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Chrono Rally League 🏁


make that 8 minutes long…


Lancer Evo is my favorite car, even though we don’t have them here, so please look after my babi, don’t want any of you wrecking it. :fearful:


I’m gonna be driving it on it’s rims, is that okay?






Oofff… That was rough…


Now this is a rally stage…



So I don’t have much time to improve runs lately, which is a shame. I thought it was a fun stage this week, definitely challenging. What shall we do next week?


Sorry guys, but I’m here to inform you of my early retirement. Rage 2’s new DLC is 15 GB and since I do plan on eventually finishing that game and I had almost no space left, I had to delete Dirt Rally (well, I had to delete something, and it was already a tight squeeze installing it to begin with along with all the other games i have [rdr2 is on another drive]) (though I do keep Dirt Rally 2 installed for whenever the urge comes up, so maybe one day in a few years I’ll meet u all in that again)


Yeah same here, best I could get was this time:


Welcome back everyone to the winter season of the Chrono Rally league. But first let me congratulate those of you who braved last week’s bonus round and particularly @Doomy for once again taking the top spot on this treacherous track.

Week 46 Pra d’Alart
Pos Name Vehicle Time
1 Doomy Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 06:57.116
2 NME1 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 07:07.049
3 Pylinaer Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 07:17.815
4 YQMaoski Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 08:23.764

Winter is coming so we’re now going to be playing around more in bad weather going forward and what better to start with than some heavy autumn rains?

We’re returning to Germany for this week, Kreuzungsring Reverse should look somewhat familiar to you as this is the final bit of Oberstein but we’re starting at the finish line this time. This stage is a pretty high speed track with several long straight stretches where you can really push to go as fast as possible. The rain will complicate matters a little however, at low speeds you might be tricked into thinking it’s not so bad and it wont be until you’re trying to hug a corner at 90km/h. Grip will be lost when you need it the most.

We’re bringing out the latest and greatest today, at least you’d think that to be the case with the 2010 selection. These 4 cars are remarkably similar in how they feel to drive. The only really “special” mention goes out to the Hyundai, which has managed an interior design that has the steering wheel completely block your view of the dashboard, So you can’t tell what gear you’re in, what your speed is or much of anything really.

Although a little late, sorry about that, I’m happy to announce the opening Chrono Rally League of week 47!
Have fun everyone and drive carelessly.


Nice choice, I particularly enjoyed this one when it was the delta daily stage a few weeks ago. Gl everyone :3


Cool looks like fun, I will try this tomorrow as I’m off to work now until midnight. Happy driving like a lunatic!


Well I’ll for once go ahead and be the first to post a time this week.

I end up off track a couple of times on this one, just straight up park the car in one or two square corners and spin out once so this is certainly a time that can be improved upon. Breaking is kind of funny in this weather because it just doesn’t work when you really need it, but works really well when you’re already slow. So taking it easy I end up coming to a complete stop, trying to keep speed up I slide right off the road.

I bet youtube is making one hell of a mess out of the rain.



Awesome driving, your cornering is very nice, damn shame about that corner near the end though. I haven’t tried the track yet, it’s too late at night and I’m too tired but I’ll see what I can do in the morning. GG @Pylinaer



P.S Rain makes my game run really choppy , even though it’s at stable 60 FPS. But it’s terrible strain on my eyes and i get headache after a minute . So i will keep my tries at minimum this week.


Why does water have to be so wet? I’ll upload a video later of my first run, It’s hilariously bad. Had to use reverse at one point. Anyway my first run is 03:23.441. I’m going to experiment with each of the cars now and then fiddle about aimlessly in the settings when I’ve found one I like

edit: And second run improves by quite a bit.


As usual, way behind you guys… But beat the delta by 11 seconds, so I am happy with it, as usual, in my very non-competitive nature…