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Coin Shop games not coming out as often anymore?


It does because there’s only so much we can preemptively do to stop people from missing out on deals/coins/coin shop games.

I truly believe the Chrono team has invested the best of their abilities to ensure everyone checks in on their rewards in time.

However, it’s understandable that some times people miss out, and I don’t think they should feel punished for that. They should instead feel encouraged to check in again.

Advice that points at flaws is never as helpful as advice that presents solutions.

Just my two cents. :+1:


I think an other good solution to keep up is, ask someone the exact time the deals and the new games in the shop arrive, and create a reminder for them on your phone or pc, or both if you want.
This way if you have free time when the reminder goes off you can come on and see what’s new.

I know a lot of us can’t keep an eye on the page 24/7 as we got things to do, but i feel like a reminder like that could help.

Just my two cents as well. (:


tosses a nickel to you both for your two cents!

Just to recap, roughly around 12pm ET (I’d say probably between 11:30am - 1:30pm ET to be safe to set your reminder) That starts this Friday and occurs every other Friday. And also give your phone number to @Fraggles so he can ping you :smiley:


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Oh, uh… hey guys how’s it going?
Yeah I know it can get rather tiresome answering the same questions over and over and it’s easy to feel like this time surely you can just be snarky about it, you’ve answered it so many times already. Right?

But it’s the first time that person has asked the question and he wont understand why you’re being a snide arse about it. Even if he’s entirely wrong about everything and the issue would have been easily solved if he just spent 5 minutes reading available info.

Lets not forget that this forum is not just a community hangout, it’s attached to a store and a business. If you want to play at customer service then you need to treat every instance the same. If you do not want to play at customer service then do not feel obligated to post in these kinds of threads. Someone else will come along shortly and do it instead.

On the other hand, every now and then someone who you have been courteous and helpful towards will come back at you being an arse themselves, these are the golden opportunities where you can unleash all that built up snark you’ve been repressing for so long.

*pockets the change- Can’t believe people would just leave this money lying around.


I know you already have one :hugs: coming from @coralinecastell. You just might get another if you keep all this niceness going.


@Vandem knows my hugs are BEAR hugs, he ain’t getting no second hugs after MY HUGS, @delenn13. :bear:

But yeah totally agree, thanks for the words, @Fraggles . Perspective is important and I think we can all exercise it a bit more. So cheers to you :clinking_glasses:


I just hope that we really didn’t arrive too late…

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Hope he didn’t give up on the community… ;w;


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My condolences @Fraggles. May your waist RIP


Games just sell in an instant these days :slight_smile: They add new ones every other Friday as always.


There is an inevitable problem to the current set up though. As Chrono attracts more people the pool of coins will grow and the amount of people grabbing the games will also increase…meaning that the good games will last even less time and the coin shop will routinely be empty.

So the question really should be, how will the coin shop change in the future?


I suppose we could hope that as chrono grows larger with more and more returning customers the larger their profit margins will get and the expenditure on the coin store can grow in tandem to make the batches of available keys larger.

Or it doesn’t and we eventually end up with as many people giving up on ever getting anything as new people arriving and we find that plateau of store competition where that’s just how hard it is going to be to get a game but wont get any harder from that point on.


Assuming Chrono has a continuous growth, If they’re good/wanted games they’ll disappear very quickly simply due to the demand increase and likely limited keys.

At some point I see Bundles in the main Deal shop coming though…kind of like what fanatical does with Star Deals and Bundles.


future Chrono store changelog: “1 bundle a day”

-did somebody say bundles?!! :open_mouth: :star_struck:

*forgets to inhale :dizzy_face:


Whatever you do, DON’T tell @delenn13 and @YQMaoski about your suggestion, @xist!


I am already drooling…


Maybe should have a coin hole, where you throw coins in and get a random game out, as a new special coin deal :wink:


throws coins in oh look, there’s poop in my soup


Bundles??? :innocent:


Somehow I have a feeling you have been reading some old threads… Good for you! I approve! :+1:


I also always thought it’d be cool if instead of doing the 2 games every other Friday, they did one game every Friday. People would be able to keep easier track of every Friday versus every other Friday.