Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


I was very busy during this period and only quickly coming here every day to collect daily coins and briefly glance at the shop for new titles. I didn’t notice this message, until yesterday I saw the shop was empty with only one game left. I bought it and even then, now I have 23k coins that will remain unused. Is there anything to be done? There’s a whole month left. Surely there’s a way to properly reward your long term dedicated fans?


Hey, that game has one of the fairest f2p models on earth, to me it’s just sad that people don’t give it the chance it deserves, it’s absolutely unique on the PC market :disappointed_relieved:

I’d understand hating on Fortnite doing that, but Minion Masters is giving out free stuff all the time and they are a tiny fish compared to the likes of Epic Games.


well the immediate sellout of games, snooze you lose attitude, has really made this an aweful experience.


My question is why even bother keeping the coin store open until June 29th? You didn’t have near enough keys to fill in the void of everyone having to spend all their coins. I checked the store Friday before work, and it wasn’t updated with the 5 new games yet…I got back from work 6 hours later, and EVERY game was sold out other than “Minions”. So once again…why bother? Is it just to slap your loyal customers in the face every time they look at your site? I’m not mad or anything (who could whine about free stuff) but it just doesn’t make any sense. Obviously you knew with so many people who’ve been saving up coins for so long that only 10% (probably less) of your fan base would get anything being as you didn’t get near enough keys for ending this. Anyway…I hope your new endeavors work out well, and this move doesn’t destroy you by lumping you in with 50 other sites that do the exact same thing. Good luck in the future…and I’ll probably not ever be “seeing” you guys/gals again being as there is no reason to visit the site religiously anymore. Once again good luck, and have a good one hopefully!


when? will those key be available?i won’t miss this game again.thanks


Error. There was a window to get at least 4 out of the 5 games once they were up - fastest one sold out being Iconoclasts. After the daily deal turned over, the site crashed, forums and all, because of people spamming F5 trying to get into the coin shop. It might have been maybe 1 hr 30 mins, before the site was stable and the games were put up with their coin prices.

If you happened to be here at the time, it’s very possible you could have snagged one (that you actually wanted). The other games are now gone because people either were delaying for a “big tittle” deal and let go out their coins either as a dump or to get stuff they had wanted before. I for one got Office Quest, which had been close to nearly all bought for a long while.


I kinda get what you mean that keeping a coin shop open for a month after the last games are added is a bit too long. Well they are planning to add a few top up keys for one last game though. It’s a challenge when everyone clicks a coin store at the same time and there are many people saving up yeah.
I am one of those who didn’t have enough coins for anything anyway but i did visit anyway just to see what games were added and a lot of things stopped for quite a long while. After I came back not much left. I’m still excited for the new feature and after all the complaining and key hoarding of others not too sad for it to go even though it was pretty enjoyable.


I actually think it’s an excellent idea.


I have 15k coins that have never been spent and I guess never will be =\


If I was Chrono I would just pivot and stock the store with coupons that people can use towards daily deals.

Like spend 20k coins to redeem a $1 off coupon off the store. It’s a good way to get people coming back regularly.

Either way I have about 13k in points that I guess can’t be used. Thanks for the ride & game Chrono.


Everything sold out in just a few hours on the last day. Now I’m stuck with 17000+ coins going poof. Sad


It’s not okay to do that so suddenly. I just learned it today. All the games are sold. How the hell am I suppose to even buy them? It’s just 3 days. You should add more keys for those, who want to buy them.

There is only few solutions to this.

  • One is, obviously, not removing Coin Shop at all, but I guess it’s out the question
  • Another is to add more keys and maybe more games, so it won’t just got wiped out in an instant. Be fair with people.
  • Or maybe just compensate the coins Every 100 coins would be 1$ off for a coupon. Or something.

Such decision can’t be made suddenly. You know it pretty well that most of people won’t be able to use coins at all. People stored them to use on good games, because You mostly added either bad or overpriced games to coin shop, so people waited for some deal. Now, there we can’t even use the coins we’ve got, because You add only 5 games. And I’m pretty sure the announcement wasn’t at the site at the correct time. Because I was using site every day and didn’t see it. Now it’s too late, don’t You think?

I hope You will make a solution to this. Because as it is now, it’s very very unfair to people. And there is literally 0 keys left now. So… how am I able to spend the coins, if there is nothing to spend on.

Be fair to people, just please, be fair.


The announcement has been on the site for a couple of weeks now, here in the forums, in a banner on the site’s main page, in the coin shop itself and through email if you signed up for email notifications. They added 10 games since the announcement, 5 just over 2 weeks ago and 5 a few days ago. They outlined which days the games were going in the store for the send off, it seems you may have just not noticed those notifications.


Yea a bit more then 4 weeks notice (since they said it a bit before the first 5) does seems like plenty of time.


im sad that is ending i saved up 33k for to spend and i would have just spent it on the 5 new ones, but it was to late and now i cant get anything good. but that’s ok i hope your new project is going well. and man i joined when TB was promoting you guys, oh man man is been just 2 years since his passing. i miss the guy, gaming just not the same in the world after he past. wish you guys the best of luck.


It was fair. It has been fair. Everyone was notified. You weren’t around for the apocalypse I’m sorry, there’s literally nothing left and your coins aren’t worth anything round here. You got any food?


that would be fair then???

there’s ppl out there that would be getting $1,500 off then :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

might as well just file for bankruptcy then

also, as others have commented on

aren’t you posting in the very thread that has the announcement in it from weeks ago?


I would maybe consider subscribing to a newsletter, but there is no way I am turning on web browser-based notifications for anything other than chat apps


They post their daily deals on Twitter as well. But i don’t use Twitter or anything like that, nor the email or notifications. I just have this forum open every day as one of my start-up pages cuz i enjoy this community so much, and it’s a way for me to keep afloat of gaming news (besides checking gamespot every day, but their news page rly sucks cuz they keep just reposting the same articles over and over again just so Google thinks they have “new” content so i have to glance over the same old shit just to see the new shit) so I’m informed of the daily deals every day cuz they get posted here too.

And there’s lots of giveaways here too, though i rarely enter those these days. There’s at least 2 going on right now.


I don’t have notifications, I don’t follow the Chrono Twitter, I don’t get the email newsletters. I just check the site when I remember. I saw the notice when I went to the main page the day it went up, and then again when I checked the community, it was hard to miss.

If you missed it, it wasn’t Chrono’s fault at all.

That said, I didn’t get any games from the last two batches because the games I was interested were sold out by the time I checked. But that’s also on me - good games have been going very quick for the past several months, I had ample warning that if I wanted a chance at something cool, I’d most likely have to be on the ball with checking. This competition for the free keys (and the fact that they’re not free to Chrono) is likely a big reason the coin shop is getting closed in the first place.

If all you got out of Chrono were the coins and coin shop games and you saw so little value in the rest of the site that you want to be compensated for your “work” in getting the coins, have you considered that maybe you’re not Chrono’s target audience? The coin shop wasn’t made just to get you free stuff.

Coin shop closing down? Why