Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


I think I was one of those that grabbed Iconoclasts in the first 60 seconds, refreshed the page when it was at 1%, went to steam and activated it, came back a couple minutes later and refreshed the page again and it was at 23%

Has there been any news about what will replace the coins? Are the creator stores going to get more attention?

I ask because for a while now I’ve really only been coming to the site for the coins, bought a couple deals a long time ago but no deal has interested me more than a cursory glance in a very long time, I think because of steam finally offering AUD, deals in USD just don’t feel the same. I also heven’t had a forum presence for over a year, even though I get notifications of people hearting comments I made so long ago, I see you guys.

In conclusion I think this is also my send off, thanks for all the fish, I wish all of you the best




I wonder how many of those keys went to real people and how many went to bots. I have been told by a couple of staff that the coin shop has a huge bot issue and that is why so many games are gone in the first 5-10 minutes of them being live. This was before the 10 game send off this month. The bots must of been going crazy the past 2 weeks. I’m sure that this has a role in the closing of the coin shop.


So I stayed up to wait for the shop refresh, but it never came. Turned out it was 2 hours later than usual and of course by the time I wake up everything is gone. Not a great send-off.


you joined this forum 30 min before posting that staff personally informed you of things an actual staff member (the one you’re addressing btw) actually said isn’t the case



Finally managed to grab minion masters pack thing yos


This is a bullshit way to end it. People who have saved thousands of coins trying to hurry to cash them in for games that sold out before they even showed up as being available. Like today with iconoclasts and the other couple of games that showed up after Hex. So now you had customers wasting years spinning to have coins go unused. I still have 11k, from 50k, and most everything is sold out. I used to promote your site online but I’ll just go back to g2a and cdkeys and other gray market sellers


Hopefully there will be a restock?? Moon Hunters, Xmorph were quite awesome, too bad i missed those.
Im actually wondering if there were people using multiple accounts to farm… :confused:


I missed out the last batch of games. Have 18k left and Iconoclasts is already sold out :cry:
I don’t know what to do with all these coins.


Yeah, I always miss the ones I’m interested in, Reventure, Moon Hunters, Iconoclasts, Frog Climbers, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.
Welp, at least now I won’t feel as bad missing a daily game description, but doubt I’ll feel like reading them as often.


I got moon hunters for quite cheap in the sales I mean tbh i found it kinda strange game but the graphics are cute. It’s good enough to be worth spending money on though I think even with some flaws i found in the gameplay. I guess the best way if you are still interested vaguely in the daily deal is to have notifications of a sort


missed the last games bc i work swing shift :confused:


I used this site for a year, even purchased some sales, the coins were always useless, i set timers for noon and literally couldn’t get shit. 20k copies? Maybe for “Dino Run DX” and the other few dollar ones.


50k of coins… nothing to spend them on. As many others, I tryied to enter the coin shop, but it went down, and once I could, the games were gone. Thats is a shameful way to say goodbye… but yeah… the idea was bad in first place, I feel it was my fault for wasting my time to grind an amount in hope to get something that worths it.


I cant buy games for crono coin over 2 days.
Erron on site.
“Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?”


I was saving up coins for the last wave of games, and all day yesterday had to deal with a family medical emergency. Got back on the site today and what do I find? There’s only two games left in the shop, one of which I already have and one that I would never play, All these coins and nothing to spend them on, a pure waste.


do the latest games still have to be entered or have they already been published and redeemed? Do you know if something will be published before June 29th?


one game might be restocked, possibly on Monday (that is just my hunch, nothing more); otherwise, things are going as planned, as the information was given a few weeks ago; the last 5 games were added, you can spend your coins on what remains available, and the store will be removed on June 29 regardless of whether there’s anything still available then or not.

we will see what Chrono has in store for the future, as it was announced the time and means which were necessary to keep the coin shop going will be used for other, new projects which they are currently developing (might be announcing very soon, possibly very soon, possibly after the coin shop closes)

besides that, this community has lots of spontaneous giveaways going on which can spring up whenever anyone feels like doing so


Got a copy of everything! Thanks Chrono!


yeah same thing happends to me i saved up 80000 coins, hope it get fixed until the restock comes