Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


I have a spare key from Humble you can try to redeem. Moon Hunters is a great game. My friend actually did the art for it. He’s the lead artist at Kitfox, which is a company local to where I live. We studied Illustration at the same school, he was one year my senior. Really cool dude. Kitfox puts out really solid games and I support them whenever I can, I even backed their upcoming game Boyfriend Dungeon.


yup, i didn’t beg for a game ^^’ i liked the post, but that’s bc it looks like a joke. it even has caps on.


What a way to blow off steam, huh?

Angry I am, serious I was not. Let us just say that it triggered some buried PTSD, some deeper wounds from way back when, but it’s all just that. Similar to pyroclastic clouds, if you get the ref.

Sorry to be a burden, I’ll go now.


No @joxter did nothing wrong. But @joxter oxter was replying in relation to the person doing this and it must have linked as a reply from there when I sent my message.


Wow, your friend did the art! and the art was exactly why I got attracted to this game in the first place, it looks gorgeous. Boyfriend Dungeon looks pretty well, too. I’d be very glad to get the key. Would you like anything in return? I have a small key set from Humble (doubles mostly), can pm it to you, maybe something will be of your interest.


I slid into your DMs :eggplant:


I’m having an error; it’s saying the new games are sold out when they should be available for the last month.


Wow, that went fast with the games - pretty insane! :slight_smile:

I’m aiming to do a (small) re-stock of Space Beast Terror Fright later on as well if everything goes smoothly, most likely after the weekend. We’ll probably Tweet about that when we’re re-stocking that title ( and I’ll post about it in this thread.


Uh oh. The forums are getting mildly toxic by unsatisfied almost-customers.

Well. I will close out and skip the most entitled and greatly privileged tantrums. Because it will will only get worse as people come on late throughout the day and see the store is sold out or not have enough coins or I didn’t like chrono anyway or I only flipped coins etc.

Chill out with some Enya.


nice didn’t have the chance to get it. i hope get it next time as the game looks awesome


Why i can’t buy Mekabolt and The Office Quest?

‘‘Hey, you just tried this, and I know it’s crazy, but something broke, so contact us maybe?’’


Yass all chill out with some silky vocals


Can you guys please do a re-stock of Iconoclasts? I’m crying because i forgot that today was the last day, and i didn’t see :frowning:


get the same error i have tried buying games from 18 to 21 never worked


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here :frowning: - but we won’t be restocking Iconoclasts.


The only game that i really wanted ;____________________;


Unfortunately it’s a ‘while stocks last’ situation, and I think we’re almost at the point where the games that went up today are pretty much all gone. Lot of people have been waiting for this all week (I actually forgot; by the time I got the notification email, Iconoclasts was already sold out), so I’m really not surprised.


You like Onoken as well? I love The World of Tune!


Onoken is sooo fantastic <3 Nice to see another fan ^^


@RaccoonV do you know if there will be any re-stocks or should i just buy now lol