games you don’t already own or don’t want you feel personally offended, but the simple fact is this is made for the whole community. I have only taken one game from this system (reigns from the first set originally out there) and since them i have seen some interesting games but have not taken anything as nothing has really impelled me to want to get them, but I personally dont feel cheated by the system.

I agree with what Fraggles said, also you are being offered free games and to get a three game even only once every free months is pretty good in my opinion, its better than none, and checking a page every day a clicking a coin is not very hard, its not like you have to do a survey or click through twenty links to get the coins.

New games every two weeks and games that range from point and clicks to rougelikes to managment to puzzle game seems like exactly what you are asking for and is exactly what you are getting. I don’t know what more you want.

from your comments it makes it sound like you are saying you entitled to put specific games on the coins shop because you are doing what everyone else here is doing as well.

I feel that some people on the site now seem to feel the main focus of the site is the coin shop, rather than remembering the core of the site. People are getting things a little twisted, this site is about looking at and possible purchasing a discounted game with a new game appearing every day, the free games we can get are just a bonus for hanging around.


I agree, I didn’t like any game that they put really, not even the ones that for some reason sold really fast (like that Chiptune wannabe Guitar Hero).

You only see me as entitled because you see it as me saying the system is absolute utter trash, and that’s not the case, I’m just saying how it could be IMPROVED. Not a single one of you is trying to improve anything, you’re just telling me I’m an entitled prick that should just be glad to have an opportunity (not a reality for me yet) at free games.
Well I am glad this exists, heck probably none of us would be here if it didn’t, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be even better than it is right now.

Fraggles, you’re right, it’s likely something will come up that I enjoy. But the time it takes for it to do so is annoying.
I would like if it were more frequent, even if the game stock is overall maintained (same amount of total games every 2 weeks).
I mean, I’m not asking for every day, but every week instead of every two weeks would be nice.

PeteMcc that’s why I said “interesting (to me)” a lot of times in my posts. My point is that for people who don’t like the selection, they have to wait 2 weeks, maybe 4 or 6.
Which yes, is still better than no game, but wouldn’t it be BETTER from their point of view if the games cycled faster?

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