Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


While I leave bitter, I do want to thank the team for the games I did get over the years. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor was my favorite game of 2018 and I would never have played it had it not been free from here.


Pretty disappointed. I waited the last 2 weeks for the final 5 games to be added. I set my alarm to ensure I was there the minute they were supposed to go live. And the site wasn’t even loading for over an hour. Finally had no choice but to leave for a bit cause you know… some of us actually have lives and we can’t spend all day hitting refresh. I come back a little later and surprise surprise all the new games insta-sold out. Way to go guys… A real nice feel good way to end things.

Hope more keys are coming, but I’m not holding my breath. Gotta say this send-off was handled quite poorly. I suspect there are a lot of people with mountains of coins that will never be redeemed at this point.


KITFOX? The guys behind shattered Planet? I only bought Moon Hunters because I liked shattered Planet that much haha

Tell em I’m ready to buy Shattered Planet 2 if that ever becomes a thing, such a great time killer, even with the bugs :hugs:


I loooved Shattered Planet! It was great pick up and play for half an hour here, an hour there kind of game! I also just really like that style of roguelike turned based game! It was a good time for sure and I would also love to see a second one xD All my cute lil alien pets <3


The opportunity to purchase Iconoclasts for those who missed it just because it disappeared after a few minutes would be great :grinning:


This will be the only restock.


Here’s two opportunities to purchase Iconoclasts for you:



on GOG, nice, @Fraggles you the man haha :facepunch: (It’s “facepunch”, but pls take it as “fistbump” ty)


Oh yikes a lot of stuff is gone even the older stuff might trade me coins now before its all gone rather than wait til closure, fancied robin hood (nvm not enough coins) but even thats gone now lol
I had that problem of the site not loading for ages then I came back ha some people are very keen but then again what can i expect here

I didn’t have enough coins anyway lol for the new stuff but wow everyone is keen xP
Would be nice if you could donate the coins somewhere but alas they have no real value oof they just gonna poof

Bye bye coin store and coins you served well

Oh no i cant redeem mekabolt (error thingy) oh well might wait to accumulate more coins for some other game lol
I guess that’s the trouble so many ppl must be clicking right now, back to watching online conventions :slight_smile:


Buying your own games with money? You must kidding…


ever heard of cause and effect?

why do you think the site wasn’t loading? cuz it didn’t want to? cuz it was disabled? or cuz every one was trying to do the same thing as you at the same time?

how are you going to hold the store accountable for the actions of you and me and everyone else trying to access the store at the same time?


they said “before” not “until”

like @Fraggles said, you apparently fail to understand what they were saying

exactly zero other ppl have claimed to understand it the way you “claim” to have

everyone else has understood that it means the same as it always has, that when they add games, those games will be available until keys run out

the difference is that even if some games were to still be around by June 29, the store will then be closed and those games will hence no longer be available, even if they didn’t run out of keys


It’s sad, but I can’t purchase anything in coin shop because of that :disappointed_relieved:


So when is this final shop update gonna be? Should I save up or just spend? So sad to see this feature go


same question lol


I had the same problemo ya


3 hours ago :joy:

1 game might get a restock, could possibly take place at the time of the daily deal on Monday (that’s what happened last time)


Erm… literally the last several hundred posts have been about the fact that it already happened, today.


Because they very obviously could have seen this coming and tried to make it more fair. Letting people put their coins into a lottery for the last five games would have meant that while people get screwed by rngesus, overall it would have been massively more fair than having to be here at exactly the right moment, but even that not being enough because you had to fight with the website to make it function correctly and by then everything was sold out anyway.


thank you very much for illustrating the exact one reason many regular members of the community are happy to see the coin shop go

it is with true relief that we see the coin shop and associated complaining (i use a different word for it in my mind, but it’s not very nice, so I’ll refrain from using it) etc. go