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Coin Shop Game Regrets?



Are there any of us here that have any regrets when it comes to the coin shop games, aside from unspent coins, and obvious shortcomings?

For me, there are a couple of games I’m not so sure I should of gotten, but I wanted to try them, so I did. Not as much of a regret as it would be a ‘well, damn’.

Garfield Kart. I’ve wanted to play this for a long time. I heard it’s not that great but I definitely wanted to know for myself. Of course, it doesn’t run.

TormentorXPunisher. I love this game, but Sweet Mercy is it hard. Also, it is one I don’t play much, but still occasionally play. I could of skipped this one.

Knock-off of ‘Golfing With Friends’. This is one I was on the fence about but ultimately skipped on, not knowing if I dodged a rocket or missed out on a good game.

Tracks. It was 12.5K. I wanted to see what it was about, being fond of Lionel hobbyist toys like their train and track sets as well as their other construction kits, and their metalsmithing kits too (which they haven’t made in decades). Ultimately, as cool as it looked, because my hardware is outdated and lackluster, plus the cost, I skipped on it. I’m sure it’s a decent game/sim.

Minion Masters Chrono Pack. I actually thought about getting this one several times, but never bothered, as it looked like a game I’d rarely ever play.

Snow Pinball. I like it. It’s decently fun. I could of skipped it though.

That’s about all I can think of. I got some good ones and maybe a stinker or two, lolz


I saw the enemies in the trailer for Whispering Willows and thought it was some kind of action game.



Lol, definitely nope but it’s pretty no?

I’ll just say it - everyone who didn’t get Dead Cells regrets it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never got a game. Or, as Charlie Brown would say at each house on Halloween Trick-or-treating: “I got a rock”. :roll_eyes:

I think I got everything I wanted

Chiptune Champion
Reverse Crawl
Verdict Guilty - 유죄 평결
Garfield Kart
King Arthur’s Gold 2-Pack
Dead Cells
Heroes of Hammerwatch
Regions of Ruin
Driftland: The Magic Revival
Seven: Enhanced Edition
X-Morph: Defense
Space Beast Terror Fright

I might’ve missed a few good games but nothing that I regret that badly.
It was free so I don’t really regret spending the coins on the lame games either.


I have none. Regrets that is. But I did get 37 games :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Click on the link…
So long, Coin shop, and thanks for all the free games!


More than twice as many as I’ve gotten, I knew I picked up some pricey stuff but wow.:sweat_smile:



"SoRrY; i WaS eAtInG a MiLkY wAy."

@Danacscott I wasn’t here for that one and it didn’t get restocked. Same with the soup game.


Robin Hood Legends of Sherwood. Its borked on steam, runs super slow (if you’re lucky) or just plain black screen with sound in the background, unless you have windows XP.
Luckily, I found a hotfix for it, but after I finished it on gog lol.
I wouldn’t call it a regret, but a later win :trophy:

Dead Cells, ok now I have regrets :weary:


Camp Slayaway. If I had enough couns when it was offered I should have gotten it, especially after the DLCs for it went for a deep discount on Steam a few weeks after it was offered here.


I’m glad I got Hotline Miami, because until that point I hadn’t payed much attention to it. How wrong I was. The game is amazing and super addictive. Has a great soundtrack too. I immediately bought the second one when it went on sale.

I also got Seven: Enhanced Edition, that I’ve been eyeing for some time, although I haven’t played it yet.

Other than that I got a couple of games that I thought would be different, like Tengami and Boo! Greedy Kid, but found out to be not that interesting. However, I don’t regret getting them.

The one I think I should’ve gotten is Butcher, but at the time I thought i wasn’t worth it :man_shrugging:


The only i regret, is not knowing the coin shop earlier :disappointed_relieved:… and buying Pixel heroes, what a waste of coins :expressionless:


Dead Cells. I had enough coins to get it but I got greedy and thought that if they’re giving away dead cells on the first day, surely the next games would be better spoilers (They weren’t)


I had enough coins and missed out on Redout. That was my only regret.


I bought Dead Cells day one of Early Access, so I just sat back and smiled at the Chronies apoplectic regarding Dead Cells when it appeared in the coin shop :wink:


I can’t believe I missed Dead Cells! I was so sad… That game looks damn good.


I didn’t used my coins that much, but there nothing I want I got game or two but nothing I want.


I had enough coins for Redout myself but it was gone when I got to the shop.

Ended up getting something else. :confused:


Dead Cells was in the Coin Shop??? When???