Coin shop closing down? Why


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People need to realize setting up and managing a website is an expensive undertaking, especially one that deals in the sale of stuff. Moreso if the site also offers FREE stuff with the simple caveat that you as a member of said site only needs to login each day and click a little “coin” icon to get FREE, albeit a small amount of, site currency you collect and you use to purchase your FREE item in this case a game.

So although the closure of the Coin Shop is a sad thing indeed, it is a decision the site owners had to do that I understand and accept freely :innocent:

And here’s praying for Chrono’s continued future :innocent:


The problem is that they introduced coins, which relied on people coming back everyday to collect them. Now that they’re shutting it off, they’ve basically devalued their platform - because people have come to associate Chrono with free games and coins.

The traffic the site receives will decrease, but that’s to be expected. If Chrono wants to survive it needs to find another vehicle to drive buzz around itself - Twitch influencers IMO does not seem like a sustainable way to drive sales.


Less whiner traffic which leaves the truly dedicated Chronies on site would be a good thing IMHO.


that doesn’t come off elitist at all


Better to be a loyal elitist, than be a whiny over privileged entitled brat I say :hugs:


it isn’t elitist at all; it is a fact that the regular community here is rly sick and tired of threads being created all the time just to complain about the coin shop, which is exactly why several of us (if not most) are actually happy to see the coin shop go although for us too (but not necessarily everyone) it was what brought us here initially.

elitism would be not wanting other ppl to join the community; that’s not the same like being tired of ppl just complaining and not participating ever in any other way

this community is the opposite of elitist because it has always been a very welcoming place to ppl who want to join, whatever type of gamers they are (even if they were non-gamers in fact), and it still is

it doesn’t take much reading through recent posts to see how much saltiness the coin shop would cause; i even made a thread for it back in the day (and OMG i just realize that thread is 2+ years old; that gives u an idea how long “the regular community” [and not to mention Chrono staff] has been putting up with that shit)


Who? Me?


i believe they were addressing the post right above theirs


In this quote I think lies one of the problems, that is not what Chrono want this site to be about from the businesses side. Losing people who associate the site with this and only this by closing down the coin system has literally cost them nothing in terms of sales as these users just came in for the free games and likely bought little to nothing in terms of the daily deals. And I do see them possibly losing some sales from people who collect coins and occasionally buying the daily deal not visiting anymore, but I think that likely that is not the biggest percentage of how they are bringing in sales. Only my opinion, I have no inside knowledge on this


I joined due to being told the whole coins thing was starting way back when watching a Total Biscuit video. I haven’t really bought much because everytime they have a deal I want, I haven’t had disposable income. And then when I do have disposable income (LIKE RIGHT NOW), they aren’t games that I’m really interested in. Mind you, I also became a part of the community. So not a total leech :wink:

thinking about it this way though. A butt load of people in the US have taken a hit to their earnings, so they are probably down in sales already. That is probably a good explanation for axing the coin shop. Sales won’t be back up for a long while so it’s better to axe the coin shop than to put it into hiatus for “IDK” lengths of time.


I am not saying I am against the people who came only for the coin system and the free games, the system was there and people used it, nothing wrong with that. I joined before the coin system was active, left for a bit and came back around the time of the coin system, and they haven’t made the biggest amount of profit off of me, I have bought a few games here and there, though I am fairly picky about games and usually wait till I can get a good deal on them.
All I am saying is I don’t necessarily think there is a need for a system to replace the coins to entice people in. If there is one, great, if they don’t they may lose a bit of site traffic, but I don’t think they are going to take a massive profit loss solely because of it shutting dhow.


I wasn’t saying you were. I understand 100% where you are coming from.

My intent was for my comment to be taken in jest, but well… I didn’t exactly word it right. I should probably go to bed so I can think straight again.


Yeah I think so too, not going to miss the people complaining about coin shop continuously in the past.
Though I think its fine if some people rather focus on clicking coins getting games and buying games and not be involved with the forum community. I didn’t join till later either or realise. There was this group chat which I left where they used to talk about chrono coin time a lot, a lot of people came purely for that coin clicking.


Understandably the coins lose money. But saying x amount of coins for 50% off (or whatever) would be a better move to keep interest going.


the coins was the point of checking the sale everyday,
without it you’re a more legal G2A.

if chrono was trying to be something else I didn’t notice.


NGL, that was my first impression of the site. Then I discovered there was an actual community here. (I missed that big obvious community link for the longest time)


Yep, we be here and what people don’t realize…There is at least 1 or 2 giveaways of some sort IN the forum/community every week.:heart_eyes: