Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza




Do you still want it?


Just freakin great… I have all these coins saved up and have nothing to purchase. I log in to see 5 games with a new banner in the sold out section. Many of which i would have purchased. I didnt log in as much because i work long hours and the time i did have I was working on getting my car back on the road. Also, the games that are usually up for grabs 95% of the time are games that most people will pass on. Then when i log in after not being in for a while I’m hit with the news that not only did I miss quite a few games that I would have purchased with my saved up coins but also there won’t be anymore games after this point and all my coins that i saved up will go in the trash and can’t be used on anything enjoyable. I feel like i got played! Let’s be real though, there’s only one reason why someone would get rid of a system that basically allows you to get games for free…


Has anyone mentioned the idea of keeping the coins around but not have them do anything? Or maybe leave them there as something you spend to get profile badges that do nothing or can be traded or something? Just seems strange to make them all go away when it brings so many people around and long time users have so many, might as well just downgrade them rather than delete them.


I think they toyed around with the idea of being able to use coins for customization, but I think in the overall logistics, it was deemed impractical and/or unrealistic from the necessary features that need to go into the site/forums. I am pretty sure that is what I have read previously when it was first announced.


Yeah I figured. Designing the infrastructure and the designs for the badges or whatever would take work. I wonder how many people would want the the coins to stay and just do nothing at all other than being a number on your account.


Count me as one of them, for sure.


+1 I mean it’s not like had stocks the values tanked. Plus, once the coin shop closes, I don’t think we’ll even see the amount?


I wouldn’t mind that, but I think it would be confusing for new users. “What are these coins for?” “Why can’t I do anything with them?”


Well it was a nice little idea. First found the site when I saw Totalbiscuit talking about it and have always checked in on the deals and only bought one game (think it was shadow warrior 2 pack) and only used coins for 1 game but it was nice checking in every day to see a new deal and get coins. Might not be checking in so much anymore, but I hope you guys continue to prosper!


My first reply to this thread is literally on the first page, I did not just notice this announcement. Also, I’m not saying “hurr durr I put so much work into farming coins and they are all lost”, my issue is the lack of incentive to come to the site daily, while subsequently not having notification options available that I would not mind using. Tweets get lost in my feed, the Discord notifications I almost always miss, I am definitely not turning browser-based notifications on, and I’m practically guaranteed to forget to check the site regularly otherwise. Coins helped remind me to come back here daily and I made quite a few purchases for various deals as a result. The last sentence there is really contradictory, the entire point of the coin shop was to spend coins you’ve earned, so basically to get you free stuff.


we still don’t know what Chrono will do, so you can’t know that for sure; they said:

so before saying anything, ppl should at least wait and see; perhaps you will be even more incentivized to come to the site daily, or perhaps you’ll be way more incentivized to be part of the community or to check the daily deals for some other reason, or perhaps the store will become something more than just a daily-deal vehicle; we just dont know yet

@Scribesake has also shared plenty of ideas/thoughts/theories (some explicitly and clearly based on facts/announcements/things that are taking place) on what’s coming in this very thread, so maybe you can take a look at those as well


Yeah, that would be great to finally have that off of my wishlist.


But the worst part is that it seems like only maybe 10% were bought by people who wanted them, everything else just immediately went up for trades or giveaways by “generous” people who took them from people here who actually wanted them.


Well I think it was mostly ppl who wanted to use up coins they have been storing for a long time and maybe give some games to friends. I mean the shop is closing so ofc everyone is gonna try and take stuff before coins are gone… a shame cuz they aren’t going away for a few weeks yet.

There weren’t that many giveaways though, but the ones on the site at least give a chance for those who was not quick or have a time zone issue or didnt have enough coins to begin with. And they are taking games away from people who won’t play them. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with doing a giveaway, there is a good chance of winning… A lot of people were generously getting games at the time when some people couldn’t afford it for others, those ones were the less valuable left overs at the time but yes


Okay, so there were 5 minutes an hour and a half after the games were supposed to launch, and if you spent that time spamming F5, you had a chance of getting one? I don’t understand how that isn’t an immediate sellout, so where is the error?

I mean, I guess it must not be immediate since it took an extra hour and a half after the time the games were stated to be available at? Is that what you’re saying?


Sure some giveaways here that are for people who are interested in the games aren’t bad, but most of the giveaway sites I’ve seen the giveaways on have even broader audiences, meaning very little chances to win, and 90% of those entries tend to be bots for people who won’t play them.

So people there saying “Well, I have the game, so I was generous enough to buy a copy that someone else who saved would have loved a chance to get and give it to someone who might play it for a couple minutes or idle it for cards.” is just plain ridiculous.

And clearly I added some words to the quote I say to more accurately convey their meaning, but you get the idea, they didn’t think at all about being “generous” they wanted points on the site, and didn’t care if anyone actually wanted it or not.

I almost decided to do the same with Glorkian there, but I didn’t want to stoop to those ****'s levels so I left them for others to have a chance at.


if 90% went up for trades or giveaways, that would mean 18,000 to 40,500 keys per game; are you sure about that?

I mean, let’s say you actually saw 100 giveaways/sales per game, which seems like a lot (and seems quite doubtful to me), that would only represent 0.22% to 0.5%, not 90% at all

these numbers are based on the confirmation (from an actual Chrono employee) we got that for the last 5 games, the key totals ranged (ballpark) from 20,000 to 45,000 per game (you can use the search option here on-site to find that if you want)


People were spamming F5 before to get the Coin Shop page to load - once the games were up, they were up - you didn’t have to refresh the page then. I don’t know how long it took every single game to be sold out, I just know for sure that Iconoclasts when first and fast.

There was a game not too long ago, Yono that also went fast, before this last hurrah. Sometimes that happens. It’s always been a gripe for certain users, and some made suggestions about how staggering the keys available at once would be helpful, etc. In any event, that’s just how the shop has always worked, fair or not, you get lucky to snag the key you want or not.

As for the trades bit, there’s no way to control what a recipient does with a gift key. Same as you give a kid a new iPhone and they drop it in water instead of taking good care of it. I’ve seen the trades on IG, but I can’t say for certain, that the games with the same name as the last Coin Shop giveaways, could only have come from here. There are likely a lot of “ghost” coin spinners and users on the site, who have never once posted in the forums.


I hope there’ll be some awesome deals towards the end. Try contacting some indie-devs, who just want to have their game played. People will spend their last coins on any old shit.