Chrono Community Giveaway 10 + 1 More [C L O S E D]

Welcome To The Latest…

So, as we have been teasing all week, this is another giveaway for you all of you Chronic people.

Unfortunately, none of you entered. You see, I was being a bit sneaky, I was pretending to give away keys to the Trials Rising Beta and all you had to do was to respond saying you wanted a key and you would have received a $2000 Rig, a AAA game of your choice and a Coconut with all the milk drained out but alas, you failed!

Anyway… Thanks for erm… playing? See you soon for the next one.

What do you mean? No, I am not bitter! I am perfectly fine, wait, what was that Mother…? I’ve been a good boy, I am being a good boy. What was that!? No, I am being nice, I promise. Please, put that down! Don’t hit me!! Okay, okay, we will gift some games… Just put away the glowing hot fire poker… OUCH, YOU CU…

Okay, I feel a bit bad, so, how about we start anew and do an old-school, small Indie Game styled giveaway?

I am sure you know the score by now but please check the rules at the bottom before you enter because there are a few minor changes this time.

Okay, let’s stop messing around and let’s see those games up for grabs.

First up we have:

2 Copies of

2 Copies of

The rest that follows are all a single copy of each title

(Tropico 5 comes with 2 DLC)

This last one was bought especially from Total Biscuit’s sale by @yoshirules to both support the cause and to gift one of YOU, this:

She will hate me for this but, please show your appreciation by saying “Yoshi Rules” In your replies, if you wish, it is not mandatory. We all do our part but she has gone above and beyond with this kind of generosity as far as we are concerned.

Barrier To Entry:

As with past giveaways, there is a small barrier to entry. This time, all you need to do is Like this post and leave your comment stating which games you are entering for.
There is a small catch:

Choose wisely as you have only 5 (five) games to pick for your entry. Yeah, sorry but too many people have just decided to enter for all the games, rather than just enter for what they want. This is no one’s fault but mine, I said you could enter for all and many have and we have decided that wasn’t the best method, so we decided on choosing only 5 from the list, that’s fair, right? RIGHT!? :wink:

Once you have chosen your 5 games, for OUR convenience, please list your 5 games in the following manner of these totally real games.


  1. Gnuffi’s Gone Gnome
  2. YQMaoski’s SkiSkiSkijumping
  3. Pete’s Bush Hunt of Junior Danosaurs
  4. Delenn’s Reign of Terror: A Babylon 5 Story
  5. Yoshi Bites Mario’s Backside

If you are unsure on how to list them in this way, just type out the game titles, one per line, then highlight them all with the mouse and click on the 123 part of the toolbar, here


Then the numbers will be added themselves and it makes it easier for us to do a count afterwards.
Now, you’re in. Well, you will need to post your reply but I have full confidence in you, that you can pull that off yourself. (Not a euphemism)

But that is not all. There’s more? {sigh}

You will need to have 8 Badges attached to your Profile and be a Community Member for at least 2 weeks. Have that and you’re good to go.

So to round up:

  • Nominate Your 5 (five) Choices For Entry

  • 8 (eight) Badges

  • 2 (two) Weeks Community Forum Membership

  • Like this post. (Hey, I am desperate for a new badge, none of you are scarred for life with a prophet of poop slur, don’t judge me) {sobs}

The Rules etc:

Mostly the same rules as before, submit your entries by the time the new Chrono Daily Deal changes on Friday 21st of September 2018. The winners will be decided by Discobot’s RNG Die rolls shortly after closing. You must contact us after receiving your PM declaring that you are a winner within 24 hours of being notified. If you fail to reply, we will have to redo the draw for that game. Sorry, but we must be strict on this one.


As some people keep failing to claim their games in past giveaways, we must be strict when asking you to respond to the PMs that we send out. You have a 24 Hour Window and we MUST stick to it. Sorry but it causes a lot of unnecessary hassle for us.

Additional Note:

You can no longer enter for ALL THE GAMES. There is a 5 GAME limit for what you can enter for, so if anyone reading this only mentioned one game in the past because you thought that was the case then no, you can enter for 5 games if you wish to.

As always, if there are any details you feel need addressing or if something is too vague and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The A Team. you can contact any one of the Chrono Community Giveaway Team, who are: @delenn13, @PeteMcc, @Gnuffi, @YQMaoski, @yoshirules, @DanosaurJr who I have complete faith in their individual or combined skills with helping you out, whatever your issue may be, within reason, you can also contact me on Tinder Chrono, if you want.


Yoshi rules (we already established that ages ago btw, lol)

entering for:

  1. Bioshock Infinite
  2. The Surge
  3. Rusty Lake: Roots
  4. Oxenfree

thx all for this great giveaway


Liking the post is a nice touch…

I would love to enter for (hmmm… how do I do this again? instructions unclear… I can’t seem to follow the odd pictogram you created.)

  1. The Surge
  2. Toren
  3. Joint task force
  4. XCOM 2

I would as always, like to thank all those involved in this giveaway, especially the continued generosity of our benevolent overlords@yoshirules, @Gnuffi, @PeteMcc, @Punkster, @YQMaoski (special thanks for helping me overcome the crippling anxiety), @DanosaurJr and @delenn13.


Nice giveaway



Whoever wins Duck Game has to face off against me. Love that game.


how does one become part of the inner circle?
@delenn13, @PeteMcc, @Gnuffi, @YQMaoski, @yoshirules, @DanosaurJr, @Punkster
i’d like to enter for an opportunity to hang out with the cool dudes


Thanks a lot for the awesome giveaway!Yoshi rules!
1.Darksiders deathfinitive edition
2.Bioshock infinite
3.Duck game
4.Xcom 2
5.The surge

  1. XCOM 2
  2. The Surge
  3. Darksiders II
  4. Bioshock Infinite

Thank you very much!


I have but one wish this time, but I will give it a number anyway!

  1. XCOM 2

Thanks for doing a giveaway again :slight_smile:


I definitely knew that the whole time but I did not need a new computer. :smirk:

so im entering for :
1.Tropico 5
2.Rusty Lake: Roots
3. The Surge
4. XCOM 2

Thank you!
…and Yoshi Rules?


Thank you for the giveaway and the chance! :slight_smile:

  1. The Surge
  2. Rusty Lake: Roots
  3. Toren
  4. Duck Game

Yoshi rules

entering for:

X-com 2

Tropico 5


u need 3 more community badges, and u need to list the items u want


Yoshi rules…obviously!

  1. Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
  2. How To Survive
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. Toren

Thanks for this, you guys are the best! For real!!


I already have the game, i’m down to play it sometime aha


Sacrifice your soul and 1 cryptocurrency of your choice. :slight_smile:

no big deal :))))


seems fair


Nice giveaway all and thanks for the opportunity!

  1. XCOM 2
  2. Darksiders II
  3. The Surge
  4. Toren
  5. Enigmatis

Thanks again and Yoshi Rules!!!


Sweet games! Yoshi rules BTW!

  1. The Surge
  2. Bioshock
  3. Tropico 5
  4. Darksiders
  5. JTF

I’d like to enter for:

  2. The Surge
  3. Joint Task Force
  4. XCOM 2

Yoshi Rules! Thanks for the giveaway!