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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Enligten me. But don’t give me just words, give me proof.

Also as I said I have no problem if you or anyone who wants to buy from these sites, its your choice, but for the reasons I have mentioned above I don’t buy from them and I hope you can respect that. I just simply was highlighting the reason people don’t like these sort of sites in relation to your previous statement


Off topic, but a near-random question came to mind. Do you know when the Creator’s store will go off from being beta or do you guys still need more people to participate for it to actually work? (Edit: That’s if you know anything. If you don’t, people like @KSib or @Ernin8t0r may know more.)


Literally every site (except the horrible one YOU linked for no reason) are sponsored and does collaborations.
I am not discussing this anymore. It feels like talking to a wall.

  1. I linked to articles to show proof in relation to my point, I did not link to the site itself and going to those links would hopefully dissuade people from going to that site, if you can tell me how that is wrong I would be open to hearing it.

  2. Saying what you have said doesn’t tell me anything about how I can be sure that any keys off of these sites are legitimate (with the possible exceptions of the ones in these collabs).

I don’t use the sites and I presented my point, you say I need to update my perspective, I ask you to help me do that and then you say you are talking to a brick wall, but I feel I am doing the exact opposite as all I did was ask you is to help me see your point, so I am confused.
If you are worried about links to these sites send me them in a PM, that’s fine you wont get in trouble for that, but with the way you are holding this conversation feels like you want me to take your word as the truth without being shown why that is the case.


Not 100% sure @Scribesake sorry. @lonin @dusty @Ernin8t0r or @cassgann would be your best bet for answering this.


I originally went on this site because of the coin system and daily deals and I have to say it’s sad to see the coin system go. That being said I’m not going to stop checking Chrono but I can say for certain I will eventually check it less and less. I’m sure it’s been talked through hell and back with the higher ups but I think the whole coin system could just use an update, then again I don’t even know how to set up a coin system on a website so it’s not like my words have a whole lot of weight. I will say that the community should take a good look at the example they’re showing for Chrono because OH MY GOD this is my first time in the Chrono forums and suffice to say it does NOT look welcoming. I’ve seen “regulars” being some of the most rude and disrespectful people. There’s a fine line between defending a site you like and gate keeping and you’ve got regulars telling people in the forums “good riddance” and “hope you don’t come back” when all that does is hurt the website as a whole. Anyways that was just my observation from all of this, don’t think to hard into things, and possibly take to more people soon in the forums if I don’t get strung up on a pike for this post.


Welcome to the forums, I would not look at this thread as an example of what is typical for this community, hopefully you’ll hang around and see the forums for what they usually are.


that was me, and I stand by that. When someone says this site sucks and they only ever came here for the free stuff or whatever [meaning whatever they said, not quoting verbatim here, just giving an example] and that they won’t come back cuz there’s no free stuff then what other response would be more suitable than that?

that is not how things usually go here, as was pointed out by @PeteMcc and I think you should not judge the community here by something which is purely bad action > adequate reaction (hey, I’ll even agree with you that it could be argued that it is in poor taste)

in any case, whoever wishes can take a look at the other threads around here to get a feel what this community (myself included) really is about

since one of the quotes was mine, i felt the need to simply explain myself regarding that


Yeah, don’t judge this community by its cow-ver :slight_smile:


I recently met coin service, and now you’re going to end it.
I’m really sad about it, because I love playing games and the idea of ​​coins was making me very excited, since I come in every day to get the coins, with the goal of collecting them and being able to catch a new game.
When the currency features are taken out, I would like to delete my account.
Since I won’t have anything to do on this site.


I can’t help but feel many ppl complaining either didn’t take the time to simply read Chrono’s official statement regarding this matter, or they somehow overlooked the following:

How is it that so many ppl are complaining about the coins being taken away while they don’t have the slightest idea what Chrono’s plans for the future are

from the above, it is very clear that the coins are being taken away so that the relevant time and resources taken up by the coin shop may be used for something else; it seems reasonable that Chrono wouldn’t take a feature away except to replace it with something better

over the years, there have been many, many complaints regarding the coin shop, and there is no doubt that Chrono has spent much time thinking about how to remedy those complaints. It is not unimaginable that all potential solutions turned out to be realistically unfeasible (from a time/money pov) and so the solution is to simply end it.

It could be that this is the end of free stuff on the site, but it could also be that it is not the end of free stuff and that the free stuff will simply come in different shapes or forms, and even if it is the end of free stuff here, that is not necessarily a negative either; it still depends on what happens instead.

At the very least, ppl should take the time to see what Chrono has in store for the future before complaining.



Just providing ideas… the only one even suggesting them…

I think it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what they have next, but as I said before, please prove me wrong if I am. I would just love to know if it is going to be implemented a month after the close or will the beta take another year.


Your dad, @GeekInUndies, will be so proud of you :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


How is Pa @GeekInUndies? It has been quite a while since my travels back. I hope everything is still well with him.


He’s fine :+1:t3:, as far as I know. He posts a lot of the freebies around here…Oh and your mother, @AcornAvenger, is fine too, I think.


as is quite obvious from your explanation here, I was not addressing you at all, nor the people who expressed themselves the same way as you (nor even those who merely feel the same way as you do), so I’m not sure why you took the time answering my post.

(edit: i’ve reinstated this post after having deleted it previously [cuz it shows i’m a dumb-dumb] as otherwise the context for @Scribesake’s following post is lost; i’m fine with owning my mistakes when such is necessary)


In @Scribesake silly way as his father, @GeekInUndies, he was saying you were the only one making sense…


cows in general:

Cows have excellent problem solving skills that involves logic. Once they master how to solve a problem, they celebrate jumping, wagging their tails and running happily.

meanwhile, me:



Because I take the good with the bad. Sure it is regrettable as such that the coin shop will be erased like a speck of dirt from Chrono, but as I said before, may that speck of dirt be therefore bring into birth something even better. (Or in this case, just from it’s prepubescence.) While I was deeply in sorrow about the coin shop’s sign of death because who shouldn’t be… I was expressing curiosity about what’s coming afterward and trying as to… as Lonin said:

Being curious about the future.
I just wish I knew exactly when and wanted to at least provide ideas for it.
As for what actually is going in my head…


I started spinning for coins back in December of 2018.

I wanted to get Redout when it was released but DAMN IT WAS GONE WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF THE DAILY DEAL RELEASE. Sweet Mercy.

Ultimately, I have missed out on several games I wanted because I was short on coins; all but a couple of them I’ve been able to get outside of Chrono due to Steam sales and/or helping hearts via Humble Bundle (meaning HB gifts from others as I only have access to physical currency and HB has no gift/wallet cards).

Yeah; only way I could possibly get anything without the coin shop here is if wallet cards become a thing; otherwise, do you take cash? (rhetorical)

I’m actually not in favor of closing the shop down. Unless Chrono actually comes up with something just as good (yeah I doubt that seriously-the coin shop whilst not perfect was really good and the best of the freebies I’ve come across), I might not be around that much.