Coins and Shop need to be fixed !!

Maybe not a bad Idea but if you do that you will have at least to leave the games with a fixed price or gap for those prices to move, because with a softcap those expensive games will remain no the shop for a lot of time because a low % of the community could be able to afford them. In the end that will leave the community with the feeling of every mmorpg, that those levels of grind are insane and no one will care about getting the coins anymore.


Here’s another idea I thought of building upon my Chrono forum exclusive Hidden Coin shop idea…

How about “reserving” a few keys for the forum goers and IF those keys NEVER get sold out they’d then be added to the bulk of keys available on the main coin shop. How about something like 100 keys reserved for the forum and IF they don’t sell out then they become available on the main site.

There could be something like a two day waiting period for those reserved keys to see how many buy them, and all keys not claimed after the two day grace period would then be added to the keys available for purchase on the main site.

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That kind of seems like what’s @dusty been doing recently, just manually and you have to ask him personally for the favour. Though he’s not been charging any coins for the private reserve as of yet.


It’s a step at least, now we only need to figure out how to transfer our Chrono coins to him as payment :smiley:


I left for few days and i’m already seeing conspiracy theories pop up… people c’mon .


it’s the aliens :alien:


The only thing I see working out is to release games in two time slots or something. Or making it clearer when new games are out. Otherwise best just to leave things as it is really :unicorn:


i dont think that theres anything in need of fixing

the overall game prices got hiked significantly compared to previous ones, so im not sure how exactly can they make more fair when even with all of those ppl would still complain.

I think its important to understand that the coin shop games are a privilege, not a godly right to which any of us is entitled. I find it silly to complain and moan about what is essentially free stuff.

you wont always get all the coin shop games, such is life. Deal with it and move on.