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[CLOSED] Cry havoc and let slip the... Ides of March Giveaway!



Great googly-moogly, thass a lotta games!

Can we call my birthday an obscure holiday? Because I like that one =D

Throw me in for:

  1. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
  2. Anomaly 2
  3. Distrust
  4. 35MM
  5. Gloom


I am not entering but Kudos on the GA! :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

When I moved up to Canada, we watched a lot of the Buffalo, NY news because we live ina “border town” and the other closest local news was in Toronto… Which ain’t local to me, especially, when it comes to the weather.
So they used to talk about Dyngus Day and I hadn’t a clue as to what it was so I looked it up.

Come to find out it was the earliest event of the “Wet T-Shirt Contest”. :exploding_head:
“Dyngus Day traditions can be dated back to 966 A.D., when the Polish Prince Mieszko I was baptized, signaling that all of Poland was now a Christian nation. The idea of purification through baptism was eventually turned into a fun event, where boys would soak girls with buckets of water.


WOW your giveaway are always mindblowing and one point that it kinda scares me… my favourite holiday is animal day because is the day that i can work with my dog without worring with her…

2 -Killing_Room
4-S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
6 Project Remedium
7 Savage Lands



Have had wonderful luck with games lately, so just for kicks let’s enter. Lots of lovely games here.

  1. The King of Fighters
  2. Main Character Simulator
  3. Tiny Bang Story
  4. Gloom
  5. Wick
  6. This Strange Realm of Mine
  7. Distrust

My favourite holiday isn’t obscure - it’s Halloween everyday to me - creepy stories read by Youtube peeps like Killer Orange Cat, stories in all forms. A little spookiness to make the day less dreary.

Yup. International Cat Day is August 8th, this year.


XD amazing meme




incoming lawsuit for that puppy


  1. Deadlight
  2. Homeworld Remastered Collection
  3. Distrust

My favorite obscure holiday is Chu-seok. It’s a Korean holiday and something interesting or fun happened every single time that time of year. A group of friends got invited to spend the holidays with different families. Then the day before leaving, suddenly all their grandmothers were sick so they were uninvited and shouldn’t come. So we hung out together. But if you make it to a family, if you’re male, you get to laze around all day while the ladies cook for hours. Then everyone eats tons of food and drink alcohol all night. Another time was all the people uninvited by host families went partying out at a cabin out in the wilderness then hiked up a mountain in the morning, while hung over, before going home. Aaaaah. So many fond memories of everyone having a full range of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, passed out… Not to mention all the karaoke. Chu-seok is supposed to be a family oriented holiday, but for us it turned out to be a hang out with friends holiday.


My favorite is the Pi Day

  1. Slain: Back from Hell
  2. Deadlight
  3. The King Of Fighters XIII
  4. Gloom
  5. Infectonator: Survivors
  6. DARK
  7. Killing Room

Thanks for the giveaway!!





Hello, what a great giveaway! There are so many games to choose from here!
My favorite holiday has to be Halloween, yeah I’m being a normie, but it was the time that the best movie from my childhood, Halloweentown, came out. I don’t care if it’s trash to you Halloweentown will always be 10/10 in my books.

  1. Homeworld Remastered Collection
  2. Merchants of Kaidan
  3. Project Remedium
  4. Slain: Back from Hell
  5. The King of Fighters
  6. 35MM
  7. Deadlight


Alright, I’d like to enter for
1.The King of Fighters
2. Homeworld remastered collection
3. Sniper Ghost warrior trilogy
4. Tiny Bang Story

My favorite holiday is Leap Day! Not sure if it’s technically a holiday, but it’s just such an interesting phenomenon of how we measure time combined with our calendar system. That’s my two cents anyway.


Entering for:

  1. Distrust
  2. Gloom
  4. Slain: Back from Hell
  5. Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition
  6. Homeworld Remastered Collection
  7. Wick
    National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is my fav, mostly because I love bubble wraps <3

thanks for doing this


olh boi 1 more day and i get jelly beans


1- Homeworld remastered collection
2- Merchants of kaidan
3- Anomaly: Warzone Earth
4- Anomaly 2
5- Anomaly defenders
6- Anomaly Korea
7- Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign

My favorite holiday is workers’ day, because workers don’t work that day :smile:


Hello, I’d like to enter for
1- STALKER Clear Skies

My favourite holiday is the 25th f April, day of the revolution that took place in my country, Portugal, to overthrow a dictatorship.


Thanks for doing this massive giveaway and sorry for the late entry, but I gave it some thought :smiley:

I don’t respect holidays in general. Probably my favorite one is easter, because we are orthodox here and I’m an atheist and probably you can guess where this is going. You can get plenty of fun when it’s accepted to have a greeting: one person says “Jesus has risen” and the other needs to reply with “Truly he has risen” or something among those lines. This opens plenty of options for the reply like for instance: “So, you saw him then?” and “Are you talking with him right now?”. Never gets old :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that for some stupid reason we boil the eggs and we paint them in different colors and we have a ritual to choose an egg and fight another person’s egg by knocking them… It’s probably something for the kids … I don’t even want to know who thought this was a good idea.

I would like to enter for:

  1. Deadlight
  2. Gloom
  3. Killing Room
  4. 35MM

Again thanks for doing it and Cheers! GL all.


Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite holiday is Lunar New Year since its one of the few holidays my family celebrates. Also, there’s always a lot of food that evening :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Anomaly 2
  2. Anomaly Defenders
  3. Anomaly: Warzone Earth
  4. Merchants of Kaidan
  5. Tiny Bang Story


Sick giveaway bro. I’m not entering but i’d like to share a strange holiday/festival I discovered called Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival.The Bolivian tradition began with the indigenous belief in Pachamama, or Mother Nature. The combat is in praise of Pachamama, and any blood shed throughout the fighting is considered a sacrifice, in hopes of a fruitful harvest and fertility. Because of the violent nature of the tradition there have been fatalities, but each death is considered a sacrifice which brings forth life, and a donation to the land that fertilizes it.The brawls are also considered a means of release of frustration and anger between the separate communities. Tinkus usually last two to three days.During this time, participants will stop every now and then to eat, sleep, or drink.


My favorite day is June 19. It is everyone’s favorite orange cats birthday.

Any way thanks for doing this give away I would like to enter for Killing Room.

Have a Garfield-tastic day!