[CLOSED] Cry havoc and let slip the... Ides of March Giveaway!

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  1. You need to be a member for at least a week prior to March 15th 2019. Accounts after 03/08/2019 do not qualify.
  2. You need to have, at a minimum, seven badges linked to your account.
  3. You need to “LIKE” this topic.
  4. You need to, in a reply, choose up to seven games that you desire listed in order of your preference >.
  5. You need to, in the same reply, share one of your favourite well-known or obscure holidays and the reason why you like it so much. Any e-media qualifies; comment, image, sound file, video, etc.*

*Memes, especially GIF memes are appreciated, but not expected. One can never have enough memes… just my two cents…

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  • This giveaway will end on Friday, March 15th 2019 at the time the Daily Deal updates.
  • The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG die rolls shortly after the giveaway ends.
  • There might be a delay of up to 2 days before winners are notified of the game they have won.
  • The winners must reply back within 24 hours of being notified to receive their game. If you fail to reply back in time, the game will be forfeited and we will re-roll the winner for that game.
  • There is a very small chance that a Steam game key may not work; there will be NO replacement, but send a message so the matter can be looked into. However infinitesimal that it may be, there is the potential for clerical error.

:dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: GAMES:dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger: :dagger:

:arrow_right: Welcome to Steam :left_right_arrow: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy Bundle :arrow_left:

Wick x 2


Yet another giveaway! Thank you @GeekInUndies! Good luck to everyone that enters and may the odds be ever in your favor! (After I’ve won of course :rofl:)
The games I would like to enter for are:

  1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy
  2. Gloom
  3. Slain: Back from Hell
  4. This Strange Realm Of Mine
  5. Main Character Simulator
  6. Alien Spidy
  7. Dead Bits

My favorite holiday is National Pizza Day because you know… pizza. Here is a photo of me celebrating the greatest holiday ever.


Way to go @GeekInUndies! Keeping the forums active with even more generous gestures! Thank you!

I think for a long time, my favorite day had been Pi day, coming up in a few days!

I think I will enter for a couple of games this time around:

  1. Space Hack
  2. DARK

@CreatureFeet, I am surprised you didn’t automatically enter for the Pizza Connection games… :wink:


I would like to enter for:

  1. Dark
  2. Deadlight
  3. Distrust
  4. Killing Room
  5. Merchants of Kaidan
  6. Slain: Back from Hell

National Dance Like a Chicken Day is my favorite. The reason is it brings back a good vibe, good time to me and my friends


Hmm, good point I completely missed the irony lmao. I was afraid it might be too much like a ‘clicker game’ and strategy games usually aren’t my thing so it was a double whammy for both games haha.


Naturally my favorite day. Fun fact, my picture is a progression of the first 10000 digits of Pi.

I will enter for:

  1. Homeworld Remastered Collection
  2. Luxis
  3. Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
  4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

The first day that came to mind was “Talk like a Pirate” Day because it’s funny yet still kinda stupid. (I like the day, don’t get me wrong)

Edit: Official :slight_smile:


Nice giveaway. I would like to enter for:

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Favourite holiday is also “Talk like a Pirate” day, since you do not have to do anything different (There was no “Pirate” accent)


Alea Iacta Est! and so the die is cast! :game_die: Seeing as you are celebrating Julius Caesar’s Ides of March Assassination, :dagger: I thought that quote by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus attributed to Caesar when he led his army across the Rubicon river in Northern Italy would be a good occasion to use it for.

I won’t be entering the contest, but is there a special holiday for cats? If so, that’s my holiday! :smirk_cat:




What game(s) are you referring to, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trilogy Bundle? The title shows up that way because it is a bundle of several games and their DLCs.



I used all my luck points the other day but might as well give it a shot, thanks for a great giveaway and good luck to everyone!

Fav holiday? Bacon day! (Not only is bacon delicious, you also get to fight our pig overlords for it, everybody wins!)

As for the gamey games:

  1. Back from Hell
  2. Deadlight
  3. Infectonator : Survivors
  4. 35MM
  5. Distrust
  6. Tiny Bang Story
  7. This Strange Realm Of Mine

Obligatory bacon


Hey Lo, My name es wasabyoyo, and i am heeya to play game.
I ben heeya bee foe, and i dont no way i am. Thanks fr tho :smiley:

Exquisite Texture
1- Deadlight
2- Slain: Back from Hell
3- This Strange Realm Of Mine
4- Gloom
5- 35MM
6- S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
Yo b is this chocolate or poop wtf DX

My favorite holiday is Single Awareness Day. why you ask? cause i’m flipping lonely i eat a lot of food and i can’t stand up anymore. PLEASE HELP I HAVE LOWER BACK PAIN DXXX.

But yeah much love to you guys, fr i love this community you guys are the best <3


I’m not entering. I was just taking the piss.


Aye sir, I’d be interested in entering for
Slain and

I really hardly know all the well known holidays so I can’t name any not so known ones at all :sweat_smile:

Nvm just found out @wasabiyoyo is me, I like that day now, too lol


Error =…


Not entering, but thanks for the GA! Love the theme and it reminded me of this:


The games I’d like to enter for are:

  1. This Strange Realm of Mine
  2. Slain: Back from Hell
  3. Distrust
  4. Sniper Ghost Warrior Trilogy
  5. 35MM
  6. DARK
  7. Space Hack

For my favorite obscure holiday, it’d have to be Leif Erikson Day!
Image result for leif erikson day


I would say my favorite holiday is deep breath

Because as XKCD says, when you get punched you can say THATS why they call it boxing day!

In all seriousness I am a huge fan of today, March 11th (not October like SOME PEOPLE think I claim it is). Because it is Canberra day. A little holiday in everyones favorite non-exisant part of the world to celebrate the naming of the capital.

Thanks for doing a giveaway, hope your day is equally bright &… festive?

I would like to enter for Paranautical Activity.


My entries:
Killing Room
Pizza Connection 2
Slain: Back from Hell
We celebrate Summer day in my country which already in itself is a weird name for a holiday, but weirdest of all is the fact that it is celebrated in march, which is the start of spring lol


Thank you for doing another giveaway, quite a lot of games to pick from here. I do not really celebrate holidays much, if at all. My favourite one might be International Towel day, May 25th, a tribute to Douglas Addams. Because it’s such a bizarre one that almost entirely sprung out of the internet. I have unfortunately never wound up bringing a towel along for the day despite having been aware of it since it’s inception. Maybe some day I will.

These are the games I would like to enter for, please.

  1. 35mm
  2. Gloom
  3. Deadlight
  4. Killing Room
  5. Merchants of Kaidan
  6. Savage Lands
  7. Valnir Rok

And again thank you for going another giveaway, hope you’re all having a lovely [eventually occurring holiday].


Great googly-moogly, thass a lotta games!

Can we call my birthday an obscure holiday? Because I like that one =D

Throw me in for:

  1. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
  2. Anomaly 2
  3. Distrust
  4. 35MM
  5. Gloom