Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Wow… well I stand corrected on the “acquire more licenses” thing. From the speed at which they go you’d think they only had a couple hundred licenses.

Thanks for citing that source though. I’m absolutely blown away by those numbers…


We experienced some incredible traffic today, many people were spamming the refresh button on the coin shop store page to see when the new coin games. One (fun for some) stat: in the first sixty seconds of Iconoclasts going live in the coin shop more than 1.000+ keys were already redeemed of that particular title.


Great the thread is full of both people upset about not being able to get “free” games and people being snarky towards those people that are upset, You’re both as bad as each other.

But I understand both sides, I didn’t need to come to the site I can see the deals on Chrono through other websites so yes me coming directly to the site was just for getting coins and I have over 65,000 that will go unused, So yes I’m disappointed the last 5 games were put up and out of stock well before I even woke up today but on the other hand you have to appreciate that it happened in the first place and I got some pretty good games along the way.

Closing thoughts, don’t be snarky towards people currently upset it’s valid in my opinion just let them vent, as for the people that are upset try to appreciate what the site has given you so far.


Is that the fastest outflow in the first 60 seconds ever?


Not sure, I’ll have to dive into it!


I know you are busy with other things, this was just me being curious. Please don’t dive through boatloads of old data just for my curiosity. I am sure you have family members who want you home for dinner sooner. I thought maybe you would have a general idea! :zipper_mouth_face:


pretty sure he’s working from home in the Netherlands actually


I forgot that he’s the only overseas member of the team…

@RaccoonV, go play some games or go to sleep! Those are more important than digging through old piles of data!


2:10AM here now. Watching some Dutch stand-up comedy. Need to stay up late tonight so I don’t have to go ‘‘supping’’ with my girlfriend tomorrow. (I never even tried standing one one of those things)

I have to make a valid excuse that it was late and that I can’t go in the early morning.


Please enlighten me.




That actually looks like fun, but definitely something I would only want to do on my own agenda… haha!


… Valid? Disappointment, been there. I can understand that. Missed Dead Cells, Yono and a whole bunch of games that were either before my time here or days when I was late for the reveal. I find it ungrateful when people speak as though their disappointment, entitles them to take potshots at Chrono and say that Chrono didn’t do this send off ‘right’. Remember how many keys they acquired for this, that we potentially got for free?

I don’t think people should be snarky either, but some people on this forum just have that tone. I’ve been here, in the forums, getting used to different personalities long enough, to know that from some users, you really shouldn’t take things too personally.

Please also note that the snarky ones are dedicated forum members who are here everyday to chat, share events and knowledge, joke around together and even yes, do giveaways. Most of the people being upset aren’t even ones any of the regulars or semi-regulars have seen before the announcement of the Coin Shop close. Their sudden vocalness is jarring and yes, annoying. Some of us take it on as politely as we can; others have been snarky. No denying that.

Yes, I wish they would too.


the only game i wanted and ofc , again , shop wasn’t available, and game gone in a blink…uff, this is crazy


same with space beast…i wanted really abd thatgame…missed last week Seven , and now this…seems i’m not lucky at all


If the coins have to go, so be it. This happens, and I accept that. I am also excited to see what is coming next for But the add 10 more games as a send off, but still only in a limited supply so that only a few people can get them, and the site will be down because everyone is trying to get them at once, meaning that most are left out of this ‘thank you’ to the community feels like a kick in the teeth. I have 63,117 coins, and nothing to spend them on. So ‘thank you’ for that…


heck hope they restock even just the cheap games im down for it, sad to see my coins left to waste as well


What happened? In midnight 1 am I tried go to coin page it stuck in loading, same happen to login system (I was trying to post there but cannot login)
I wake up and all new games claimed lol
Can you separate login system from store page and this? It’s kinda funny coin page froze community login system


But I don’t think I spammed as much as some people may have, I was watching a stream while all happened, so I checked once in a while to see if it was up already.


I was also hoarding coins in the hopes of something good coming along. In fact I now have 70,191 coins that will be going unused. As @eishiya said the quality of the games has been lacking for some time now. Then when they do put some good games in the store they are gone in a matter of minutes. I missed the email 2 weeks ago explaining that the coin store was closing. When I read today’s email, 7 hours after I got it, I went straight to the store. At that point only 3 games were left. None of them being the 5 new ones. As much as I feel like I wasted time collecting the coins I am glad they are stopping it. Now i can stop hoping that something good will show up yet being afraid of it being gone by the time I even find out.