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[closed] Driftland (1 copy) Entries Closed. Draw pending. May 24th, 2020 - AST midnight



It’s good because it never fails to give you a clear winner, straight away.


I’m still fully confused… If either @DecadentHamster or @SeekerSupreme could PM me and explain or illustrated how to do this, I’ll mod the winning conditions as I really wanted this to be super simple.

The ask for text is to dissuade random rolls, you know? In any, I’d appreciate further help. Having computer drama, so I may not answer back swiftly.


Lets see, did i get alive from the goblins ambush :thinking:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


i was expecting an interesting number, didn’t work or i did something wrong?


@Donluis524 Try to use a 1 in front of the d100 and see if that works. I’ll reopen the giveaway tomorrow, hopefully, once my computer issues are sorted…


@discobot roll 1d100 :thinking:


:game_die: 39


Please see this sheet:

The rolls are being auto populated with random numbers just for demonstration purposes. You can select any empty cell and press delete to force the sheet to reroll/recalculate the whole sheet (just to see that this system always works).

You can edit the sheet to input the actual entries and roll results you receive here.


@SeekerSupreme So this mod thing is random? I don’t see why that entry won, although I see your process and under the way you’re suggestion I do the winning conditions and entries.


Mod isn’t random. If you change the demonstrative auto rolling entries to the actual rolls from this thread, you’ll get a stable result;)


I’ll take your word for it for now and look into it more, because the Math and the “how” of it goes straight over my head. Thanks for the sheet.

It also takes out the competitive, “beat the house” element that I enjoy when doing giveaways.


I’ve added a place for your last roll to input when you close the giveaway. It’ll give your die the final say in who wins the giveaway.


How so? Can I do the closest to or equal thing with the mod value? Would my dice roll be using a die with the number of entrants? I know I seem dense, but I genuinely don’t understand.


How so?

By influencing the result without being treated as an extra participant entry.

Would my dice roll be using a die with the number of entrants?

The range for your roll (the number of sides of your die) can be whatever you please. In fact any of the participants could be using a n-sided die of his choosing, and the system would still work.

Can I do the closest to or equal thing with the mod value?

No, the point of this system is to ensure a singular and normalized result.

If you’re hellbent on your initial concept, you can just ask participants to roll 1d1000000. The probability of getting multiple winners will be statistically insignificant :slight_smile:


Why not use @ohko 's raffle program of we’re so worried about it. In the end, it’s a single game. I don’t see the point of creating extra steps for what appears to be a simple requirement similar to how the Price Is Right works.


sigh If you mean the tickets thing, I don’t begin to know his algorithm or even where it is. Also, I can’t use Chrome and I need to fix that.

I really want this to be simple and not an extra broken to deal with … sigh.

Appreciate all the help, but I am too simple a mind to understand it without lots more research which right now, I can’t even do.

Also, I have games to giveaway, so I’m not thinking about organising a nice dice roll JUST for one game.

Also, I’m way too stressed right now. Everything is broken, Recuva can’t find a thing, my earbuds died so I can’t listen to music to relax… In short, an alligator has me by the leg.

I’ll liaise with @Fraggles for a simple way to do this and check into the modulo thing when my world isn’t on fire. Thanks all. sigh


My recommendation is just have people enter with whatever conditions you want and then either have discobot roll a die equal to the number of entrants or have do it.


I’m shelving it for now. A program for recovery just said it couldn’t find the C: drive and complained about “Sector 6”. I’m sorry, but I’ll be over here losing my mind for a while.

PS: Only good thing to come out of today is to see once again, how great Chronies are about trying to help out when the chips are falling. My head hurts like … well, let’s say my pain tolerance isn’t that high, so yes, I need to dial down and deal with the giveaways later, because everything else is malfunctioning right now and need to get Chrome back up and running and find my crucial file, if it’s at all possible.

Re: The modulo thing - I don’t get it. If someone asks me: how did you arrive at the winner? I can’t explain it, other than to say: The mod be with you. I have no idea how else to put it at the moment and even if it’s mathematical fair, using it arbitrarily doesn’t seem fair to me, so yes, that’s why I’m not running with it right away.


I’m not interested in the giveaway, but I’d like to explain how the modulus works for you. It’s simple once you understand it.

Modular arithmetic is sometimes called clock math because it’s a familiar thing most people already understand (while it’s true that the modulus can also be thought of as a division remainder function, most people are more comfortable with clocks than division).

If it’s 15:00 and 3 hours pass, what time is it? It’s 18:00. Normal arithmetic so far.

But if it’s 18:00 and 12 hours pass, what time is it? It’s not 30:00, that’s not a valid time. You loop around until it’s 06:00. That’s modular arithmetic.

I’m using a 24 hour clock here, so my math is modulo 24. Written out, the first example is
(15 + 3) % 24 == 18 % 24 == 18 (you do nothing special unless you reach the number to the right of the modulus). The second example is
(18 + 12) % 24 == 30 % 24 == 6. You went past 24, so you had to loop around again.

You can have any whole number to the right of the modulus. Just think of it as a clock of whatever size you like. No matter how many times you spin the hand, you will always get a number on the clock.