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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


There are another 5 in 2 weeks time as they mentioned, also there are other games there just waiting for you to pick them up.


Same. I’ve bought a few games from this site but I wouldn’t have seen the deals if not for making the coin flip a part of my morning routine. If chrono thinks they’ll be more successful by expecting people to sign up for email alerts instead, best of luck. I think they’re going to be disappointed.


Great, I’m 1 day too late to get Seven which has been on my wishlist for over 2 years -.-

anyway, sorry to say and think that, but I don’t believe in the future of, I literally only noticed interesting deals cause of the “silly” coins I would collect every day. Now it’s as boring as any other deal site minus the charity part sites like Humble Bundle have.


i missed it and i went there within 10 min :joy:

they did say they’ll be getting more keys though


that’s absolutely ridiculous and also good to know haha, thanks

wait, did you talk “more of the games that sold out” or are you talking about the “new games” on 29th?


seven, and also driftland


This is really just a plan with 2 objectives.

  1. Get all the hoarders to off-load their coin pile.

2.Get rid of the whiners who only complain about the free games.

Good plan.

Thanks for the fun in spinning a coin each day, thanks for all the tips and free games on the forum and the occasional good deal Chrono. I still need to get around to putting some more games up for free, which I will be doing, but not for a few weeks yet.
Lots of Love.


There hasn’t been an all time low on any actually relevant games in a while now. Every other storefront blows Chrono out of the water which is a shame because it started out great. Coin shop used to give out good games that didn’t sell out in the initial five minutes. Deals were actually good albeit there was somewhat less competition back then. If I want a better coinshop I can just go buy games at gamesplanet and eventually get any game I want of my choosing for free or for actual all time lows go to GMG or Fanatical.
The turn for the worst with the coinshop happened when they made streaks persist indefinitely and not have a reset counter. It was too easy to rack up a lot of coins and they had to give out more keys but they obviously couldn’t keep up.
All I can say now is have some more keys for May 29th out of respect for the people who checked and used your website daily.


Here is mine. It says I started on 2017-10-13, means 946 days since then. So I missed total 22 days. What a shame. I thought I only missed like under 10 days.


I’ve been using the coin shop since 2017 so I’m sad to see it go. Looking forward to what the Chrono team has in store for the future!


Bought 19 Games in the past two years because I checked in daily for the bonus coins. Now there will be no reason to continue this. You made a big mistake in my opinion but you probably should know better. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you and and bye bye. Won’t come back daily any longer… What a sad day.


I came here, as many did, for the call of free games (unemployed at the time, and while I have gamed my whole life, I was new to the whole “steam” thang). I love the Chrono store and I enjoy some of the games offered. It is very sad to see this leaving - especially the daily click. I even have an alarm so I don’t forget :joy:

But while I showed up for the free games, the community stole my heart. I have never found such an accepting, generous and wholesome community and I will stay for that. Y’all are the best :heart:


If this is going to help the company earn more without handing basically free games, then its all G. Im not even mad, it was one hand helping another, im being grateful for the games I got, and also grateful to Ernie, he probably won’t see this, but Ernie from support, you are awesome! He helped me with “I am not a Monster: Complete Edition” as it was only a DLC, and he gave me the opportunity to pick any 15k coin game instead, so I chose Sniper Ghost Warrior, cos I missed it.
I hope the next 5 games will be the cherry on the cake, cos I missed the last batch, and I wanted Seven: Enhanced Edition sooo bad.
Cheers gentlemen for coin shop, not sad that it ended, happy that it happened!



you and me and everyone else and their mom :joy:

however, they did say they’ll probably restock on that, and driftland too


I can confirm Ernie did see it…because Ernie is me :scream:

Seriously thanks for the kind words bud, definitely made my day a lil better c:

(Also thx for tagging me m000000)




Time for me to figure out how to budget my remaining coins carefully when the final drop happens on May 29th. And I’ll have to time my website visit carefully during work hours if I want to be able to get a key. As Chrono Coins become discontinued, I’m intrigued to see the time and labor benefit on research and development. Things like what we know now about Creator Stores, and what will see in the future. I’m actually quite interested in seeing how the business model performs with Creator Stores, and also curious to see what direction Chrono Inc. is going as a whole, as things have changed over the years.

My main regret and angry complaint with Chrono Coins is that we will never see the return of the exploding astronaut. I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR A SPONTANEOUSLY EXPLODING JETPACK ASTRONAUT SINCE THE LAUNCH OF CHRONO COINS DAMN IT! I do take comfort that Chrono Coins will continue to be “featured” as a Forum Like, and I also feel relieved to see the Chrono Coins store will no longer be labelled as “NEW” (anyone even notice it’s still being labelled as a new feature after all this time?).

Thank you for the fun run of coins for free games. I really liked this feature, and now I shall wait in anticipation for the full launch of Creator Stores amongst other R&D content further down the pipeline. Your job postings also make me wonder what else is on that huge To-Do list? It’ll be one big team very soon (as if your team is considered “small” right now HAH!).

Prediction: May 29th, all 5 new coin shop games are There’s Poop In My Soup at 500 Steam keys each.



Oiii it is you! Sir, I salute you! I still remember that day hehe. Many many thanks!

I raise a glass of scotch now to you, thanks again!


Not to state the obvious, but with RIP coins, I imagine RIP 90% of your userbase and with them, your site. RIP


yes, that’s exactly what happened to all other online stores that don’t give free coins for free games. :man_facepalming: