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hey does anybody know what days I should put on my calendar for the Chrono coins shop? I have tomorrow on my calendar and I’m off being asleep while yanks yank out the good games from under me…

I’d say you should check in around Sunday evening or something, maybe Monday. Yeah don’t even worry about it. Sweet dreams.


It should be tomorrow or on Saturday I think

I’m in sweet britain, so an americans morning is my afternoon. xD and yeah thats good then I guessed it right this time xD I just have to math it out every time though because 14 days doesn’t go into months very well xD if it was like, every month but there was double the games availble, I’d like that. maybe nudge that shit to the higher ups? i once suggested a alert bar on the main page that tells you new games are in, cause right

Next games are tomorrow :slight_smile: Check one in two friday from tomorrow and voila :smiley:

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When I made this post 2 weeks ago about the last games, I think I saw them pretty much as they went up because all three games were at 0% claimed. That was around or just after 2am my time, AEST, which is Friday 4pm UTC.

Though they do change the time when they release so there is not much to say when exactly it will be this time.

thank you, I’ve just looked and the prices for them are up with one being 6000 I don’t think it will go that fast. but the 3000 one might xD

6000 one is NieR:Automata


I feel like this is the more appropriate one

Not so sure about that.

The price has nothing to do with how quickly the game sells out. The Bug Butcher (4500c) sold out in the blink of an eye, while State of Anarchy (2500c) will likely remain in the shop for months to come. Unless Chrono has raised coin prices across the board, one would expect the 6000c game to be a reasonably high-quality game. And anything remotely good doesn’t last long in the shop, regardless of price.

There are also people sitting on tens of thousands of coins…

thus having the ability to buy every game currently in the shop (including both coming soon games) in one fell swoop.

So you might want to postpone sleeping for a while, just to be safe :wink:

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statistically you have the right day marked, seems most releases have been on Fridays

what, the whole day?!? :dizzy_face:
i live in Denmark, and so far a lot of the releases have been at a time that was still suiting to a “regular” day-night schedule in EU
Only a couple of times have the games released in the late dead of night/early mornings here

just either sit in front of the screen from when you wake up Friday and keep hitting refresh, (i promise you it’s what all the rest of us do, even those that deny it, everyone here suddenly has a mysterious friday sick-day every 2 weeks) :ghost:
or wait for notification, if you’re signed up to email they send you one when game are up, i don’t know if the feed thingy or bot alerts to Coin Shop game releases, but maybe it’s worth checking out

other than that you can’t really do much since it’s a bit random, so you might sleep, might not, and still get surprised by the release, since sometimes they push it
but fridays at around deal reset, ±couple of hours, doesn’t seem that far fetched recently

(really do consider staying up tho, from when placeholders are put in shop, and spamming refresh until released,

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people could have some consideration and humanity and not fucking spam just to get there first.

I’m lucky this week because the placeholders are still there now.

and no gnuffi I just have a bad sleeping pattern xD and normally I forget the day its happening, and all are gone within a day. it’s kinda pathetic. and they spend a lot of time fucking spying to find out what the games are before they even come out. doesn’t anybody like a surprise anymore? has the internet ruined you that much xD

I would love if there was some sort of app. Something that we can just check through our phone (I will be travelling starting tomorrow, and I may not always have internet access, I can’t lose my 157 day streak!)

Also, approximately what time on every other Friday do the games go up? That always gets me messed up and I wind up missing the good stuff.

I’m at 22.8k now, and i check the coin shop like every 15 min. at the moment. Problem is, that I haven’t slept much, last night, and I’m getting really tired. I can’t risk missing another game, like it happened with Bug Butcher.
must…last…just…a little…longer


well, i often use chrono on my phone in the browser, works fine for me

an app proooobably wouldn’t help you that much, since it would need internet connection too :wink: to either receive updates about “X/reset/shop” or send your info from “claiming coin/game”
so browser on phone really accomplishes the same for you

and so far there have been no approximate time, they have mostly been all over the place
(whether or not that’s 100% intentional i can’t say), some speculated it might be tied to daily reset but so far that has not been the exact case, tho close by sometimes
and chrono didn’t wan’t to disclose too much, yet, and “knowing” wouldn’t always necessarily help you too much, since if abusers/botters had that info too, they could flood the site much easier about when to empty out a game
or the site could potentially go down due to traffic overflow if all knew and rushed in at that exact time :joy_cat:

i get “not knowing” can be annoying, but it might just be more helpful in this case
and even if not at least it’s a surprise, and surprises are good, right? @kylehayman361

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lol, I should have worded myself a bit clearer. I mean, I do like the random timing of the new games, but still, a notification would be nice from time to time haha. Evening the playing field somewhat, I guess.

The games are up now.

and i already own insurgency, oh well, good night then

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well the games are up:
insurgency and super trench attack, have a look