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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


EDIT: damn links not working >:[

We’ll be getting more keys for Seven! Driftlands too! Just keep an eye on twitter and the forums, we’ll likely post when they’re restocked


Haha, my friend on Discord actually asked for Garfield Kart a while ago so I sent her a copy a few minutes ago.

Very sorry, Jamez :pensive:

I had 6.9k coins left, so I picked a random game off the store and well oops here’s the key for anyone to get


? = 1+0+0+0+2+2


thanks, i got it :slight_smile:


That is what i get from it.


i think you need to get that looked at


i got “Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?” message too, but not sure how to DM you


If you check out the forum everyday, there is a bunch of us that scour the net and seek out freebies and post the info…We have a bunch listed right now like LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game, Grand Theft Auto V , and Aegis Defenders to name a few…


you aren’t allowed to spin again



unless of course they introduce something new after chrono coins


Welp time to spend all the coins I got over time

Already down to 104,001 because I got Driftland: The Magic Revival and Seven: Enhanced Edition
I wonder if the next 5 games will cost about the same amount of coins or more.


Very sad news indeed :cry:

But to be fair, I am aware that hosting and managing a website is an expensive undertaking. Especially one that deals with selling and giving away FREE games that only asks its members to log in and click a simple coin icon each day.

I am a member, albeit a non active one, of a Retro Console ROMs hosting site and being a gray area website that place is costly to maintain, moreso I guess for a site that deals with legit sales of Steam, therefore PC, games. So thank you for all the FREE games I was able to acquire here and here’s wishing Chrono Good Luck in its future plans. For we must remember until Lavos is dealt with, the future will refuse to change :hugs:


but why


That’s alright! Thank you guys for many nice games! :relaxed:


Little reason for me to come back then, TBH. You tend to really only have older games that i’m likely to either have, or already considered, or “indie” games with very low budgets.


sad to see it go but there is one silver lining: no more threads of people complaining about the coin shop :smiley:

Also, I’ve been here since 2017 and I only have 401 spins :sweat_smile:. I was much more interested in the community here, so I’m glad it’s sticking around.


Sad to hear, I had quite a bit of coins saved up myself hoping for another mega game like Dead Cells, like some others mentioned, that would take all my saved up coins. But I appreciate the coin shop games I did manage to jump on, and here’s hoping the next/last batch is amazing :+1:


Thanks for the amazing coin shop, I’ve gotten quite a few good games off of here, I’m gonna miss it.


Thanks for the All the great free games and OCD


I missed and got some of the good games from the coin shop. Sad to hear the shop is closing. Coin shop is my favorite thing about Thank you for the free games!