Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Yeah, that’s it. No more.

Two games I definitely would of wanted I had no fair chance at getting.


Bought you a Xmorph key with my last 15k. DM me :smiley:


According to the OP, yes, those were the last 5 games that were going to be added to the Coin Shop. I doubt there will be any restocks at this point, but who knows.


I kind of spent time and some more time trying to get Moon Hunters, looking it going from low percent claimed to 100 percent claimed and not having a chance to grab it because the grabber just gave me a mistake repeatedly.

I’m mostly here to read forums anyways, but that… didn’t feel nice at all.


it’s not that expensive on sale, like 2 €, if that’s any consolation :slight_smile:


I just wanted to have a nice closure for the saved coins, that’s all. The “working for everyone but me” feeling isn’t nice, even though I know it’s not like that. It just looked that way bc of the numbers rolling.

I know it’s on sale, and will probably be getting it anyways. It looks great.

If anyone here wants something from the coin shop, but somehow doesn’t have coins (highly unlikely), pm me, I’ve got 13k.


Yeah, well…
Cool and all, but Iconoclasts is not on sale, as you can see:

I don’t have that kind of money on Steam and I get money for Steam very rarely.


this has been a waste of time as the shop is compelty broken (atleast for me, not been able to spend a single coin) and doubt there will games left when it gets fixed.


I think mostly people are just after the things that have sold out already


That’s a given, but just in case x)

I can personally recommend The Hex, it’s bizzare and entertaining, it’s just that I have it already.


I didn’t reply to you, sooo obviously what I said about another game doesn’t work for all of them. Btw it’s kinda weird how you talked to yourself mostly in this thread, almost demanding a game, instead of kindly asking for one.

I’ll be satisfied when one of you, any of you, gives me Iconoclasts off my Steam Wishlist.


Mb it was a joke?? that’s what i assumed.


i was mentioning stuff like this in chat earlier, completely expected to see it happen for iconoclasts, it’s just sad (some) people are so egregious


So you didn’t get Moon Hunters?


What a joke, the first five dropped with no prior heads up, Seven was gone as soon as I was able to get online, now I was greeted with never-ending loading and after a few hours its mostly all gone. Can’t wait to see those keys being sold /s


EDIT: This is not directed at @joxter, they replied to the person doing this.

Fair warning everyone, begging people to buy you games is not ok on the forums here, especially for real money. If you want to trade games thats fine, if you want to mention if anyone has some spare Chrono coins if they could grab you a game from the store I would be ok with it, but straight begging people to buy you games is not OK


no, bc the shop is not working for me. i could see it all the time, but the button didn’t work. but that’s the power of the flood


Did you reply to the wrong person? I didn’t see Joxter begging anywhere.


Thank you Chrono, it’s been fun over the years. Now I don’t have to feel bad anymore when i forget to gather my coins.


You who has barely even posted on this forum want someone that you don’t even know to spend 20 bucks on you? Yeah no