Coin Shop Refill

I was anticipating see new games in the coin shop today. No rush! Glad it’s there in general! But I thought it was about every two weeks…or so

Yeah, the 20,160 minutes are definitely up.

I know, because 2 weeks ago the new games were added just after I went to sleep, and the one I wanted sold out before I got back to the computer :wink:

This time I stayed up and – no new games. Can’t hold out much longer, so I just hope if they get posted overnight (my time) that there will be any left in the morning …

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I’m fairly sure last time the games dropped at some point around 3-9h from now. That’s when I slept and I too found one of the games sold out when I got up in the morning.

Nah, the reddit thread announcing the new games was posted 14 days and 37 minutes ago.

I don’t want to complain, like OP said, it’s great the shop exists :slight_smile: I’m just paranoid it will be another wishlisted game that will again sell out while I sleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, the statement on the page about 20,160 minutes is probably just trying to be cute, but it definitely denotes a specific time. I’m okay with either, but the communications could be a lot more clear about the degree of accuracy chrono is attempting.

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We are precisely inaccurate.


But the refill is going to be today? or not? Answer me please. :confounded:

Yeah, i think the refill should be today.
But wouldn’t it be nice to have a timer on the chrono coin site to see, when the new games should arrive.
This way you would know if you’re asleep when they come or plan to be ready when they should be there.

For those still unsure when the new games in the shop go up it, they have been for the last couple of months going up at 10pm(ish) UK time, fortnightly on a Thursday evening. You’ll need to check what that means in your own currency.

This is the first time they have been a bit later, as far as I am aware but they’ll be up when they are up, just check back every hour or sign up for the emails.

They are essentially FREE games, so be kind, be patient and get behind me in the queue goddammit!

*This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by Malkovich’s Rabbit Stew. For that freshly killed taste, now **100% lead free.

**May contain lead.


As someone who has eaten rabbit that my dad shot and mum cooked, it just tastes like chicken.

See what happens when we wait too long for something free, derailment! Onwards my brothers and sisters, go as far into Off Topic as your little fingers can type! Let them rue the day they made us wait a few hours for our free game keys!


Patience my friends, negotiations with Rockstar for GTA V keys are taking a little more time than usual.


Patience… Patience… right.

Still, what is the point of saying it will be every 20,160 minutes if that’s not going to be the case. There aren’t even placeholders visible in the shop yet like some plans didn’t go accordingly.

Chrono has said multiple times the timer is merely an estimate and in no way would they be bound or adhere strictly too it, hence why it wasn’t at actual exact ticking countdown clock timer like some had asked for
gives them more wiggle room to sort stuff out (and also serves to surprise us a little better for now)

@lonin even said it in this topic :wink:

Y’all need some milk!


And pie, don’t forget the pie!

Oh well… Why am I informed about a time, as precise as minutes, like that something to be of importance, to then that not being of any matter.

It’s sort of pointless to have a statement clearly put in the center of the shop going as far as mentioning the number of minutes. I guess I am to ignore anything that is being “promised”.

And is two weeks not enough of a wiggle room? Just make the shop update every 3 weeks then.

Calm down! Is it annoying? Yes, a little. It’s also kind of obvious that the Chrono staff are either trying to change the day the shop games are added or they are simply playing with the time on purpose to either make it better suited for people on different continents or to prevent people that knew the time until now to always be the first to the table, so to speak.


the minute thing is sorta a joke “2 weeks” in minutes, and the 2 weeks is an approximate thing, meaning it could be 2 weeks 1 minute or 2 weeks and couple of hours or even 16 days instead of 14
to anyone that bothered to care just 1second enough more than “give me free stuff when i want it” and noticed that chrono had already explained this before, it would be a non issue,
but “some” just want it easier so they can set an alarm to 20160 minutes and rush the shop, but Chrono specifically wanted to avoid that AND also have some breathing room for themselves, in case something happened and came up on either end (which does happen, free games don’t grow on trees)
it’s free games, relax and chill and be glad when they do come, and take the time as it was meant, an estimate with a bit of fun added to it (because Chrono does funsies once in a while)


Perhaps they should change the text on the coin shop page then. The current one, at least in my opinion, sets some expectations which clearly were not met.

I for one was looking forward to it and waited until 5 am in the morning since this was the first time the shop was supposed to refresh after I joined I even scoured reddit and other places to get a better idea of the refresh times in anticipation.

Btw first post on here, hello everyone. Been checking daily for the past two weeks now. The concept is solid, but I haven’t bought anything as of yet. The daily coins are a nice incentive to keep checking the deals, but I feel like they are almost too generous with them at the moment. I guess this is a discussion for another topic though.