Coins and Shop need to be fixed !!

It doesn’t take a genius to see how people are gaming the coins and thus getting all the new keys sold in the shop in less than a day. Either fix it by linking to it to the paypal email or have EVERYBODY doing it :frowning:

no one’s gaming the system; they have measures in place against that

it’s just that there’s probably tens of thousands of ppl (or more) with tens of thousands of coins saved up; i have over 50k atm, and im not spending them till i find something i rly want, and there’s tons of pp in the same situation (pretty sure some have over 100k by now)


Question how much are you getting per month? 5k I think , so you have 10 months worth of credit?
Maybe people are not gaming the system , I don’t want to try to scam the system myself because I think it wrong.
Do know what the methods are?


Basically if they recognize you have a dupe account they block you from buying from the coin shop on both accounts. Or at least that’s what I remember.


I simply click the coin every single day; that’s the method. I’ve been here over 2 years, mind you, but i’ve also bought 19 games with coins already.


Thanks for the info. I hope that they check the account are not dups by checking the Paypal email are not the same. Maybe I am wrong and people have been saving their coins for greater than 3 months.


I’ve been here 2 years - anniversary recently earned - and also bought a few things including Shift Quantuum which cost a good bit of coins, or I might have close to what @M00 has now.

As it stands, I have 34k coins or so, and just click daily. So far, only bought one game in the store and gained extra coins - it under $3 too, so yup, clicking and waiting for something I’d really like.


I have bought over 20 games but you do not get many coins per game but anyway thanks for the reply :wink:


As far as I know its a bit more and smarter than just checking the emails, but I don’t know much more than the broader stuff they have talked about, just be assured they have measures in place.


I’ve bought the last two times for 15k and 10k each. I still have 40.5k. And I don’t recall if I purchased a game recently from the daily deal.

I just haven’t been interested in many of the games that have shown up. And that’s not Chrono’s fault really.


no, i was talking about games bought with actual chrono coins, not money, though I’ve also bought 9 games with real money here, all to give away, lol

still waiting for that great game I’ll buy for myself one day


OMG you’re gaming the system by buying stuff you don’t even want! is so P2W.


Totally! This website is getting ridiculous! let’s riot!


A sarcasm a day keeps the … um… someone else finish this.


get on my level, scrub


Here’s a somewhat harsh, more like authoritarian, suggestion for you to ponder on…

The way I see it those vultures who scoop up coin shop games quickly are mostly chrono site frequentors who may or may not even visit the forums.

So my suggestion would be is to have a separate Coin Shop STRICTLY for forum frequentors with a HARD frequency of visitation restriction BEFORE one can access said hidden forum Coin Shop. Visitation doesn’t necessarily mean activity so as NOT to disqualify potential forum lurkers access. Maybe something like granting access if you’ve alteast logged in on the forum for a month. And another hidden Coin Shop that requires recent activity to be accessed. Maybe something like gaining access for posting at least once in the last 24 hours.

In short giving better Coin Shop oppprtunities for people who actually WANT stuff and are actively pursuing means to get them and limiting those who just grab 'em by the bushel.

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I have 57k and bought with coins 4 games, (butcher 4k, earthfall 7.5k, Battlevoid 5k and furious angels 4k) plus grimdawn offer, but who cares¿? the problem for me with the shop this days are the games, I was tempted to take the track train toys simulator game but the price… meh, I will wait for something more interesting. Sad that they will not put games at the level of deadcells, but if they put it again and costs 57k I will spend all my coins XD.

Sure there are other games that are interesting for other ppl. But the coins¿? the only problem with the coins is that ppl are grinding it till something good appears. And the games are rising in price.


Maybe this is a bit of a far-fetched idea but has anyone from the team ever thought of consulting an economist or something. I do get that you should not look a gift horse in the mouth but it is used as a marketing strategy to get people in the door so it might not be a bad idea.


This may sound ignorant, but honestly I can’t really see there being a real problem.

Like others have said, it’s a marketing tactic. It is for sure unfortunate for those who can’t get on to purchase the shop games when they come out (I’ve missed them too and I don’t even have work when they release), but it still works. People complain about the quality of the games but they also complain that they sell out so fast. Same with the prices. I understand it’s not a perfect system but it certainly seems to be serving it’s purpose well.


Not an economist, but…

Considering the issue lies within the concept of supply and demand, one of two things would probably need to be solved. Reduced Supply of coins, or Increased demand in games. There’s more going into it than just this, but I’m trying to keep it simple.

Increased demand is extremely hard to do in this case. They are attempting to reduce supply by higher prices for the games, as the basic economic model would dictate.

However, there are other methods to curb this. In one case, there is the reducing the influx of coins. Problem with that is then people hording them effectively see deflation of their coin value (which rarely works out).

If we take a page from RPGs, especially MMORPGs. There is a concept called a softcap. Where the gains beyond the cap are minuscule and not worth obtaining. The only way I could think to apply this is with some math. It would probably not be very popular, but one way to accomplish it is to work an inverse logarithm. In short, the more coins you have, the less you get per day and per chest. This would mean people would be able to get to the softcap faster, and those near or above the softcap would see a point where NOT spending it and hording more coins does not benefit them in any way. Unfortunately, this will end up pissing some people off.

The short short edition is there really isn’t a “GOOD” way to fix the issue. Someone’s going to feel like they pulled the short straw.