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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


Thank you.


He’s a Mayan decedent me thinks.


It’s a shame to see even though it was bound to happen sooner or later. I just recently got into the habit of claiming the free coins in the last few months too, sucks I wasn’t more consistent with it when I first found this site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, looking forward to the future of where goes! :heart:


The American way!






Well, he COULD be from a region which gets really good prices on steam and not very good exchange rates to USD. So from his perspective Chrono could very well be an expensive proposition. He could also be comparing to grey market sites, which wouldn’t be fair.


Aha, yes, indeed … in that case … i know of a few places where i can get all those games for free actually, which is indeed a lot cheaper than Chrono :male_detective:


Sad to see it go but thanks for all the games Chrono!


I have very mixed emotions on the closing of the coin shop. On one hand I love the coin shop and clicking the coin. I believe clicking the coin has helped me to remember to check the daily deal. It is gonna hurt the day I miss a good deal because I forget to check. On the other hand I also love the forums and the forums have been littered lately with complaints about the coin shop. I will be happy when the litter stops. Thank you Chrono for providing us the opportunity to collect free games with the coin shop for as long as you did. I will still be here for the deals and forums.


Dang, sad to hear. I’ve been spinning for a while. Don’t think I’ve actually used that many to be honest, but spinning was what kept me coming back almost every day.
Shoutout to TB for showing me this site, he is missed.


Awesome exit stage left idea but sad it will be the end.

Question for higher-ups, since 1st 5 game batch chewed through users coins like butter and “end of days” also made em spend rest of coins.
What will be the price for last 5 awesome games? Will u calculate based on entire coin database or add a price worthy of game and possible to not sellout until the end of June.

P.S. Any hints about these last awesome games?


It’ll be the full lineup from K bros games.


A lot of posts I’m seeing say “check daily.” As in, without the coins they’re probably going to miss deals, not that it means much in the grand scheme, because no one wakes up and goes, “Hmm, today I will blow my money on a cheap game. Let’s open Chrono and see.” You have to put those games in front of eyeballs somehow. Word of mouth is fine, I originally came to this place because of an ad on a Caddicarus video, but frankly, given this is often one deal per day for the whole day, it’s easier for me to just breeze through my Steam wishlist, see if something is on sale for 70% off, and if not, move on with my day. Chrono being a stand-alone site, like many others, does it no favors. The community helps, the Chrono coins helped, but at the end of the day, best-case scenario, there are aggregate sites out there that will tell me if there’s a deal on Chrono, or any of a dozen other sites, simultaneously, making it more time-efficient to check, than loading up Chrono every day alongside anything else I might do.

However, I’m not a deluded idiot. Chrono is going to see reduced traffic, maybe a few less sales on the whole, and not a lot is going to change. I doubt people spinning for coins made up the majority of people coming to the site, although it’s the reason I bought two or three games that were on sale. Ultimately, this won’t change much for them in terms of customer revenue, and I’m sure will reduce the number of problems they have trying to secure “free” games. I say “free” because someone’s losing money on it somewhere, and that’s not really that free in the end. The question is really just how much the additional traffic helped sales. Considering Chrono coins weren’t here when the place started, I doubt it’s a game-breaker if they leave, but you never know. It also depends on what their new plans for the site are and how they want to expand things.


I checked those listed things out and here’s what I found. RobotCache is literally just mining bitcoins, Enjin I found no hint of a “coin” feature, GameFlip is a site based around selling keys and in game cosmetics (which is kind of a red flag to me), and BUFF is an app that you download and earn “coins” for in game currencies by playing select titles.

So, yes, Chrono giving out coins that lets you buy select games for minimal time investment is, in fact, more unique than ANY of those listed comparisons. Don’t belittle the site owners here. They had a good idea that’s just falling off in practice.


…Was my previous “about me” and besides the previous video I’ve posted on this thread, would be how I feel about the closing of the coin shop. All I can say that once the coin shop dies that hopefully the dev’s have a plan to take the ashes of the coin shop and like a pheonix, may it be reborn to something even better, even if it means people don’t come on daily to find what daily deals they have produced. Which means whatever they decide upon a whole new community may join in depending on how they decide to advertise their shop. Assuming the Chrono Coin is still the “mascot” so to speak on Chrono, I’d imagine it would change name to the “Creator Coins” or if not, I do like the concept of Chrono Keys then going into a Chrono Chest seeing that the previous rewards had to do with treasure chests as well. Depending on your dedication depending on the amount of keys to what treasure chest you want to open giving a discount that can’t stack, it would then be used in the creator’s store and couldn’t be used on the main deal because it would already be discounted, albeit like with the coin shop now, doesn’t mean you can’t get any keys from the main deals. So in the end it turns from a place scallywags to pickpocket coins to actually going on a treasure hunt… :skull_and_crossbones:


When anything worth playing becomes sold out instantly and the shovelware lingers for months I somehow am not saddened by this news.



I more bad new is that the 5 games added probably had 20-30 keys and disappeared in no time. At least help use our coins


Some of them were around for a a few days, though a couple of them did sell out quite quickly.

I suspect they had plenty of keys, Chrono’s just grown a lot and a lot of people have stockpiles of coins, so supplies that used to last for days run out in hours now. This is probably a reason they’re closing the shop in the first place - they can’t get enough free keys for everyone now that there are so many users.

There are still a bunch of games in the shop from before, so it’s not like you have nothing to spend your coins on. They might not be games you’re excited about, but maybe there’s something you might enjoy if you give it a chance.


I don’t think I ever missed a spin. Started on day 1. Will miss clicking that button a little bit.