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Chrono Coins - A Super Send-Off ‘Stravaganza


@KittiBear did you check if this one worked, or was it already snatched?


Wow, so literally the entire point of this site is gone now?

Worthless. The discounts aren’t even special - half the time the front-page game is on sale, on steam.

Use Fanatical.


gooooooooooooood riddance, byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee

thx for the salt delivery!


it’s so ridiculous sometimes. :roll_eyes:
Sure Chrono doesn’t have the best discount “everytime”, it’s hard for a store to constantly do that, specially with pre-planned deals, but they sure as sht have some amazing deals, from time to time "pretty often"
And more so, imo, are a great way of “discovering” games. At least i’ve learned about little games i never knew about purely from chrono’s deal, ex Supraland,10x more effective than the steam discovery queue at least. And when prices rock they really rock, like are people just forgetting about the times they actually sold out “in hours”?, like that crazy hammerfall deal i think it was :thinking:


none of that you just said has anything to do with the entire point of this site though; didn’t you know the entire point of this site was just to give us free shit???

and now it’s gone, poof, just like that, i don’t even know what i’m doing here anymore, like, what day is it even? why am i here? what time is it?

omg, i just had a nightmare, chrono was announcing they were quitting the coin thing where we get free games; wow, i felt like the whole world came crushing down


I’m not the person you tagged, but that key had already been snatched a while before I officially joined the community to make a post here. (I thought logging in from the main site would also do that; guess that means I’ve been lurking for years.)


yea i figured it probably was, since they tend to go fast even when “scrambled”, usually without someone bothering to leave a “note”/thank you, but thought it might be worth a shot for Kitti to check :+1:


aye, it’s been a very steady theme in this thread. “I just come here for the coins”
-completely neglecting Chrono’s mission is to actually sell games; and the free games being a side gig to “try” and boost those sales. Not like they were ever in the business of “just handing out free games”, it’s such a ridiculous notion i haven’t even laughed once through their posts.
think i saw someone use the wording “entitled brat” in another thread, and boy did it ever ring true to a lot of the complaining i’m seeing here. People not even realizing, if you purely come here for the coins/free game, with 0 intent of ever actually buying a product, then you are just a drain on the business, and (probably) not “truly” the target audience of the marketing effort. Can only hope some of the freeloaders at least had the decency to “spread the word” to someone that might reward Chrono’s efforts/expenses; being a business after all.
-hell i’m sure i’ve gotten more than i gave through the years, but i still found deals i wanted and spent some money on some deals i found favourable (probably would have without the coins too tho). But at least i never thought of chrono as “just a (free) game dispenser”, like it seems many’s thoughts reek of in this thread, which is a bit a of shame, and does indeed smell of that aforementioned “entitlement”. What a time to be alive in, when the expectations of free sht, “continuous”, is just so automatic


This is incredibly disappointing, as those coins were one of the only reasons I came to this site. I bought a few games over the last two years from the deals, and with coins, and this change makes me no longer interested in coming to this site. I don’t mean that to be rude, just that there is no longer value to me.

Are you planning to replace them with another shop feature that will make the shop more valuable to visit? Or will it literally just be a shop of a daily deal and nothing else?

It was a fun 2 years. I’ll miss my daily habit of clicking the little coin and watching my coins rise up


I’m probably right in the middle here. I started out just interested in the free coins and today my history consists of buying 19 games and receiving 9 free games. A part of it was that the site was really pleasant to interact with and the coin thing was a really great concept. I was probably being generous when buying some of those games but it was because I enjoyed using the site.

I think it’s fine to expect users to complain about removing a really generous feature of the site cold turkey. It was the reason I started using the site the way chrono intended. I agree that it was generous, and I agree that it was a HUGE contributor to why the site felt so good to use.

Anyways, it’s the end of an era for this site for sure. I hope you come up with something at least half as good as the coin system. The coin system was a way to gamify the site, and I think the business really benefits from that. Regardless, I’m curious about the future. Good luck!


I’ve bought a dozen games on chrono. But I stand by saying that the only reason I visit chrono daily is for coins. Before coins I just relied on word of mouth to say “hey, chrono has a neat game today.” And I’ll go back to only logging on the website for those instances.


yea but at least you weren’t like some others in the thread, admitting they never had any intention of purchasing, and was just here for the free games; and are now moping about their source of free games being gone, not realizing chrono doesn’t exist purely to serve them with free games merely because they breathe. Or thinking the only point to chrono was the coin shop (when it’s the daily deal they were about)
That’s the ones i take umbrage with complaining about the coin shop ending. The rest of you fine folk that utilized it as part of a ritual to check in, but still contributed to the business/“doesn’t act like spoiled entitled brats” i have no qualms with being bummed out your daily ritual is gone
hope it makes some sense


And watch those site visits drop DRAMATICALLY. Not just saying goodbye to Chrono Coins, but in a year or two goodbye to too.

Also, allow me to point out Good job with the new coins idea


Nostradamus is in da house y’all


Y’all have been talking to someone who has never and has no plans to spend due to outside circumstances, yet I understand both sides in their own way…


There’s only one Nostradamus, and it’s the poop one aka @Punkster, but I don’t think he’s very active anymore.


I have so far never seen a Chrono deal that I couldn’t find cheaper and any other site at the same time.


It took a lot of digging, but I managed to find one.


that only means you haven’t seen many Chrono deals at all; there’s been plenty of deals upon deals upon deals that were the historical low at the moment Chrono had them

so you’re either lying or you simply don’t know any better

in either case, it would be better for you to keep your mouth shut rather than immediately identifying yourself as either a liar or an ignoramus, though it is quite obvious (from your other post in the other topic as well) that you’re only here to cause trouble


Thx for the games - i would like to wait for seven but my coins ~11000 at 29.05 will maybe not last :frowning: