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Coin Shop games not coming out as often anymore?


As of late, I’ve noticed that the coin shop hasn’t been adding any new games every 2 weeks as it used to. What’s going on? Did this site get banned for giving out games or something?

Coin-shop needs games

That is not true; the coin shop has in fact been adding 2 new games every other Friday as it has always done; these games are sold out, which is why you think they haven’t been added…


I check the website daily to get coins AND to look at what games are on the coin shop. Every day there has not been a “New Game” notification above the Coin Shop link at the top of the screen.

When was hover put on the list of coin shop games? How long has it been sol out because as of what I have seen in the last 2 months, Insurgency and Forced have been the only game buy-able and nothing else has changed in the Coin Shop


hover and kathy rain were added not even 2 weeks ago, rofl

so new games should be coming this Friday


I checked every day around 11:30am EST every day, how quickly did these games go?

Especially since whenever I would check the site, again there would be no “New game” text above where it says Coin Shop.


They have added games on time. They sell out rather fast if they are highly demanded games. I’ve seen them go in just hours. Once they are gone, you have to scroll down to see “previous deals”.

Insurgency has been added a few times over, and Forced is still up because it hasn’t sold out yet. That’s all.


I understand that, but as I had just said, there hasn’t been a “New game” update above the Coin Shop text in months, so they must be selling out before I ever check it.


however, some of these games were available for several days and did not sell out within hours, hence:

in any case, it’s ez, just check ON Friday, a bit after the daily deal goes up, and u’ll see the games there…

so check this Friday

and a new thread is made at the same time too on this forum, as I’ve illustrated


In that case you should make a habit of checking the coin shop anyway or subscribing to the newsletter.
No offense, but it seems like you‘re trying to shift the blame for missing out on games and I don‘t believe you were literally just one click away from seeing new games.


I’ve seen it, but perhaps you need to clear browser cache? If not, you could always enable notifications for extra warnings of deals and new shop deals. It will warn you every day whenever you use your browser of choice, and whenever there is a new coin shop deal.


New coin shop games are usually up an hour after new deal is launched every second friday so around 1PM est on that second friday. Depending on the games in the coin shop they could sell out as quick as an hour after posting.


or: @Fraggles once offered to personally call someone to make sure they didn’t miss out on new coin shop games, so maybe u could ask him?


I even tried to do it, though they never gave me their phone numbers so the only thing I had was steam chat and no one who requested the service picked up. So I’ve discontinued it.


This type of thread seems to pop up a fair amount, but usually the person making the thread doesn’t follow up. I hope that’s not the case here.

You can use this unofficial helper to know fairly closely to when there should be new games coming so you can check the coin shop directly:

That should be the next time coin shop games go live. You can also follow them on Twitter and sign up for notifications from the main Chrono page. They sell out pretty fast, but not so fast that it’s impossible to get them by any means.




u’d think ppl would at least check the forum first before they make yet another thread about it

regardless, @Shadowraid5 welcome, i see you’re new, so u should stick around, this is a great gamer (all kinds) community actually, and there’s lots of giveaways here too


When I join the massacre too late… Nothing more to say


Yeah, about that, I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I don’t think that’s cool, people.

Could we try to tone it down a bit next time we’re trying to answer questions?

Just a thought :hugs:


Yes, I like that idea. Especially when it’s newbies.


This sort of question is really asked quite a lot x3
But understandable it is confusing without the new coin notification anymore and the games dissapearing so quick lool I guess not everyone checks the coin shop at the right time.


Or does a search…etc. I would never depend on the email. It’s usually late.