Chrono Coins bugs + feedback

Here’s the place to let us know if you find anything weird, broken, or just plain cool, with the new Chrono Coins feature.

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Just curious, I noticed the current daily deals are set to 20 + Bonus. What constitutes the bonus? I assume this is separate from the chests. Is it for those who sign up to mailing lists? If that is the case, any other things people can do to increase that bonus?


We’re going to be making this more clear in the future, but the “bonus” refers to the daily reward having a base amount (20 currently), plus a bonus amount of coins that is randomly determined. In other words, you’ll always get at least 20, but you’ll also get an additional amount that’s rolled for behind the scenes.


Gotcha. Thanks Ionin!

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I am currently getting a starter chest again. My coin count (including the daily coins) reset after a short duration though and I can claim the daily coins again with a new starter chest etc… .

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I am having the same issue as Imbaer

We’re experiencing some strange caching issues that seem to be causing this. If you hard refresh and/or log out and back in that should fix the issue. Please let me know if it doesn’t, apologies!

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Tried it again and works like it should!

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Glad to hear it!

I am having trouble similar to the other glitches, I claimed today’s and yesterdays coins but it says that I have 0 coins but a 2 day streak. I tried logging out and in again, but it didn’t work. please help!

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That’s even stranger!

If you go to your wallet page and hard refresh a few times, are you still seeing zero coins?

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Seems to be working. Thank-you!

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Just a quick feedback (not bug report) to say that while it sucks to see some browsers to acting up strangely with these coin issues (I’m talking about the people posting here, not me), I want to say this coin/shop idea is hands down already far more appealing than Nintendo’s loyalty program with My Nintendo. Right now, Nintendo with their resources developed a loyalty program after retiring Club Nintendo, to offer… A few videos, an intentionally incomplete PDF, two games (one removed now), one app, some 3DS themes, a lot of eShop coupons up to 30% off, and some in-game items to their mobile games. This all requires either time spent collecting free currency, or buying games from eShop, or physical games for the Switch only (at this time). Also discounts don’t stack (though that is standard for any business in any industry to be fair).

A loyalty program that mostly gets you a coupon for buying their games is… An insult to me. It’s not rewarding for loyalty. with clearly more resources than Nintendo, came up with free games, through free currency with boosts that creates a convincing perception that we can afford games sooner than later. For not re-creating My Nintendo as a “loyalty program” thank you.

I admittedly omitted the fact that My Nintendo is going to have rewards for the Switch soon. They have a section for it, labelled “Coming Soon.”

Anyway, I hope the coin issues for others get resolved soon.

Edit: After thinking more about My Nintendo, I just realized I forgot to ask if coins and/or games have any expiry? Will games be replaced with others, or will you guys just keep adding to the shop over time? And will coins disappear if we wait too long without redeeming? Or maybe expire from inactivity? I mean, the database can only handle so much a decade from now.


Because there are a limited # of copies the developer of each game provided to Chrono.GG, eventually the shop will sell out, but as stated in their Coin Debut email they will be adding more games in the future. I actually quite like that feature, keeps the shop fresh and provides some incentive/urgency to collecting daily to get the best games (like Reigns, hilariously fun).

@lonin Great job, love you guys. Perhaps contact the publishers Iceberg Interactive and Stardock Entertainment, see if they can add some of their libraries to the shop since they routinely negotiate with other 3rd party sites to market their developers’ games.


We’ll definitely be working with our partners to bring other cool games to the shop. :slight_smile:

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We’ll work to keep the shop fresh with game from time to time, but you never have to worry about coins expiring.

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I have a few questions.

  1. What is the value of each coin specifically? I wonder this because ive seen many put something like this in their stores or sites but never say the value and then make the games cost more then the actual game does at steam at full price because they can claim oh its free and we never said a value so its actually worth 2x more then what you thought it was.

  2. Do you get the free coins when the day resets at 9? Just wondering since i logged in and didn’t get today’s etc.

  3. The whole current sale under daily rewards seems kind of misleading. The sale thing implies that you only get said coins if you buy some coins and those are a guaranteed bonus with buying + a random coin bonus vs it being a guaranteed daily reward for logging in. I might be mistaking it and that’s what it actually is which in that case this question doesn’t matter but if its the reward for logging in and not a bonus you get if you buy coins then it should say daily reward instead of daily sale with whatever bonus coins your giving if someone buys a pack of coins next to the amount your getting for said coin pack.

  4. Are you going to let people buy coin packs? It can be really annoying to have a hundred or 2 less coins then the game you want and the game disappears before you get said coins from logging in.

Just a few random questions from a nobody that occurred to me when i saw the email about the coins.

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I have a few answers!

  1. Chrono Coins have no value, and game prices (in coins) don’t necessarily reflect the game’s real-world value. Our goal is to make it so that users that visit the site regularly will feel rewarded and be able to get games for free.

  2. The daily coin reward resets at 9AM Pacific everyday. We’ve been experiencing some caching issues that have been messing with the display of coins. If you log out and back in and/or hard refresh a few times you should be able to get your coins for today. If that’s not the case, please throw us an email at and we’ll investigate further.

  3. Great feedback here, it’s definitely an area of the site we went back and forth on a lot in terms of wording. It’s intended to show the coin reward for each day of the week and has nothing to do with buying whatever is currently on sale. The reason we use “sale” instead of “reward” is because the coins values are tied to the beginning and ending of a sale, but a sale doesn’t match the beginning and ending of a 24-hour day. We didn’t want people to get confused and come to the site at 12AM Pacific and expect a new coin reward. It’s weird, it’s certainly not ideal, and we’re going to continue to refine this.

  4. We have no current plans for purchasing coins.

Thanks for all the great questions!

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Do you guys have a way to send a reminder every day to our email, so we don’t break our streak?

If you subscribe to the mailing list you’ll get a daily email letting you know todays deal. That usually prompts me to click through to the site to get more idea about the game, so basically I plan on using that as my reminder. Could be an easy solution for you :slight_smile: