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[closed] Driftland (1 copy) Entries Closed. Draw pending. May 24th, 2020 - AST midnight



Winning conditions:

  1. Write a post of the clumsiest thing you’ve ever done or saw. We could all use a good laugh at ourselves, no?

  2. In your post, type “@discobot roll 1d100”, without the " ". At midnight, Sunday, your squirrel will close this giveaway for entry. [DONE}

  3. Edit: As noted below, in two subsequent posts, I will roll discobot to determine winner, having assigned each entrant a number. Note that you will numbered at the point where you did your comment and dice roll. This method makes your dice roll redundant, but it should be the easiest.

Due to index finger owwie, I’m really slow to doing the tally. I’ll try to finish this up soon as I can, but yeah, still dipping the wee digit in cold water. Is klutz


  1. Be human, sloth, bear or good boi capable of typing in the forum. Other creatures that can type are welcome too, even the undead.

  2. This key will be for you to activate. Please only join in if it’s one you want to add to your Steam Library. Let’s play nice.

Snafu handling (in progress):

  1. In case of a tie, the two (or more) can roll again and the new totals will determine the winner.

  2. May tweak the winning conditions if I’ve neglected something logic wise. Pinging Game Master @Fraggles. Edit: Thanks, Frags. ^^

Good luck. Have fun. :butterfly:


Yup, you got it from me not that long ago :smiley:


Edited as thanks to Pete, this is now officially tagged as a giveaway. :sunny:


You can edit the category by editing the title, I changed it for you


Thank you! =^_^=


the 5d20 will land you a standard deviation around 13ish according to a quick and dirty small sample run I did. Larger number of dice would increase the deviation a little, but even 10d20 would give you a deviation closer to 19.

I find that rolling multiple dice just to add them together to be a little bit pointless. Just roll the one d100 or d50. It would be easier, give a really wide spread and discerning the winner would be made easier.


Point… I’ll edit to reflect that. Cheers. :heart:


Actually I didn’t fully read how you were to determine a winner and not sure about the point here either. I thought it was about getting the number closest to yours. But you just award it to the highest roll, only way for your roll to matter at all is if YOU roll the highest and therefor nobody wins. Was that the idea?


I thought closest was confusing due to the possible rolls of 90 and 91, which are both close to 89, for instance.


Yeah I’m confused about that too. So it’s just highest number wins? If so, it could propably be worded more simply (and it’s kind of meh, because someone might roll 100 and the giveaway ends instantly actually). To clarify, I’m not interested in the game, just curious xD


Yeah… now I’m confused too… and I was trying to keep it simple. >>


Just change the rule to be the closest result above or equal your roll. That way you don’t have to worry about a 34-35-36 series conflict. 36 wins. If there’s several 36s then you’d need a tiebreaker roll or something else.


I like the above proposal the most


(Trying that to see if it reads clearer).


D wins with a 91, it’s the closest result above your 89.


@Danacscott Just number everyone’s entries counting from 0 (in the order of them being entered) and the winner # can be calculated as sum of all the rolls modulo the number of entries - no ties, no fuss.


Um… I don’t understand. modulo?


Gonna lie down. Sleep deprived, and overwhelmed with the file corruption issue… not feeling so hot.

Thanks for the contributions and check ya’ll back later.


modulo returns a remainder of division of one number by another.
Just type in any number mod any other number in google or use the MOD function in excel.


Modulo is a mathematical concept that basically says “take the rest from division”. A modulo 3 calculation would only be concerned whether a number is divisible by 3 and how much rest it leaves, if any. 4 is 1 modulo 3, because 3*1 + 1 = 4. I’m still not sure why the system is good, though