Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Bears repeating. It seemed to good to be true.


Two weeks from now, on May 29th, we’ll be adding 5 more awesome games, giving you over 30 titles to choose from before the Coin Shop closes one month later on June 29th.

Since 29 may i have been looking for the 30 games as i still have 30000 points but i think i am searching at the wrong spot. Can anyone direct me to the 30 games ?


Hola, creo que hay mucha gente con demasiadas monedas, quisiera proponer que dejen adquirir mas de una vez el paquete de minion masters


They’re sold out. The count included the 10 games added to the coin shop in two sets on the 15th and the 29th, and the 20-ish games that were at the time still in stock in the coin shop.


I missed this message, now I have 18000 coins and nothing left to spend them on.

How about giving a small discount on games for people with coins? Doesn’t have to be much, just enough to make it feel like we’ve gotten something for it.


I only said maybe 10% went to people who wanted them, you’re putting words in my mouth and making up that 90% going up for trades. Tons of people hoard keys, or activate them to idle for cards themselves, but I have seen at least hundreds of giveaways on one site stating the keys are from here, many people saying: “I thought I’d be generous.”


And you said if you happened to be on when the site went up again/games got added (meaning you’d need to be at your computer and likely spamming F5 the whole time) you could have a chance to get a game you wanted… I don’t understand why you’re trying to change what you said earlier or defend it with completely different statements…


Spamming F5 is likely what overload the server and caused the Coin Shop and the forums to go down. Once the site was back up - as in working - you only needed to refresh the Coin Shop page, once, the same you’d do for any other website that was temporarily down, to see the Coin Shop and the 5 new games that day.

How on earth would spamming F5 ever help you to claim games from the Coin Shop? Simply put, if you were around at the time the games were up, you might have missed Iconclasts since it sold out the fastest, but there were 4 others you might have been able to claim, if you had the requisite amount of coins.

I’m not trying to change anything, so if I didn’t explain anything properly before, my apologies. Right now, I’m not seeing your issue at all. shrug Lots of people went away when the site was down, and played games or whatever. Who the heck is so determined to claim a free game that they would spam F5 repeatedly on a site that’s clearly crashed, without some sort of wait period?


I am done. When people starting flagging people’s post that ARE TRYING TO HELP, I am over it.

You heard about beating dead horses…This horse is really dead.