Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Oh, I thought that the coin shop was going to be available until the 29th. This is what was advertised, at least. False advertising is not a good look for any company.


There will only be a re-stock of Space Beast Terror Fright.




I mean this is exactly what was advertised. They said they would do one last restock on May 29th and then leave the shop open until June 29th to let all keys be redeems. There was no false advertising.

Two weeks from now, on May 29th, we’ll be adding 5 more awesome games, giving you over 30 titles to choose from before the Coin Shop closes one month later on June 29th. At that point, coin collection, unspent coins, and the shop itself will be removed from


Not sure, I’m getting the same error. Think they sold out and it hasn’t updated yet. :pensive:


The rumor is, if your account has only 2 coins left, you get There’s Poop in My Soup added to your orders for free.


Sad to see this site go, it’s been a very good site.

Now, I have a problem with the recent big sendoff sale. I was looking forward to getting one or more games that were added today, and earlier the store page wouldn’t load. Now it finally loads and I find out that 3 games are already sold out, the two remaining titles I already have on Steam, and everything else available in the store I already have too. These are the titles that I didn’t have: Iconoclasts and Space Beast Terror Fright. Normally I wouldn’t ask this but since this is your big sendoff sale for the site ending, can you please try to get more copies of those 2 games for the coin shop? Thanks!


So where are these “over 30 titles to choose from” that are supposed to be there until June 29th then? There’s less than a dozen right now.

Every interaction I’ve had with Chrono thus far has been a bad one. I’ll stick to GOG, Humble, and Fanatical.


They’re out of keys. So they’re removed. That’s how it works.


The site isn’t leaving, just the coins.


As @GDBringer said, there’re going to be even more complainers. Now it’s time for me to be off. See you later @KittiBear!


Take care! :slight_smile: Have a lovely weekend


“Out of keys”, yeah, that’s not what they claimed. They claimed they would have 30 games available until the 29th.

It’s not worth it. Like I said, I’ll spend my money on more trustworthy sites, there’s plenty of competition out there and I have no reason to stick around where they feel a need to lie to draw in customers. I went ahead and grabbed the Minion Masters DLC since I sort of play it, I won’t be sad to see this place go away when customers start realizing they’re being scammed.


You need to work on your reading comprehension.

How do you manage to interpret that as 5 more games = 30?
Clearly this means the total games the coin shop has offered reaches over 30.


Keys have always been in limited supply, even before the coin shop was closing. I don’t understand why you think that was going to change at all. I’m sorry you feel slighted but there’s no scam to be found, they’re free keys. I wish you well in your future endeavors.


I still vote for more keys to be added again for the new games released today, adding back the games that are finished to the list of still available games.


It was good while it lasted. I feel foolish for saving my coins, waiting for something that really grabbed me. And to miss the final send off, I am bitter.

Unfortunately, it was the only thing that has kept me active on this site, and with no clue as to what comes next, I figure this is good bye.


In a perfect world that would be possible, but just because the keys are offered to us for free doesn’t mean that the keys are freely obtained by Chrono.


I’m afraid that black hole is going to open in this thread due to all complaining …


I know it didn’t come cheap to them running the site, but I think they should at least try because of this “big sendoff” that was a big letdown, at least for me. I think I had the previous 5 games already, so there was nothing new for me to get there.

And well, though the site isn’t ending, with the coin system/coin shop going, it might as well be, because I believe that’s what 99% of the people using this site were here for. I bought a few of their daily deals but skipped at least 95% of them due to already having them or too high price for me. So this is in effect the beginning of the end for their site.