Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


So yea… I just brute forced that Battle segment I was in and won… No idea what was going on but the monsters looked great, lol

@Glider I couldn’t access that sword at all, or even the usual avatar view until I finished the screen (and the battles) I was in. Also, that sword that is captioned “Challenges” won’t unlock this I’m level 6. I’m a bit past halfway to getting there.

Not going to derail the convo any further, but wanted to let you guys know. If there isn’t one already, we can create our own discussion thread.


Derail away, it’s not like this thread is going anywhere worth going anyway.


65k unspent coins. Wish I had known this was happening.


It isnt a true Chrono Convo without a fair amount of derailment !



Shout out to Ernie at chrono support! Best support i have ever had!!!


Yeah, ok, lets go derail it a bit more :wink:

Sorry, I must’ve forgotten - it’s been quite a while since I saw the tutorial.

@Danacscott @Seaburn
Here’s couple of tips about strategy and general stuff.
Different unit types are very effective against other unit types, here’re couple of examples:

  • Slow hitting units with powerful attacks will be eaten alive by the swarms of small enemies
  • Swarms of small enemies will be annihilated by someone with splash damage
  • Attackers from range won’t last long if enemy actually gets to them.

Those are general rules and they all have exceptions plus some units have unique attributes that change the way they have to be dealt with. Generally you want to counter what your enemy is doing. Example: your enemy plays a heavy-hitting unit that costs 6 mana and you answer by summoning a horde of little rats for 3. Heavy hitter will kill couple of those but the rest will finish him off. So, this means your opponent wasted 6 mana and you can capitalize on this advantage.

Another small tip: there’s no reason not to join a clan. When your clan gain conquest levels you can claim those bonuses even if you don’t contribute to the progression (though I think conquest is pretty fun I think discussing it here will be too much derailment).

And a bonus tip: Currently Minion Masters - Charging Into Darkness DLC is free on steam, no reason not to grab it.

Overall I think it’s a decent game and I play it on and off from time to time. It feels fair but I feel like it’s a bit too greedy with the time requirements.


@Ernin8t0r :sunglasses:


This here is why I had to quit Yugioh Duelinks and damn I loved my Blue Eyes White Dragon decks. If you ignore the events and just play when you feel like, then that’s okay. PVP is annoying as people always trying to build the OTK decks. Now man and then people will just exit a match when you’re about to beat them. Meh. Not a very nice community (last I was there) - very power gamer oriented. Either you use time to collect cards, or money to (maybe) get them out of card packs.

Minion Masters has been giving away new DLCs for ages, which is why I’ve tried it a few times before. Got Charging into Darkness, by you have to install the game first. Must have had some older codes in there too, because I redeemed a whole ton of other stuff. O_O

From you describe and from the video, I saw some of that in my plays today. minus the splash damage. Do need to figure out how to get my minion that destroy building to stay alive long enough to actually reach the opponent’s towers. >>

The cycle mechanic the video describes explained a whole lot and the gameplay is deeper than I thought, so I guess the real issue is learning how to read the opponent and to build a deck well; usual thing with these sort of card based games.


hey, don’t forget about Africa, will you? (:joy: somehow you managed to include the whole world except for Africa, the Middle East, and Asia :joy:) those like me, though i live in Northern Africa, so several ponds away @Archonia, I got a game Friday (and the only reason i didn’t get more is cuz i got no coins left, having got 27 games in total) and got 2 two weeks ago. There was plenty of time to get whatever game you wanted (this Friday) as long as you were here when the games were put in store.


how about me bro
i got a lot of coin and the game on coin shop is already sold out all!


Maybe you should’ve woken up 24 hours earlier?


What about you?
You’re 27h late to the party is what.


don’t see the detail about this
cause i just make this web an startup then close it after collecting


dude, you’re like really rich though, wow


I feel a certain sense of relief seeing that of all the games that could’ve been the last to remain in the coin shop, it is the advert pack for a freemium game. The presence of that one on Chrono always felt gross, but it’s been nice to see its redemption numbers barely move over the past year (unless, of course, Chrono got a million keys or something - given that this is normally the sort of thing given out completely free, I wouldn’t be surprised).


I saw that after I did a search, not that it does me much good since I’ve no money there.

When I am able to get a viable means of digital currency, then I’ll have the means of making online purchases anywhere that accepts my digital currency.


Well, that was a wild ride. Every time I had time to catch up with the topic, something would interfere and when I’d come back there would be a couple hundred more messages :laughing:
I really appreciate how you guys decided to go about ending the coin shop: “it’s ending, there’s how and when” and no nonsense or quietly killing off the feature. You were straight with us and us ample warning, I like that.
At first I very naively thought that I’d be able to get my 37th legendary chest after the final batch and get some of the remaining games as a last hurrah. But then games started to disappear :sweat_smile: slowly but surely.
And then the final hour came. I’m kind of curious, how did the server load compare to previous highs? 200%, 500%, even more?
It was kind of fun refreshing the page after it started to work again and seeing the remaining older games start to get snatched up faster even before the final batch arrived. I wonder if some of them were grabbed by people that came late and thought they missed the final 5 and decided to go ham on the leftovers?
Anyway, it’s late here and I’m rambling. Thanks for the coin shop and all the lovely games, chrono team! It’s been a blast!


They should do a loyalty program for those who visited daily.


10K - 50k coins = 5% discount coupon
60k - 90k = 8% discount coupon
100k - ? = 10% discount coupon

That’s just a rough idea. I think it would help to appease the masses lol.



Maybe they might consider in the future I think atm they are too busy working on other stuffs
It’s an interesting idea tho