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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza



Guess I’m not coming back here after the coin store is gone. So many of the recent daily deals have been trash; I can’t even remember the last time I actually purchased something.

There use to be unique indie titles here, but in the recent past Bayonetta, No Man’s Sky, and Aliens Colonial Marines? Even then the deals are horrible. They were cheaper on steam at the same time!


Going to have to disagree with you, Chrono was the cheapest at the time of the sale at least compared to Steam for No mans sky.

Also last Steam sale was the same exact price


Not sure why they’re stopping - I’m assuming the time spent to find indie devs to contribute keys was getting difficult or bad elements were farming coins. Or maybe they feel that the decision to focus on getting Twitch “influencers” to push promotions was a better use of their time.

Personally I think Chrono should focus on securing better deals. I find that when a game goes on sale on Chrono, days after it’s listed at a cheaper price on Steam. So if you see it for $15 today on Chrono, tomorrow it will be at $10 on Steam. This happens so frequently, that it makes buying from Chrono a bad deal - as you’re buying at the lowest discounted price within that time period. Days later the same product will be discounted even more by as much as 25%.

I’ve seen this for most Chrono game deals - Chrono is usually the highest of the promos. I think it’s because they tack on a markup to cover the fees they pay out to “influencers”. Look at Everspace if you want a perfect example of this or Monster Hunter World or Little Nightmares.

With the coins being removed, I don’t really have a reason to come visit the site anymore - so I’ll probably just stop visiting as price aggregator sites do a good job of finding the best price for any game I’m interested, and Chrono is seldom the historically lowest price.


how would this ‘great new stuff’ and coins be mutually exclusive?


I’m betting “great new stuff” really means more focus on Twitch streamers - they already do branded channels and offer them their own store.


I’m happy they ripped the band-aid off actually (to me, it rly feels like this decision incorporates exactly that). There was way too much complaining going on regarding the coin shop, and some comments here illustrate that perfectly.

So good decision, congrats on that, and may the future be bright.


I very rarely used my coins. But what had become a routine for me is click that coin image every day and check the daily deal for an interesting game. As someone said, I wouldn’t mind a “useless coin” just to come back and check on the daily deal.


I’ve been here since virtually the beginning… After 1051 Spins and 30 legendary chests I’ve got to say this is pretty sad news. I can understand the move though. It gets expensive to give away games to people for free, especially when you’ve got a community of many thousands to maintain.

I really hope that with these last 5 games you acquire a lot of extra copies so they don’t insta-sellout in 3 minutes once it goes live. Perhaps get some really big expensive ones to allow those of us with a very large sum of coins to redeem them rather than having to settle for a bunch of cheaper titles we already passed up over the years.



So what “cool new stuff” are you doing?


Really? The “most unique part of your website” is the coins to be spent on free games they give to you, totally not like RobotCache’s IRON, Enjin’s coin, BUFF’s coin, GameFlip’s FLP, or any number of other online, digital, pseudo-cryptocurrencies?

The unique aspect to Chrono wasn’t the time-sensitive, 24-hour nature of their deals? Or coordinating with devs to reach a new all-time low price for their games?



and I’ll add to that the amazing community here, a very open community which cares about each other, inquires about others, respectfully discusses all kinds of topics (gaming and non-gaming related), and gifts huge amounts of games to others all the time.

that’s honestly the reason i’m here; yes, i came for the coins (i came as soon as TB mentioned it, lol, like many others here), but i stayed for the community, no doubt about that


Well that is a shame, the coin store gets updated at the worst time so games are gone before I can even wake up to see them too. I don’t know if I’ll be returning to the site after the coin store is gone if any games I want show up on here I’ll see it on isthereanydeal anyway.
Anyway see my glorious totally un-edited spin stats below.


Oh, well there goes the only reason to visit


I felt a great disturbance in the force… as if millions of coin addicts cried out in terror


Well, I guess that means I won’t really be able to do much in Chrono anymore. I don’t even spend money in this site at all but given that they offered it at all is a miracle considering their business model. I’ll miss the coin shop when it disappears.


stay for the forum shenanigans dude :+1:


Sad to see it going, only have gotten 6 games total in my time using it. Shocked to see Yono on the sold out list, didn’t even know it was put up to get, must not have had many keys or just due to being so cheap went fast.


It’s a shame… you are throwing away a bit of your identity (that was beloved by everyone) by dropping the coins. I hope the changes come before the coins go away or you might lose a lot of regulars on your site and that they are enough to keep people engaged on your site!


Excuse me, what do you mean?:smirk:


I started just like any others here, checking Chrono once in a while for the deal and that cute little coin. And only occasionally, I will head to the forum to read some discussions when there is a game that interests me in the daily deal or coin shop. And before I realized it, I’m checking Chrono almost every day now.:relaxed:

It’s sad indeed, to see the coin system go, as it’s one of the main things that caught me in the first place. But I’m also grateful for all the nice sweet games you offer to us. Thank you very much!!

Moving forward, I’m glad to have some extra seconds to take care of my backlog and can’t wait to see what’s ahead from Chrono.

So, cheers!:beers: