Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Been skipping stuff for ages now, hoping to save up for some big ticket deals. Bit of a shame to let the coins rot…


65.000 coins as well here. It’s a bummer that this ended like this, but hey, it was fun and it was free.


Things weren’t going as planned. It’s been impossible to buy anything for several of us.
But oh well, it was free anyways.


Stuff can run out of stock for anything does not matter if is digital key or not pretty sure even a dev cannot give keys for all steam accounts even if he wanted too (make game free yes give keys to all users no). So yeah some will have coins that will be unused, is normal and logical.


Here. It isn’t something ultra amazing, but yea. Maybe someone actually plays this game:


It is for minion masters or whatever it is called.


I hope everything worked out alright for your family member(s), must have been very stressful, on top of the other stressors in these of quarantine and curfews.


I’m trying to understand how to play it, everything I try, I end up with a battle screen and then I don’t know what to do so I get smashed, lol. Can’t exit to find a tutorial or anything, so no recollection of gameplay. I do like the creature designs, especially the golem-like ones.


The designs are nice
I think you just summon and click cards and fight right :joy:


In the bottom of the screen there’s a sword Icon called “Challenge!”. It’s a tutorial of sorts.
And you can check YouTube videos like this one:


Good riddance of all those ungrateful, entitled leeches.
I am glad the daily deals remain.


Huh, thought I had looked at the whole screen, but is possible that being me, I missed it, heh.

Thanks. I did think it weird that all I could do was battle or adjust settings in the menu >>


Yea iconoclasts didn’t even load on my screen until it was sold out already. This whole thing has been a shit show. They should have given a six month warning and a list of future games coming out so we new to save them or spend them early.


Everything is gone and 53K coins to rot. Kind of a bitter taste but those where free after all. Farewell Chrono.


Gave it a go too. Graphics look great, will look for the sword icon next time. Is it all about learning the correct cards to use? I just kept clicking quick. There must be a strategy or method ?


I’ll have to let you know when I figure it out, =>.<= I like these kinds of games, sort like a holographic Yugioh, but yeah, I’ve only ever dabbled in this one from time to time. There’s someone on the forum who plays seriously but the name escapes me atm.


That’d be @DeathBringer I believe, at least he’s the one who keeps trying to give away Minion master gift keys.


It’s not about it running out of stock.
It’s about the site literally being down due to awful CDN in many areas/countries. When CDN finally catchet up with the main, people had already cleaned out house.
So those across the pond were shit out of luck.


Simply not true.
We have people all over the world here, North and South Americans, Euopeans of the western eastern and northern variety, Australians and people who live on weird little islands in the middle of the ocean and before the games were made available we were all able to access the site properly.

Yeah the games ran out quickly, as expected, but there did not appear to be any sort of global favouritism in effect.


Time to bid farewell to the unspent 120k coins from all that saving


I don’t think a perfect running site can not not have ppl that get “shit out of luck”.

It all comes down to what i said, limited stock = foreseen circumstances.

Plus this site does not have 100-500-1000 users only, it was being hammered by a lot of users in the moment games where being released on shop.