Coin Shop Game Regrets?

Quite a while ago actually. It was 40,000 coins but at that point that was seriously a huge sum ( unlike now ) so only people who basically havent spent any since the beginning/bought daily deals had the amount.


Not sure if I would call this a regret, but I’ve spent most of the coins on games which I’ve also acquired via different channels soon after, some of them many times over. All of those extras ended up in the giveaways back here so… the circle of life, I guess:D

Apart from that:

War for the Overworld - I had the wantz and I had the moniez saved, but it was sold out (together with Dead Cells) before I’ve even noticed it was added. So, I’m still playing my Dungeon Keeper for now.

Bug Butcher - I loved playing Pang on my Game Boy, and this looks like a perfect mixture of epic and silly with those same arcade mechanics. I had tech issues at that time though, and the game was gone before they were.

…but, I’m sure I’ll get them, one day:)