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Coin shop closing down? Why


that’s exactly what they did, and not only that, but they also had 20,000 to 45,000 keys per game for those 10 games

too bad u missed it, but they did do it


They did and mass of people just pretty much crashed the site. So imagine how many people tried to get that free stuff.


It’s not just “too bad.” Think about people like me, for example, that got 95% of their coins from the keys they buy over the years, and not ever being able to use them.


The same goes for everyone. They warned well in advance. They explained how it would go down. That’s how it went down.

It’s history now.

If anyone is interested, I do sell tickets for the maiden voyage from Southampton to New York of the Titanic though. It should totally be worth it, it’s the biggest luxury ship ever made and it’s unsinkable.

Oh, nope, just missed it.


Ah. So that’s why the coin disappeared.

Pretty much removed the entire point of using the site, though…

Like I just got an email telling me Imperator Rome is on sale 50% ($19.99 USD). Cool!

…oh…wait. It’s also 50% on Steam…the same site they’ll send keys for.

((Fact this is repeated with, so far, every single deal I saw; Steam had the exact same deal.))

So…what’s the point of Chrono? To me, it seems like it’s really just made for influencers. With their promo codes, that I assume reward them with money or discounts of some sort for their purchases (which would greatly help them if they wanted to do give-aways).


if that actually were the entire point of the site, they wouldn’t have survived for 6 months, and they wouldn’t remove the feature either; the fact that they’re removing it proves they simply don’t need it (and the community here was quite tired of all the complaints from ppl who only cared about free games too btw)

oh…wait, maybe it’s cuz the Steam Summer sale is on atm

Fact: if what you said here is true, you haven’t seen many daily deals here at all.

Also fact: programs their daily deals well in advance and has no way of foreseeing how a game might be discounted some where else in the future.


I don’t think you’ve seen a lot of the deals then


-100000 coins :frowning:


dead site in ~2months :slight_smile:


Maybe read updates and the banners now and then, haha


I found this site because of the coins. But, I wasn’t coming here religiously for that, so never had enough to get any of the great games.

Sometimes they do have good deals on games. I have an extensive Steam library and am picky, so I don’t buy many games these days anyway, but I still check almost everyday, even with the coins gone.

The thing is, people abused the coin shop. It’s that simple. I’ve seen it on a certain giveaway site where as soon as a new game entered the shop, there would be users giving away 10+ copies of that same game. Co-incidence, I think not. Multi-accounters abusing this site just to get ridiculous e-peen points on another site. Chrono did the right thing. That’s just not sustainable.


Am I the only one who initially came here just to see what the next deal was? :thinking:


Pretty much.

Over 3 yrs ago I found something in my RSS feeds that mentioned “deals and coins”. Still here.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I’m sure plenty of us showed up somewhat regularly to check the deals. Though I will admit that I didn’t do it every day before the coins nor did I actively post here before that.


Haha! Probably! :grin:


Well, I’m one of those who came for the coins and never paid attention to the offers, however I’ve always wrote down the name of some which interested me the most. Despite this my main interest was always collect coins and get free games.
Once I read about its eminent ending, I’ve accepted it in a natural way since nothing lasts forever, and thanks for one comment in the “send-off” thread I’ve decided to give a chance to the community, which’s this one.

Also, I’ve read some comments in this thread, and thank goodness this is not an elitist community. For a moment I’ve thought people like me didn’t belong here.


Nope, I came during one sale in late 2017, only days after starting to use the Steam platform. (I decided that PS4 only was getting a little expensive.) I joined the site but missed the deal. Lamented a while, hoped the site would bring another deal for me. Checked a few days in a row and then found the forums and joined, only then to realize there was a coin-system that could yield some freebies with the discussions here.

–>The obsessive checking, rechecking, and clicking happened after that.

Now I have also spent way more money into this Steam platform then I ever would have on the PS4, and those games mostly sit collecting dust. (I still buy a game here and there for the PS4, but I am more likely to sit down at the PC to play.)


To be honest I am normally not one to be influenced by influencers, that said, occasionally there is a rare exception. In this particular case, it is highly unlikely that I would have ever visited Chrono.GG on my own if it wasn’t for…




He likely helped bring a fair number of people to the site. That includes me.


Never really offered anything I liked in the coin shop plus it took forever to get a decent amout of coins. A feature that didn’t get much use from me, not sad to see it go.