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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


And what is the non marketing speech honest answer? It costs to much money and you don’t get the keys for free? It is not like this feature needs constant maintaince in a form of a programmer. Just refill the shop once in a while.


I’m not from Chrono so I’m only guessing:

Securing deals for the coin shop on a regular basis takes quite a bit of work. There’s a lot more to it than just Chrono buying keys. A game being offered for “free” has an impact on the perceived value of that game and the timing of such deals has to be carefully planned for PR’s sake (these sales aren’t the only thing going on with those games!), so there’s a lot of work in negotiating these deals with devs/publishers. I don’t imagine a lot of publishers want their games given out like this, even if Chrono does pay for those keys (which I’m sure they try to negotiate out of doing as much as they can xP).

Getting sufficient quantities of sufficiently good games for a community that’s grown this large is a difficult task, and it sounds like Chrono’s not able to keep up anymore.


OMG, why, why can’t i buy any games which added yesterday? I have 51k coins but i can’t buy anything!
I have a problem when i try to do it.
"Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?"
Why is it happening?


just send an email and sit tight; they’ll get back to you and solve yr issue


Can I ask for Fictorum please? ^^ thank you


It was a great way to get me to come check out the daily game, and it compelled me to make a few purchases! I’m also happy to say I got one of my favorite games with Chrono Coins: TormentorXPunisher.

All kinds of good feelings about Chrono Coins and I’m sad to see them go. But I have confidence you’ll be making something even cooler. Thanks for the ride so far :slight_smile:


This breaks my heart :cry: I mean, there were many people here who helped me through tough times and…andd…it’s just so sad :frowning: Thank you Chrono for everything…

P.S. I wonder what that’s stuff they are building…hmm Chrono coins 2.0?


gg. la re cagaron, pestaña eliminada


I doubt it. Be realistic, getting free games for everyone every two weeks costs a lot of resources and they might be simply cutting some costs.

Not trying to be pessimistic just realistic.


Wow. It’s been ages since I’ve last checked the community and even longer since my last comment. Good to see so many familiar names in the thread. Also a lot of names that are new to me. Hello everyone :wave:. Had a little trip down the nostalgia lane thanks to the activity feed (I wonder if nostalgia really is the right word for stuff that happened under two years ago though :smile:). I don’t have much of an online presence and being able to reflect back like this from time to time is nice.

Still, I’ve been diligent in checking the site daily and actually surprised myself by being at 1072 spins currently! Over the years I’ve gotten a lot of great games from the coin shop not only for myself but as little gifts for friends. Butcher for 4000 coins, WHAT?! Heroes of Hammerwatch for 10k? No way :exploding_head:. Checking in daily and especially being on time every other friday has also been a nice little routine all this time. Maybe the conditioning has already stuck and I will still keep checking the site, on time, just like before, just to be left with an unexplainable empty feeling since I wont have a coin to spin.

Of course the coin shop going away is sad news, but I think it’s also something that has been, in one form or another, looming in the horizon pretty much since the beginning. Like a mirage that has been too good to be true, it is now fading away before our very eyes. Or something. I’m interested in seeing what the future holds. As always, best of luck to everyone at going forward!

Okay, that’s my biannual community post out of the way. See you again in 2020 or 2022, depending on which definition of the word I used.


I have very little disposable income, and the prospect of getting games with the coins was the reason for interacting with the site. I am in a position where I can’t really be spending money on games, so this was a really cool opportunity for me, and I appreciate it. Unfortunately, as several others have said, I don’t really have any reason to visit the site outside of that, given my situation. I do understand that you want to change and move on, but I think a very large percentage of people will just stop visiting Chrono entirely once the coins are no longer a part of it.


OOF … this feels harsh… closing the coinshop on my Birthday … Thanks for the spins and the amazing free deals but still … oof guys :disappointed_relieved:


Heheh… I didn’t mean engage like in marriage! xD
Having people come every day to your site is no easy feat! So I was saying let’s hope that the new changes can live up to it or they might lose some/most of their following


Quite shame, I think I have developed a muscle memory from clicking that coins, haha.


Everyone who’s saying that there’s no reason to return to Chrono after the coin shop is gone must not know about all the forum giveaways. :slight_smile:

By the way, what will happen to any unused keys? Steamgifts giveaways? Might as well bookend this chapter the same way it began. :slight_smile:

and were suddenly banned. (that’s what the grey username means, right?)

I know this is a long-shot, but…Boiling Bolt?


To be honest, Steam has region price. Chrono doesn’t, at least in where I live. A few months ago I think they were selling Stellaris DLC and it was cheaper on Steam because of region price. Chrono can be redeemed here by having a coin system.
I hope they add region price if they remove coin system.


What I was thinking as there are game giveaways on the forum sometimes


Neither of these are available at the moment sorry. If they show up again let me know.:smiley:


@lonin Will the Orders page still have coin shop purchases listed after the coin shop is removed, or will we need to save our own copies of our coin purchase histories if we want to keep them?


What can I do with my coins now? The games are already sold out :confused: