Chrono Community Giveaway 2 [CLOSED] Winners Notified, Check PMs

Hello again,

Welcome to the 2nd Chrono Community Made Giveaway For Chronies™

So if you were partaking last time, it is much the same again this time but there are some exceptions, this time you must have 6 Badges attached to your profile and you must have been a member for at least 2 weeks.

That’s it.

So, how do you enter? It is simple you must answer the following question:

Has there ever been a game that you liked/loved solely for the Voice Acting, if so, which game?

…And you are in.

It may not have been a good game but you thought the voice acting was so good it was something you enjoyed regardless of other game content.
You can help evolve the discussion below by optionally submitting your favourite actress or actor you liked so much, that perhaps you bought a bad game for that aspect alone. It is up to you.
EDIT: We know there is more to a game than voice acting, we ask only to spark a potentially interesting conversation about good voice acting.

As before, submit your entries by the time the new Chrono Daily Deal on Monday 29th January 2018 and please leave which games you wish to be entered for, good luck. The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must be strict on this one.

To recap:

  • Have 6 Badges

  • Be a Community Member for at least 2 weeks

  • Answer the question above

Oh, right, this week’s games are, as in the above in the image but here are the Steam Links anyway in case you are interested:

If there are any queries regarding this weeks giveaway, you can ask myself @Punkster, @delenn13 or @Gnuffi.

Community Giveaway Members are: @PeteMcc, @delenn13, @Gnuffi, @HappyCabbage and @Punkster.

Please be respectful and Best of Luck.


No? I mean there’s certainly games with good voice acting out there that has elevated the whole experience, but I’ve never felt it was the only redeeming factor. Ask me about soundtracks though, I dare ya! : )

I would like to enter for Wasted and Devil may cry, thank you.

I’ll throw in an honourable mention voice actor entry though. Thea: The awakening which I recently bought here. The reason is because it’s just the one dude doing all the voice acting and he’s “making up funny voices” for all the various characters that shows up during the game. Like he’s reading a story book for you. There’s plenty other cool stuff going on in the game though, but the voice acting has made me chuckle a couple of times.


The games with the best voice acting I think I have played are the Uncharted games, I think they did a good job with that. Though I liked the games a lot too, so the voice acting was just bonus.

I would like to enter for Devil May Cry and Rivals of Aether.

Much thanks to everyone for being so generous!


No because a game has to have more than amazing voice acting for me to play it. I would also like to enter for DMC and Wasted. Thank you.


I am not entering, of course. But I wanted to answer the question. I bought Dragon Age: Origins(and I NOT fond of EA/BioWare) Beause It had Claudia Black and Kate Mulgrew in it…You can’t go wrong with a game that has Capt. Janeway AND Aeryn Sun. And it got more points when I discovered Tim Curry(Dr. Frank-N-Furter). Then…I bought the others…because…Dragon Age…you know…

But I would not have gotten it if not for those 2 actresses being in it.


Jack Black in Brutal Legend & the voice actors for Michael, Franklin & Trevor in GTA 5.

Entering for: DmC: Devil May Cry


I think some of the games that had the best voice acting are both portals, darkest dungeon, and bastion; a game i would have like a lot less were it not for the voice acting is firewatch, though it’s nothing insane, just a job well-done i guess.

I’d like to enter for Rivals of Aether, thx for doing this.


Well I got Hand of Fate out of a Humble Bundle a while ago. I wasn’t that interested but free is free so I tried it out and for some reason I really like the dealer’s voice. Sometimes during actions he started speaking and I didnt dare to press a button because I wanted to hear all he had to say. Anyway, so far my litte story time!

I would like to enter for Rivals Of Aether
and a good day to all of you! (:


I’d like to enter for Devil may Cry!

I don’t think there’s any game where the voice acting trumped everything else for me. I loved the narration in Bastion and the voices of just about everybody in Dishonored, but the voice acting was hardly the only thing I liked about those games.


mass effect 's femshep .

An easy one to pick but the quality stands out.

not forgetting the rest of the mass effect cast.


Hmm, no, I don’t think so :thinking:

I would like to enter for Devil may Cry, Day of the Tentacle and Wasted! :smiley: :blue_heart:


Jennifer Hale is always good in everything she does, she is also in pretty much everything.


I am not saying that TF2 is bad but I really like the voice acting, it never really gets old. A game with bad voice acting would be paladins… it is really dreadful for such a popular game.

P.S. I would also like to enter for Day of the Tentacle Remastered


Mark Hamill as Joker :clown_face: in the Batman: Arkham series games is by far my favourite voice acting in a game but I can’t think of a whole game where all voices were on point and I doubt I would love a game solely for the voice acting but there are quite a few very good voice actors.

I would like to play for Wasted and day of the tentacle as I already own the others


He could read a phone book for me…:flushed:


I guess it’s not a particular game but Doug Cockle’s voice does things for me. He’s Geralt of Rivia and Victor Vran which is on my wishlist half because of him. I have a thing for that type of growly/raspy voice.

Bonus Answer: Snake is a streamer/youtuber and I may have had some alone time while listening to one of his videos…um…you know…people have their likes and dislikes and I like very much.

Entering for DmC and Wasted

Thanks everyone


Ok, I love Primordia for MANY reasons, but the voice acting is so gorram good that ever since I played it I can’t play average point n click games anymore because the voice acting murders my soul to bits.

I don’t wanna enter for any games, though HAHAHA

just wanted to share my love for Primordia and thank you guys for another fantastic giveaway.

PS: It seems like the banner is drifting farther away from :poop: at each edition, hooray! :smiley: (jk guys it’s actually pretty good this time but why is he on the moon and why is there an Earth and… your atistic skills bewilder me.)


Oboy! There is one game that has the most amazing character! He is not the main but sometimes appears in the game. But he is the voice to all the ‘special items’ that you collect and in any other game I would not read/listing about ‘special items’ but in this game I can look through all of them and listen to him saying his explanation. I just don’t like the game just because of that but this character really bring something out! And ofc I am talking about The Darkness II!


I am entering with wishing for DmC.


I would personally never play a game solely for the performance of the voice actors, BUT still, i would say most of the telltale games are mediocre to bad on their own as games.

The voice acting in TFTBorderlands, Wolf among us and Walking dead basically saves those three, with some good writing at the side of course.

I guess if i had to throw a mention to a specific voice actor it would be Gavin Hammon (Voice of Kenny and Bigby).

Entry for games would be Day of the Tentacle (it’s double fine so yeah, but also a point and click :thinking: ) and DmC (because i wanna try and see what all the negative buzz is about)


YESSS! He’s absolutely outstanding, and such a funny guy too! :butterfly: