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[closed] Driftland (1 copy) Entries Closed. Draw pending. May 24th, 2020 - AST midnight



Oh, I never heard about it being called clock math. It’s such a good explanation! I’ll use it when someone asks me about modulo xD


Now that does make perfect sense to me. I can see how it works and why the HamHam and Seeker advocated for it. Thou art a very good teacher. ^^

Now I have to apply it to the giveaway conditions and marry all that in my noggin.


Glad to have helped!


This is late but if you wanted an easy method.

1st post, Bob = 1
2nd post, Bill = 2
3rd post, Bam = 3
4th post, Bar = 4

4 total applicants.

Ask discobot choose number between 1 - 4.

Winner is chosen.

Now a clumsy moment! It’s hard to think of one without the person getting hurt. Watching children as a teacher, there is no shortage of clumsiness. One little girl was running back and forth in the gym doing the coach’s exercise. Her little legs were getting all wobbly but she was still sprinting! Then she tripped over her own legs. Another child was lifting a food tray to throw away the leftovers. Didn’t keep it level and all the food fell on the child’s face and clothes. Since then, I had to take up food trays myself. And any moment where a child tries to balance something. They try so hard, lol.

Thanks for the giveaway. Driftland is almost never on sale…checking the isthereanydeal it looks like the lowest is $10. Wow.

@discobot roll 1d100


:game_die: 58


Clumsy moment: not sure if this counts, but it is the first thing that came to my mind when I read the rule.:yum:


@discobot roll 1d100

P.S.: A rolls 92; B rolls 67; C rolls 88; D rolls 91; Squirrel rolls 89; winner should be C.:wink:


:game_die: 72


(Hope this counts as clumsy.)

@discobot roll 1d100


:game_die: 88


I guess I’m C? :joy:


Well i completely forgot the part of the clumsiest thing you’ve ever done or saw, so…
I see things like this aaaaallllll the time, people putting salt to the coffee or sugar to the eggs, and i always thought, “How can you confuse them”, till i done once, or two… maybe three, they’re are hella the same if you’re running out of time



This is why you shouldn’t put them in the same container, or at least matching ones, otherwise you’ll always get more salt than sugar with each pour.


Hi peeps. Your squirrel actually slept last night for the first time in days, due to much stress. >>

Love all you guys for trying to help with that and cheering me up in the meanitme. :heart:

Now then, I’ll extend this til tomorrow: Sunday May 24th, 20020 and assign each entrant a number. The winner will be a random draw whether our lovely little discobot or that modulo thingie. Will decided method by today and update main post when I do.

Meantime, I’ll officially reopen the giveaway.

@Donluis524 We’ve all done that at least once, ha ha

@Scribesake That so counts, lol

@pegasusz Yea… that ain’t gonna end well.


is the giveaway still ongoing?


Yup, see above post. I’ll update the winning conditions more clearly in the main post later, but the ENTRY conditions remain the same.


Just a note, if you intend to do the modulo thingie. I think it’s best to set the range as a multiple of the modulus to make it fair across all the participants.:wink:


Dude, I’m willing to take suggestions. Do explain further please.


Sweet giveaway, @Danacscott, you huggable little squirrel. Already have the game plus another key…LOL…So not entering.


Sorry I didn’t realize you were trying to do that.:yum: Gonna update you with more info once I finish reading the whole thread.

As for the quote, I think it depends on whether you prefer a giveaway that everyone shares the same chances to win, or the “beat the house” element that only certain people with the required skills can win.


At this point, I just everyone to have a fair shot at winning. nod nod